Should I?

Kylie James is a fifteen, nearly sixteen year old girl. She is very a very good Christian Girl that loves the Lord and is very active in her youth group. She finds herself falling for a guy named Nathan who just moved to town, but also happens to be friends with one guy she cannot stand. Read as we find out if she should or should not trust this guy.


3. Chapter Three

I was walking down the hall when the tardy bell rings, crap! I try to slip in as quiet as possible, but it doesn't work.

"Miss James, care to explain why you are late?" Asked Mr. Brown without ever turning around.

"Well I-I I don't know. I'm so sorry." I stuttered, with my face turning a bright red. The entire class snickered. Brianna was the loudest.

"Detention. I look forward to seeing you later today." He said obviously annoyed. I walked back to the room to find a seat, and with my luck, the only available one was next to Brianna. I sat down and she leaned over.

"Nice explanation. Have fun in detention." She laughed and I sat there embarrassed for a second, but then shot back with "Oh shut up, and aren't you going to be in detention because you can't find a better time to make out with that douche of a boyfriend? At least find a way to not get caught?"

You can hear the guys listened next to us as one breaks out yelling "Oooooooo."

"Mr. Matthews, Mr. Hunter, anything you want to share with the class?"

"No. You can go back to boring the class to tears now." The class bursts out laughing. Mr. Brown just stands there as pissed as ever and turning all kinds of shades of red.

"That's enough!" Mr. Brown is screaming over the class now. "I look forward to seeing all of you in detention later today!" He is loosing his crap now. The class finally quiets down and we make it through the rest of the class without anymore issues.

I run out of the room looking for Zack. I want to see if he got detention too since he does a lot. Usually I don't like the way he gets into trouble a lot, but I really don't want to be alone in detention today. Does that make me a terrible friend?

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