Silver's Anime Reviews

Rework of Anime Reviews

I've deleted all my previous reviews, mainly because half of it was boring and also that I've changed my opinions about a few anime. I just decided to rework everything. I'm still learning how to do a proper review for an anime, so there's a possible re-rework.

Anyway Enjoy.

~ SilverLightning ✦ ~

Cover by: Alys Jones


1. Boring Intro

Hey there, Silver here,


Let's jump straight into it, here's what this is about, request an anime, I'll watch it and review it. Well I'll try to watch it, if it's not to my taste I might only last episode 1, not even. If you're wondering about my taste: new anime, with high-quality animation, action & adventure, fantasy, sci-fi, comedy, thriller. Although splice of life and romance aren't to my taste, I've seen a couple, so you could request them, but only if there is comedy involved.


I'll also recommend anime, top 10 anime, talk about upcoming anime, do a review twice for an anime mainly because my opinion would change over time. I may also do other random anime-related chapters as well. And as Manga is related to Anime, I may talk about Manga as well.


I'll start with the Big 5. Naruto, Bleach, Fairy Tail, One Piece and Dragon Ball. 


~ SilverLightning ✦ ~

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