The Only Exception - Larry Stylinson

-idea from band, Paramore-

Harry Styles had been homeschooled all his life, until now. He had watched this beautiful mysterious boy, Louis Tomlinson, pass by his house week. Now that he finally gets to attend public school, will he be able to meet Louis?

Available on Wattpad: author: @ noodleswithniall


2. II

   Harry paced back and forth in front of his closet full of clothes. He had no idea what to wear to school. Yes, school. His father talked his mother into it. Anyway, he had no idea what everyone else was wearing there. His mother picked out a nice dress shirt, while his dad told him to wear jeans and a t-shirt. He doesn't know which is cool. But eventually, Harry just chooses some faded jeans and a plain white t-shirt. Simple, yes, but he looked great in his own opinion.

   He brushes his teeth quickly, the strong mint burning his tongue a bit. He brushed his curly hair lightly before looking in the mirror. He was nervous as hell, he thought he looked alright but what will everyone else think? "Harry, hurry up! Don't want to miss your first day..," his mother grumbled, still not particularly happy that he's going to school. He replied with an okay, and reached for his black backpack that's laying on the floor. His father bought it for him to be prepared, which Harry was thankful for.

    Harry slowly walked downstairs where his mother was tapping her foot impatiently waiting for him to come down. She was already annoyed at him for skipping breakfast - he was too anxious and worried to eat. "Come on, let's go," she said, leading him to her car. He sat in the passenger's seat, his legs bouncing nervously against the door. They pulled out of the driveway, which made Harry suck in a breath. He was really going to school!!

    He sat up in his seat when the boy Harry's interested in was right ahead of them!! He had dark skinny jeans on as usual with a jacket, and Harry thought he looked stunning. The boy looked up at the car, catching Harry's glance. Harry froze, but came to his senses and waved shyly before they were ahead of him and almost out of sight. He sighed and slumped in his seat, disappointed with himself for being so shy and nervous. But he felt a million butterflies in his stomach when he realized...he waved at the boy!

    As his mother parked in front of Harry's new school, he felt a weird feeling in chest. He was so scared, but he can't turn back now. His mother looked over at him, with sparkling eyes and grabbed him in for a hug. He felt tears on his neck, so she must be crying. "Mum..mum, it's okay. I'm sixteen. I can handle this," he assured her, patting her back. She pulled away and nodded. "Be good and have an amazing day..for me, please," she sniffled. Harry nodded, stepping out of the car. He gave a wave and took baby steps toward the giant building. People were outside, talking and laughing, and Harry felt so out of place. He felt like puking but didn't want to embarrass himself.

     He took a deep breath and grabbed the door handle, and swung it open. It was quite noisy inside and Harry just wanted to go hide forever and never come back. He saw a little door with a golden sign above it saying ' Warrior's Office '. Warriors was the school's mascot, he assumed. Considering there was a giant cartoon warrior painted on the floor. He shrugged and opened the door, seeing two woman and man, drinking coffee and typing away on their keyboards. He cleared his throat and the man looked up from his computer.

  "Yes?" The man asked. "Um. I'm Harry. Harry Styles, today's my first day so...," he trailed off. "So you're wanting a schedule?" Harry nodded awkwardly. The man sighed and moodily handed him a paper. He said a struggled goodbye and rushed out of there.

  Harry felt like he was going to choke on the awkwardness.

   As he began walking through the halls, he noticed everyone is gone, excluding the boy and girl kissing by a locker. He took a look at his schedule, seeing he had homeroom. And that he was late. "Oh no, oh no, oh no," he whimpered, rushing everywhere trying to find room 102 with Mr. Wood. He even tried talking to the couple who was snogging each other -- the girl replied with a moan. Harry sighed in relief when he eventually found the classroom.

   But unfortunately, he was ten minutes late.

   He knocked on the wooden door a couple times, his breath hitching. What if he gets in trouble? A middle-aged man with a developing bald spot on his head open the door, sternly looking down at Harry with a raised eyebrow. "Oh! Uh, I'm Harry Styles. A new student," he spoke quietly, almost frightened by the man. "Well, Harry, do you realize that you're late!" The man -Mr. Wood- snapped.


   "Save it, Mr. Styles. Go find a seat," Mr. Wood ordered. Harry squeaked and quickly sat at the nearest seat. His legs were shaking uncontrollably from nerves and fear. "Now, most of you may know that I don't expect trouble in here. And I want you all to understand that," Mr. Wood squinted his cold blue eyes at Harry, "Mr. Styles here has decided to join us..Introduce yourself."

   Harry nodded shyly, a slight blush formed on his cheeks when everyone's attention was on him. He stood up slowly, clearing his throat before he spoke. "Hello..I'm Harry." His palms were sweating, he didn't know what to say next. Think of something, Styles! But unfortunately, he couldn't. What else was he even supposed to say? He eventually just sat down after a few seconds of quietness- though it felt like minutes. A few giggles erupted from students, causing him to blush more.

    Mr. Wood continued ranting about some random thing - no one knew what it was about. Harry overheard a few snickers from tough looking guys. They were laughing quietly to themselves, muttering about Mr. Wood's last name. Still laughing, one of the boys tapped on Harry's shoulder with a soft hand. Harry gulped, frightened about what they wanted with him. "Hey, kid. How's your first day?" He asked, staring at him intensely. Harry noticed the guy had an Australian accent, which was a little fascinating.

  "I-its okay?" Harry stuttered, glancing at him questionably. "I'm Michael." 'Michael' as he said his name was, quickly patted Harry's shoulder then turned away, returning to chatting nonstop to his friends. He was confused on why Michael had asked that then completed ignored him. Harry decided to shrug it off, maybe he was just being friendly and got bored talking.


   The fourth bell rang, which made Harry jump in shock like every other bell, and he rushed out of his grammar class. He wasn't too excited about school as he was before he attended, seeing that it was boring and didn't have his mother's soft voice teaching him at his own pace. He was also very frightened, everyone was yelling when they talked and some hurt each other. And to top it all off, Harry still hadn't made any friends nor has he seen the mysterious boy.

    Harry green eyes curiously scanned his schedule, seeing that it was finally lunch period - Harry was starving. He took careful steps, breathing heavily in fear because he didn't know where the cafeteria was. He saw Michael standing by a locker, his thumbs moving rabidly on his phone screen indicating that he was texting. Harry hesitantly attempted to walk casually up to him as if they had known each other for a long time. But he failed, stumbling over his own feet. Michael looked up from his phone, chuckling at the clumsy curly haired boy. "H-hi," Harry stuttered, his cheeks turning a light shade of red. "Hello Harry," he replied, flipping his dyed black hair. "Hi-wait I just said that. Um, will you show me to the lunchroom?" He nervously asked, scratching his neck.

   "Of course, I was getting ready to head over there anyway!" Michael slung an arm around Harry's shoulder in a nice, friendly way, leading him to what must be the cafeteria. Loud voices boomed in the room and Harry flinched at the noise, his breathing coming unsteady. He never had redacted well with lots of loud voices and he preferred to use an 'inside voice' as his mother called it when he was a child. They soon walked into a room with round tables surrounding the area and a line of teens with trays, waiting for their food. "Let's go get our food, then I'll introduce you to my mates," Michael spoke, tugging Harry into the line. He nodded, smiling a shy smile at Michael.

    They soon got their food, both of them ordering chicken tenders and fries, not worrying about the fatty foods the school is serving them. Harry followed Michael to where -he was assuming- his friends sat, with his head slightly facing the white tiled floor. They soon reached a red and brown table where four guys sat, each of them grinning when they saw Michael. "Hey Mikey!" One chirped, patting the chair next to him as of saying 'sit here'. Michael nodded and shot a grin at his friend - who seemed to be Australian as well - and sat next down next to him. Harry, however, stood awkwardly in the same position, his feet basically planted into the ground.

    One of the boys with tan skin cleared his throat, looking up expectantly at Harry, waiting for him to say something. "Uh, Michael, who is this?" The boy asked, raising an eyebrow. Michael nodded his head once at Harry, showing that he wanted him to introduce himself. "Harry Styles," he waved shyly, smiling and showing his dimpled cheeks. They all greeted him kindly and Harry thought that they could become friends instantly. He also learned that their names were: Ashton, Calum, Luke, and Niall. They all had different personalities that stood out, yet they were absolutely amazing people.

    All of them soon engaged in a conversation about the schools football team, Harry's new friends acting as if they've been friends for years. "Yeah, I play on the football team with Luke," Niall was telling Harry, who was very interested in the fact that they played. "Sometimes I play football in my yard," Harry informed him, grinning widely. "Awesome, bro! Are you any good?" Ashton -who had dimples as well- asked him. "No," he said simply, which everyone thought was hilarious and howled with laughter and Harry soon joined in.

    Their laughter soon quieted and a comfortable silence was taken place. Harry looked around the room, his curious eyes memorizing every detail. That is until he saw him. The mystery boy that passes by his house. He looked breathtaking as usual, his hair slightly messy though it still looked magnificent. He sat alone with a small frown on his face, resting his head in his folded hands. Harry turned to his friends and asked, "Who is that sitting by himself?" Calum and Niall looked curiously to where he was pointed until realization hit their faces."Oh, him. That's Louis," Calum answered, half smiling.

   Louis, Louis, Louis. His name kept repeating itself over and over again in Harry's mind. "Louis," Harry whispered to himself, eyes widening. Louis's name fit him so perfectly and Harry loves saying his name, it rolled amazingly off his tongue. "Why is he sitting alone?" He finally asked, genuinely curious. "Well not many people like the dude. He's pretty cool, I've done a project with him once. It's just, uh, jerks call him a freak and worthless a lot, he's just a target for bullying," Luke informed him, frowning. Harry knew that Louis was not a freak or wasn't worthless and he's never even talked to him! He just seemed so perfect and Harry wanted to meet him so, so badly. "Oh," was all he could say about it, at least for now. He'd probably talk about him sometime else, well he knows he will. The boys continued carelessly chatting, excluding Harry who still glanced at Louis, blushing when one of the boys caught him staring at him. He couldn't focus on anything else, he put all his attention on Louis though he didn't want to notice anything on anyone else.


    Harry walked sleepily down the hall, shoulders hunched slightly while carrying his backpack. He gripped the straps like his life depended on it, his knuckles turning a light pale color from the pressure. He nervously studied everyone around him, feeling self conscious which doesn't happen much. He was exhausted as well, public school was a lot more challenging than being at home all day while learning. He sighs in relief as he exits the building, the sunshine causing him to squint his eyes slightly. The peaceful breeze cooled the temperature the tiniest bit, but everyone seemed to be grateful it did. It was certainly a beautiful day.

   He continued walking, following the cement pavement of the sidewalk and waving a goodbye to Niall who had just stepped into his own vehicle. His footsteps padding beneath him made a faint tap tap sound. Though Harry thought he would surely trip over his own two feet as he stopped abruptly at the wonderful sight in front of him. Louis sat at the curve, a long book rested in his lap. His eyes flashed from side to side and his face was painted in fascination as he continued to read. Harry gulped, taking a small step closer to Louis. A wave of coincidence flew through him and he found himself taking long strides towards him.

    Soon enough, Harry stood towering over the petite body known as Louis, but he never did bother to look up. He just continued to read like it was the greatest book ever. Harry cleared his throat, desperately hoping to catch his attention. Though he didn't hear any reply from him, Harry saw that he had a raised one finger to say hold on. Harry smiled softly to himself, buzzing with excitement and was anxiously awaiting for Louis to look up. Finally, Louis's mesmerizing ocean blue eyes snapped up to meet Harry's gaze and Harry practically lost his breath. "H-Hi Louis." He felt like fainting, his whole body was shaking nervously. Louis studied over Harry's face before replying, "Hello." Harry smiled nervously and held out a large hand. "My name is Harry," he greeted him, beginning to bite his lip. Louis only hummed and stood up, wiping the bottom of his skinny jeans to get off any dirt. And Harry then instantly knew for sure that he couldn't handle this conversation because that bum.

    As if Harry never had said a word, Louis began to walk away while gripping his bag and book to his small chest. Harry panicked and leaped over beside him to walk with him. "What are you doing, Harry?" Louis asked, looking down at his dirty TOMS. Harry's stomach fluttered after he heard him say his name. He said it so nicely and it sounded so perfect out of his thin pink lips. "Uh, I, I'm walking with you," he stuttered, scratching the back of his neck. Louis nodded and walked swiftly beside him.

    As a silence filled the air and Harry's house came closer and closer, Louis surprisingly spoke up, "I've seen you watching me, Harry." A million alarms gone off in Harry's body because of his remark. He blushed and played with his fingers shyly. "I'm sorry." His face still felt flushed and he's never been this embarrassed. "It's fine, don't worry," Louis smiled assuringly at the younger boy which caused him to relax. They both were stopped in front of Harry's house, staring at each other and not making a noise. Louis looked at his phone to see the time and a panicked expression took over his calm features. "Oh uh, Harry have a great day. Goodbye." And with that, he took off running away from the confused Harry - who did not look at his bum wiggling while running.

    Harry grinned, although was confused with Louis's reaction, but was proud of himself for talking to him. Harry thought he was perfect when he only saw him through his window, and now that he has met him he knows that Louis is perfect. He almost skipped into his house and greeted his mother. "Hey mum!" His mother smiled and asked happily with a hint of worry, "How was school, sweetie?" In return she got a rushed great as Harry ran upstairs to his room. He hopped on his bed and smiled at nothing.

Today was better than great to Harry.

2757 words. 

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