Should I?

Kylie James is a fifteen, nearly sixteen year old girl. She is very a very good Christian Girl that loves the Lord and is very active in her youth group. She finds herself falling for a guy named Nathan who just moved to town, but also happens to be friends with one guy she cannot stand. Read as we find out if she should or should not trust this guy.


5. Chapter Five

                                                                      Brandon's P.O.V

  "Wait seriously? I'm not sure if we should." I sat there with a shocked look on my face. Nathan for the past hour has been telling me about the crazy things he did at his old school, and is wanting me to do some stuff similar at our school with him. He has this idea of trashing Vice Principal Norman's office and spray painting the lockers, I on the other hand am not sure about that.

"Come on dude, it will be fun." He keeps pushing it.

"What if we get caught?"

"We won't. Come on please try it?" He pleads one more time.

"Fine, but if we get in trouble it's all on you." I point my finger at him.

"Why are you being a wuss anyway? You're always saying you would want to do something like this." He looks at me with questioning eyes.

"Oh, umm.. its nothing. I guess it's just I'm in enough trouble with my parents lately, they said one more stupid stunt and I'm off to military school." I lied. My parents have been really busy lately and haven't noticed the trouble I'm usually getting into. To me it's just better than saying what I'm really feeling. The problem is, I like this girl and have for a while, but she's always been a good girl, and I am beginning to realize that she isn't one of the supposed good girls who actually bad guys.

"Okay, but i promise you we're not going to get in trouble." He reassures me and I nod, then we go back to our meal.

                                                                           Kylie's P.O.V.

I finally get back to my house and I am ready to dig into my pizza when my phone lights up. I check and see who it is. My face lights up when I see Nathan's caller ID on my phone. I open my phone and my smile gets even wider.

 N: Hey! I was wondering if you wanted to go out with me on Saturday night?:)

K: Totally! What are we doing and what time?

N: It's a surprise.;) And at eight.

K: Alright then:) See you at school tomorrow, goodnight!

N: Good night;)

  Okay, I'm sorry but what is with him and all those winking faces? It seriously makes him look like a you-know-what boy, considering every you-know-what-boy I know does that. But i choose to ignore it, because I'm just excited that I'm going out with Nathan!


 I wake up the next day and do the same routine, except I burned myself with my curling iron this morning. you see that's what happens when you try new things. To make things worse, I did it on my neck, so now it looks like I have a hickey, fantastic! ( Note my sarcasm there)

I got to school, and as soon as I got out, Brandon pulls up next to me. I try to just roll my eyes and walk away, but then I hear him calling my name.

"Kylie!" He calls after me.

I turn on my heel and walk towards him. "What do you want?" I groan and look at except him.

"I was wondering if you and I could meet somewhere after school so we can talk." Is he serious? Does he seriously think that I would actually do that?

"What do you even want to talk about? For all I know this can be some set up so your girlfriend can do something else that ruins my life like she has been for the past three years!" He just looks at the ground for a while, then looks back up at me.

"I actually wanted to apologize for all the times we did that stuff to you." I'm sorry, did I just hear that correctly?

"I don't know, I'm just not sure if I trust you." He is a great actor though, he actually looks remorseful.

"Please, give me a chance. Meet me later in the parking lot after school. I swear this isn't a trap." I stare into his gaze for a few seconds before finally replying with, "Fine, but if I even get the slightest feeling you're about to pull something, I'm out." He has a shimmer of hope in his eyes.

"Okay! I promise it's not. See you later, he calls the last part while running towards the school. I stand there for a second, thinking about what I just got myself into. I start walking to the school, then when I look to my left, I see Brianna giving me the stink eye. I try to keep walking to the school, but then she stops me. Seriously! What the heck does it take to get into the freaking building!

"What was that?" She glares at me and I do my best not to hit her upside the head. If we weren't in the school parking lot, I wouldn't think twice, but here we are.

"Oh, I'm sorry! I didn't know that talking to a guy is such a crime." She didn't know what else to do. She just glared at me then shot back with:

"I warned you to stay away, and you didn't listen. You better watch your back." Okay I don't care where we are anymore. I swing my right hand that connects with her jaw. People around as quickly gather.

You could hear one of the guys scream "chick fight!" Soon even more people gather around. Brianna tried to hit back, but I caught her hand and twisted it back behind her back. I then slam her to the ground. I can only imagine the looks on the students faces and how much they're enjoying this, but I can hear them, so I got a pretty good idea.

I was going to strike again, but then Vice Principal Norman stepped in. He pulled us apart and marched us down to the principal's office. On the way people were staring and tried to give me high fives, but I just ignore them. I can only imagine the look on my parents faces when they get this call.



Yayyyyyyy!!!!!!! Updated!!!! Sorry, I've been having writers block lately, and I just didn't know how I wanted this chapter to go. See ya soon!!!!XD


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