Should I?

Kylie James is a fifteen, nearly sixteen year old girl. She is very a very good Christian Girl that loves the Lord and is very active in her youth group. She finds herself falling for a guy named Nathan who just moved to town, but also happens to be friends with one guy she cannot stand. Read as we find out if she should or should not trust this guy.


2. Chapter Two

I was walking down the sidewalk to school when I begin to feel like someone is watching me. I turn back and no one is there, but I still picked up the pace. All of a sudden someone grabs me from behind and I scream I turn around to see my best friend Zack laughing his head off. He always messes with me and bugs the crap out of me but it is one of the best parts of our friendship. We met in seventh grade and have been really close ever since. He's been more of a brother to me than my real brother.

"Dude what the heck?! Geez I hate you!" I say trying not to laugh as I punch him in the arm.

"Can't I have a little fun?" He asks in between laughs. "Come on. You know I'm just messing with you right?" He chuckles again.

"Of course I know that but can't you just take a break, ever?" I nearly had a heart attack! I almost died and I'm pretty sure you don't want your best friend to die, right?" I laugh while I continue beating him with my notebook.

"Of course I don't want you to die, but I think you were over exaggerating when you say you almost died, just saying, and if you are done hitting me now, we should get to school." He's says trying to not laugh unsuccessfully. I roll my eyes and start walking.

The walk there was quiet until he broke the silence.

"So what did you do this summer?" He asks me staring at the ground.

"Come on, you know me well, you know I didn't do squat this summer, right?" I chuckle and he does too.

"You're right dumb question, I don't remember the last time we hung out that wasn't at your house." He laughs and I roll my eyes.

"Come on I'm lazy, but I'm not that lazy. Didn't we just go to the movies and mall last week?" I ask and he laughs saying "No, I asked and you said no, so we ended watching tv at your house all day, remember?" I groan and say "Whatever. We can do something after school if you want?" I ask but he ends up saying "Sorry I have practice after school everyday all week."

"Ok fine but we need to hang out soon and I will prove that I am not that lazy." I giggle

"Ok, whatever you say" he laughs back.

We finally get to school and I am already feeling sick to my stomach. I just know that it is not going to be a good year for me. Zack and I walk into the building. The halls are crowded and there are students screaming down the hallway. I squeeze my way through the crowd and try to get to my locker. I get there, unload my books, and walk down the hall after I hear some one call my name.

"Kylie!" I know that voice. I cannot stand that voice. It was Brianna Henderson. Crap! I know what she wants. She is the girlfriend of the guy who hates me, Brandon Davis.

"Hi." I turn around, facing her with a fake smile on my face. She hates me. She thinks that I like Brandon and am trying to steal him from her, the truth is it is the exact opposite.

"Look, I'm gonna get strait to the point. Try anything with Brandon and I'll destroy you, kk?" She says with a chuckle and a fake laugh.

"Oh, that's cute. You think I'm trying to steal that trash you call a boyfriend. Don't worry honey, you are safe there." I shoot back with a fake smile and laugh again. She steps closer and we're an inch away from each other's faces.

"I'm watching you, James." Her ice blue eyes are daggers and she turns away to let her blonde hair smack me in the face. I roll my eyes and walk away.

I get to my first class, Chemistry. I sit down at a desk in the far right corner of the back of the room I'm going through my bag to get out my binder and pen when someone suddenly sits down next to me....

"Hi." I look up to see Nathan standing in front of me.

"Hey! I didn't know that you were coming to school here!" I say excitedly.

"Yeah, there isn't exactly anywhere else I could go. This is sort of the only school in town." He laughs and I feel like an idiot.

"Oh right! Stupid me!" I laugh but I'm kicking myself mentally.

"Haha it's ok." He laughs and then the teacher, Mr. Benson comes in.

"Good morning class!" He smiles as he walks in. He gets to his desk and pulls out some papers to probably call roll. Oh man. I am that really awkward and shy person that has to mentally to prepare to just say "here." when some one calls my name during roll.

"Kylie James?" Calls Mr. Benson, scanning the room.

"Here." My voice cracks. Nice Kylie, nice.

He finishes taking roll and moves on. "Ok, you will be working in pairs for the next week in pairs on your first assignment. I think I'm going to start by pairing up Kylie and Nathan first." He says. Nathan and I stared at each other awkwardly and then end up laughing. Mr. Benson continues pairing up students, then explains the assignment.

Nathan and I are doing our best to work on the project, but we always get distracted and just start talking. We got some things done, but we definitely need to stay more focused tomorrow to catch up. We were laughing when the bell finally rings. Finally, this class is over.

I get out the door and walk down the hall to my locker. I get there and swap out my Chemistry book for my Algebra book.

I get to my locker and get out my Algebra book, when all of a sudden, Brandon runs by and swats the book out of my hand and runs away. The kids in the hall burst out into laughter. I bend down, pick up my book, and ran down the hall to the bathroom. I just burst out into tears. I know this year can not be good. I don't understand why he does these things to me. I haven't done anything to him. I know I need to get to get to Algebra, so I fix my make up and walk down to Algebra. This is going to be a loooonnngggg day.

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