Should I?

Kylie James is a fifteen, nearly sixteen year old girl. She is very a very good Christian Girl that loves the Lord and is very active in her youth group. She finds herself falling for a guy named Nathan who just moved to town, but also happens to be friends with one guy she cannot stand. Read as we find out if she should or should not trust this guy.


6. Chapter Six


 Brianna and I sit quietly outside of Vice Principal Norman's office. I just sort of sit there staring off into space, thinking about my parents' reactions to this. "We don't believe in violence in this family, Kylie." I can hear my mom's voice now. When I zoned out, I must have been staring in Brianna's direction, because when I snap back into reality, She just sits there with an irritated look on her face.

"What are you looking at?" She growls.

"Oh you know, just the devil himself, what are you doing?" I can tell that I really must have pissed her off, considering the fact that her nostrils are flared, giving me the death stare, and she is inches away from my face.

"Ok, you listen her you no good, piece of sh-" She cuts herself off when my parents walked into the room.

"Hi, Mr. and Mrs James it is so nice to see you again. I am so sorry this happened. I shouldn't have said what i said." She has a fake smile plastered on her face that can fool anybody. That's why parents and teachers love her so much.

"No, Brianna don't be. You are a nice girl who made a mistake, it's Kylie who needs to be apologizing to you. She is the one who needs to learn how to control her temper." My dad glances over and gives me a disapproving look. My mom pats her back and says something I can't hear, but I can tell it's probably something similar to what my dad said. Oh, the things i would do if my parents weren't here right now.

Vice Principal Norman steps out of his office and invites us all inside.

"Please be seated, Mr. and Mrs. Henderson will be here any moment so we can address the issue." After a while, Brianna's parents came in so we could finally start. Her mother was dressed in a pink sweater and a black knee length skirt with a slit up the side. Her blonde hair was in a low but tight bun. She had this look on her face that makes you think she hates everything and everyone, while on the other hand her dad was the complete opposite. He was dressed nicely, but he didn't look arrogant at all unlike his wife and daughter.

Please be seated. He points them to two empty chairs next to my parents and they sit down.

"Now, I'm pretty sure we are all aware of what happened, but let's just recap for a moment. I come out to the parking lot to get something out of my car when I look to my left, out in the distance, I see these two break out into a fight. I ended up having to pry this one off of the other one just to end it." He is pointing at me when he says 'this one' and I have all eyes on me.

"Because she deserved it! She is always threatening me and is always telling me how much better she is than me. If no one is going to shut that big mouth of hers, I have no freaking problem doing it myself!" I was standing over his desk inches away from his face. My face was turning red with my my hands in fists and my chest heaving up and down. 

"That is total bulls-" Brianna is cut off by her mother

"Brianna Henderson! Sit down and watch your language." i couldn't help but crack a smirk. my parents sit there shocked. They finally see her true colors.

"I think we can all agree that it would be best if I suspend both of you for three days. Brianna, you need to straighten up. "News flash! You aren't that special. Move on!" I burst out laughing at the last part. He usually doesn't sink down to the same level as his students. 

"Miss James, do you want to go for a week?" I could hear Brianna chuckle. 

"No." I muttered under my breath and rolled my eyes.

"You both are free to go. Thank you all for coming down today." All our parents just nod, then turn around to deal with us.

  Brianna and her parents walk out and they aren't even half way down the hall before you hear the yelling start.  I smile and chuckle to myself, but my happy moment is soon ruined my my parents' voices.

"What were you thinking?!" my dad said in a quiet but hard voice.

"I don't-" My mom cut me off once more with "Do you know what you have done?! This is going on your permanent record! How do you expect to get accepted into college with that?! Come on! we're leaving! When we get home I want you to give us your laptop, your phone, and tablet. You will get them back when you can prove that you are more mature than getting in a petty high school chick fight! Do you understand?!" Seriously? Did she call the fight petty? That girl can fight... and so can I!

"Okay." I muttered under my voice. With that we walked down the hall, passed by a shocked looking Zack, then walked out the doors of the building and to out to the car. We sould be having a fun ride home, now won't we?


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