Should I?

Kylie James is a fifteen, nearly sixteen year old girl. She is very a very good Christian Girl that loves the Lord and is very active in her youth group. She finds herself falling for a guy named Nathan who just moved to town, but also happens to be friends with one guy she cannot stand. Read as we find out if she should or should not trust this guy.


4. Chapter Four

     "Zack!" I call running down the hall. I stop right in front of him out of breath.

"Geez take a deep breath. Why are you in such desperate need to talk to me?" He asked a little confused.

"I got detention for the first time today, so I was gonna see if maybe you did too simply because I've never had it before and I really do not want to be alone there, let alone with Brianna and Brandon!" I rush out as fast as I could while out of breath.

"Dang, geez calm down! I'm sorry, but I don't have it for once and really want to keep it that way. You'll be fine. Just do not talk to anyone or even look at anyone." He said calmly. Oh geez, that doesn't help anything.

"Fine, but if I die, it's on you." I say and then walk away, letting my hair hit him in the face.

"You know, just because something scary or bad happens, that doesn't mean you're going to die, right?" He called as I was leaving. I just rolled my eyes and kept walking.

    I have made it through the rest of the day, but now I have to go to detention and I am scared crapless. I'm on my way down when Zack stops me.

"Don't be nervous. You are really just making a big deal out of nothing. Just relax, you'll be fine." He tried to comfort me but it doesn't help. 

"When have you known me to relax?" I roll my eyes and he does back to me. I walk away and find the room that is three doors down. I walk in and the teacher just rolls his eyes and points me to the back of the room, to a seat that is in between Brianna and Brandon, yay! note my sarcasm there. I walked to the back of the room. Brandon groans and Brianna rolls her eyes, obviously annoyed.

"Nice to see you too." I groan and sit down in my seat.

 I'm sitting and working on Algebra homework while Brianna is going through Brandon's phone while he isn't looking. He is distracted talking to some guys behind him. The teacher gets up and leaves all of a sudden. He probably just couldn't handle being around all of us anymore. I just sit there thinking when all of a sudden, Brianna gets up and gasps really loud.

"What the crap?!" She screams and all eyes are on her,

"Bri, babe, what's wrong?!" Brandon asked confused

"Who is she?!" She asks, getting ready to lose it.

"What?" He asked, more confused than ever.

"I needed to use your phone to text somebody, but then, you got a message from Jordan. I looked and it seems that there is some new mystery girl you're falling for! care to explain?" She looks like se is about to explode

"I I-I can explain. you see-" He is cut off by her slapping him. I'm just sitting there enjoying the show, but then the teacher comes back and sees what's happening. He sends them down to the principal's office and you can hear them bickering all the way down there.

  The rest of the time flies by and it's finally over. I run out as quick as I can. I can not get out of here soon enough. I ran down the hall, down the stairs, down the other hall, and out the door. I'm walking to the car and then my mom texts.

 M: Your father and I are working late tonight, so you're going to want to pick dinner up tonight. I left some money for you on the counter if you need it. I love you

I put my phone away as I reach my car I get inside and start it. I pull out of the parking lot and start driving home.

 I get home and immediately go upstairs to change. I throw on a sweatshirt, leggings and Ugg Boots. I come back down the stairs and grab the money. I look around and make sure that everything is off before I leave.

  I get in my car and head over to my favorite restaurant, The Pizza Place. And yes that is the actual name of it. I get out the car and go inside. When I get in there I see Nathan, and I get really excited, until I see who he is with, Brandon. Of freaking course. I try to avoid them, it worked for a little while, up until I ordered really, but then he saw me and waved me over. I said 'hi', but that was it. I then came up with an excuse and left. When I turned around and started walking, I heard them whispering and I'm just praying they are not talking about me, so I just get my stuff and go home. 


Yay!!! Finally updated!!! Sorry if it was boring, but this next chapter is going to get pretty interesting to make up for it!!!!!!!!!!;) See ya soon!!!!!!


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