Strange Dog

Its my first story, please don't be harsh.


1. Bird Watching

Bird watching in a sunny summer Sunday, that's the usual for me.Except for today was completely different than it all ways turns up.
 I was just sitting on the park bench while bird watching with my binoculars, then suddenly i got hit hard on the back of my head by a Frisbee
 (The Frisbee thing is also a usual thing for me.).
 "Hey sorry about that..." Alex ; the one who threw the Frisbee, came running to it ( not to see if am okay or anything )

with a awkward smile on his face.
 "...Again..." He quietly said to himself looking down.
 Its always Alex who throws the Frisbee at me, no matter how many times he does it his friends never get tired of it, even though it is starting to get old.
 Alex is the kinda blond that chills and has fun as much as he can.Having messed up hair and an over sized jacket with not zipper makes it easy to read him.
 We're not friends if that what your thinking.I don't know what his deal is.
 "Is this suppose to be some kinda hobby for you?" i scolded.
 I seized the Frisbee from his hand right after he took it.
 "Is this some kinda joke to you? Don't you think its getting a little old?"
 "Hey, come on, its just an accident." He softly punched my shoulders.
 He quickly tried to take it from my hand, but i saw that coming so he missed.
 "I said i was sorry..."  He reached out his hand thinking that i would give it back after his apology.
 "Yeah, I know, like more than 31 times,"
 "Fine." I gave it to him.
 "Sweet, thanks!"
 "But,next time you hit me with it don't do it so hard, it hurts you know."
 "Oh, right, sorry." He ran off to his guys.
 I think that's enough bird watching for today, i don't want to get hit by a Frisbee again.
 I was on my way to the bus stop, but then i felt like some one was following me.I looked back and saw that it was a big dog.
 When i stopped walk and looked at it, it also stopped, sat down looked at me back with his tongue sticking out.
 I checked if he had a collar, but no collar.He looked like he was trained, maybe his owner didn't get him a collar.
 Ether way i didn't want the dog following me all the way home.
 "Speak boy!" i checked if he would respond.
 " Woof woof!"
 "So you are trained...This will be easy."
 I took a few steps way from the dog and he got up and started following me again-
 he stopped there and didn't come any closer.
 "Good boy~"
 I slowly walked away from the dog but this time he didn't follow me.SO i went to the bus and got home.
 The next day when i woke up i saw the same dog on my bed next to me.
 "Ahhh!" i yelled.
 My yelling seemed to wake the dog up.I got off the bed quickly to check if it was the same dog, and it was.
 "How did you get in here?" with a surprised look on my face.
 "Woof woof!" He stocked his tongue out.

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