Strange Dog

Its my first story, please don't be harsh.


3. Explanation conversation

 He had black hair, he wasn't wearing that much color, only black and white and a lot of black.He looked a little older than Alex.
 "Do you have any prove that he's yours?"
 "Umm, not exactly...He's not  mine.You see, i just know him."
 "So your saying he is not yours yet you still claim that he is yours?" I pointed out.
 "No-no, I just...Wanted to see if he's okay?"
 "Wait, you know him right? then you must know who his owner is."
 "No, i don't think he has an owner..."
 "How do you even know the dog?"
 "I don't know why, but, he follows me sometimes."
 "He followed you?...He was following me when i found him, i thought he was lost..."
 "Oh-no, he follows people all the time, he even helps the elderly to cross the road," he laught for a moment
 "Its kinda his hobby i guess." He continued.
 "Wow, that's strange.." i scratched my chin looking interested.
 "Actually, its kinda sweet."
 "What do you mean by that?"
 "Well, when your alone, its nice to have a dog following you around." He made a cheerful smile that made he smile.
 "Could you let him go?" He asked of me.
 "Oh, i don't have him...H-he ran...away." i felt a shame of my irresponsibility, looking down.
 "Hey its okay, he can take care of himself.Maybe he'll even give you a visit."
 "Okay...By the way, my name's Amy."
 "It was nice talking to you Amy, am Luke,"
 "See ya later." He ran off.
 Even though he explained to me about the dog, i still didn't understand.

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