Strange Dog

Its my first story, please don't be harsh.


4. Change

I was buying flowers from my cousin Lloyd.I was buying flower for my mom's birthday.You might be thinking why is a boy a florist,
 but no he is not, he is just taking care of the place while his mom's  busy.
 "Isn't that less than yesterday?" He asked.
 "Yeah, she doesn't like too much." I gave him the money.
 Just then Alex came in.
 "Hey, are those flowers for me?" Loyd's eyebrow went up.
 "What?!Of course not!" I got angry with  him.
 "Why on earth would I buy you flowers?!Gosh Alex, your so annoying sometimes!" I kept on pushing him.
 "Hey, i was just kidding, calm down." He grabbed my hand so i wouldn't be able to push me anymore.
 "My my goodness Alex!Don't you know when enough is enough?!" I forced my hand away from his   grip.
 I stopped yelling at him when i saw the strange dog coming from behind him.
 "Hey hey hey, no dog allowed in here." Lloyd called out to Alex.
 "Oh, am sorry, I just wanted to return Amy's dog back to her." He looked down looking upset.
 "You have a dog ?" Lloyd asked.
 "No, he is just the dog that's been following people in this town,"
 "He is not my dog..Alex, you should let the dog go free." I left the shop.
 I was walking quickly with the flowers, but i could hear Alex running after me with the dog.
 "Hey Amy, wait up!" He grabbed my free hand.
 "Am really sorry...I know you really hate me right now, i just want you to know i didn't-"
 "No Alex, I don't hate you or anything.Your a great person," After saying that Alex went all red.
 "I just, don't like your idea of a joke." I was calmed now.
 The dog pushed Alex closer to me.
 "If i changed my humor, could w-we be friends?.." He made a awkward smile not able to look at my eyes.
 "yeah i guess so." I gave him a friendly smile.
 "Woof!" The dog drew our attention.
 "Don't you think we should give him a name or something?" I asked.
 "Yeah.....How about Scout?"
 "Why scout?"
 "I just read a book about a scout..." it made me giggle.
 "You may have a bad humor, but your a little funny." Alex looked happy to my respond, its not what i usually tell him.
 "Woof woof!" Scout grabbed my hand bag by his mouth and ran away with it.
 "Oh my goodness, No!"
 "Whats wrong?" Alex asked
 "He took my hand bag!And my mom's birthday present is in there, and it cost a lot, i cant buy another one."
 "Then lets go after him."
 We followed Alex all the way to the woods, the same one he ran into befor

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