Strange Dog

Its my first story, please don't be harsh.


2. Strange Parting

I was pinning some fliers of the dog, so that the owner would call and take him back.The dog was following me which was
 kinda weird cause i don't even know the dog at all.
 "My mom says i must feed and care for you until your owner calls or after a month, because its my fault i even found you in the first place."
 "Woof!" he replied.
 It felt weird that i was talking to him, but it felt even weirder cause he was replying.
 "Hey, Amy, right?" It was Alex with his friend Justin ( his good friend ).
 "Oh, it you." I ignored him and continued with pinning the fliers.
 "Wow, you have a dog? I didn't know you had a dog."
 " He is not my dog, don't you read." I gave him one of the fliers.
 His friends don't talk when he is talking to me, they just stand there and giggle sometimes.
 "Boy, i wish I was his owner." He was playing with the dog.
 "It looks like he likes you Alex." Justin giggled.
 "I you don't want the dog, i could take care of him until his owner calls." Alex offered.
 "No thanks, he is my responsibility." I walked away from them.
 "Ha-ha, nice try Alex." Justin found something interesting
 "See ya later Sammy!..." He said my name wrong on purpose.
 "Dude, why are you wasting your time?" Justin tussled Alex's hair.
 "I can't help it, she's cute."
 I was on my way back home with the dog following me.I couldn't understand why he was following from the start.He is completely trained yet he doesn't have a collar?
 "Woof woof!" He fiercely started barking.
 "Hey quick it down." i ordered him.
 He didn't pay no attention to what i was saying, he just stood there and barked continuesly, then he dashed away.
 "Hey where are you going?!"
 When i first met him, the first i wanted was for him to run away, but now I cant help it but to go after him to see whats up.I mean, he is my responsibility right?
 He was too fast for me to catch up, i had to ask some people if they saw him.The last guy i asked said that he ran into the woods.I couldn't follow any more...
 The dog was gone,but i was sure he couldn't be lost, cause he knows how to find me, so i didn't worry that much.
 The next day ( the dog still hasn't showed up) the doorbell rang and the next thing i knew the guy claimed that the dog belonged to him.  

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