Green Eyes { H.S }


2. Chapter 2

~~Ouch. I open my eyes and the sunlight is blazing into my eyes and my head is pounding. I don't remember being that drunk. I sit up in Megans bed and look around the room. Minutes later Megan walks in with some food in her hand.

"Omg you're alive!" She laughs. I smile and then roll my eyes at her.

"I wasn't that drunk was I?" I ask as she passes me a granola bar and a glass of water.

"If you can't remeber than to definitely were!" She giggles and takes a bite from her granola bar. "We should go out lunch, you know to that new bar and grill downtown." Megan suggests I take a bite from my granola bar and smile.

"Ya!" I reply and eat the rest of my granola bar.

Megan and I crawl off of her bed and get changed. Megan throws on a pair of jeans and then borrows a t-shirt of mine. I wear my favorite pair of jeans and a baggy sweater. I look at myself one last time before following Megan downstairs to the front door.

"Mom I'm borrowing the car!" Megan yell out to her mother before we walk out the front door and to her small black car.

I crawl in and the warm air from the car hits me. It's so relaxing especially with how cold it is outside. Megan turns on the radio and a Katy Perry song is playing. We sing together as we pull out of her drive way and make our way downtown.

"So, Jessica made a move on me last night..." Megan says as she turns off the radio. I look at her quizzically and chuckle.

"Ya right?" I reply. Megan looks at me with a frown.

"She did, she leaned in and tried to kiss me. That's why I wanted to leave so early." She replies. She is focused on the road ahead of us.

"She was drunk, she probably wasn't even thinking straight." I tell her. She nods and then shrugs her shoulders as we pull upto the new bar and grill.

Once we step out onto the street the smell of the grill fills my nostrils. It smells delicious. Once we are inside I'm surprised at how modern the restaurant really is. We are quickly greeted by a waitress with salt and pepper and hair and our given a table near the back of the restaurant.

"It smells so good in here." I say leaning across the table. Megan nods and picks up her menu reading over her food choices.

"What are you getting?" I ask her once I have determined what I am getting.

"A chicken burger. What sre you getting?" She asks me as she takes a sip from her water.

"Same! It looks delicious!" I say. She nods and takes another sip of her drink.

"That Harry guy is having another party tonight." She says and plays with her straw. My heart pounds at the mention of his name. Why? Nothing even happened between us I just find him extremely attractive.

"Are we going to go?" I ask her taking a large sip of my water. She shrugs her shoulders.

"I don't know, not if Jes-" she begins but before she can finish her eyes bulge out of her head and she is looking behind me.

I quickly turn in my seat to see what is bothering her. When I finally see what is bothering her I feel my heart skip a beat. Jessica and her group of friends are walking towards us. My heart pounds against my chest when I see Harry mid conversation with, Niall I think his name is but I can't really remember. I turn back around to Megan who is trying to look everywhere but at Jessica.

"Shit." I whisper. I see Jessica out the corner of my eyes.

"Ladies! You have all met Harry, Niall, Louis and Eleanor, right?" She asks us pointing to each of them. Eleanor waves to us eith a big smile on her face. "Mind if we join you guys?" She asks as she moves a couple tables around making our table a huge one.

"Sure!" Megan sarcastically says as she rolls her eyes. I giggle as everyone sits down.

Our food is brought to us wuickly and the waitress takes everyone else's order. I bite into my chicken burger, it's delicious. I look down at the table and see Harry and Jessica eyeing me closely. I bite my lip and smile at the both of them.

"How did you enjoy the party last night?" Niall asks me. I wipe my mouth before replying.

"It was okay!" I reply and smile.

"Poor Harry though, you're the first girl to ever turn him down." Jessica laughs. Harry scoffs and rolls his eyes. My heart pounds at the mention of him.

"Shut up Jessica!" Harry snaps. "Like I would even go after someone like her." He says loud enough for me to hear. I frown and look over at Megan who is keeping to herself.

"It's okay." Megan mouths to me and I nod.

"You were wasted!" Jessica laughs. Everyone at the table begins to laugh as well. Why is everyone picking on me?

"Oh my gosh were you ever!" Niall laughs.

"Oh no! I wish I had seen her!" Louis laughs and Eleanor laughs even harder and nods. I bite my lip as Megan begins to giggle.

"She wasn't the only damn one that was drunk!" Harry snaps, everyone stops laughing at once.

"You still mad you didn't get with her?" Louis laughs earning a laugh from both Niall and Jessica. Stop please.

"Fuck! Shut up already!" Harry snaps as the waitress hands them all their food.

I look over at Megan who has now finished her burger. I take the last bite of mine as the waitress take both our plates away. Megan gives me a 'let's go now!' Looks and I nod.

"We are going to go!" Megan says as we both stand from the table.

"So soon?" Jessica laughs. I roll my eyes at her, and Megan and I begin to make our way to the front counter to pay. "You girls are coming to the party tonight, right?" She asks us with a smirk on her face.

"Yup!" Megan says and rolls her eyes. She quickly marxhes upto the front counter and pays for her meal.

"God, I hate Jessica so much!" She whispers to me.

"She's so demanding!" I giggle as I pay for my meal as well. Megan smiles and nods.

One we are back home we decide to get ready for the party early. I wear my white jeans again but with a black tank top. Megan wears a dress similar to the red one she wore the other night but in black.

"Jessica better not pull anything on me tonight!" Megan says as she applies a thick layer of eyeliner on her top lid. I smile and nod as I pour us some shots.

I hand Megan a shit, then quickly take my shot. The familiar burn of whiskey makes me want more. I pour myself another shot and take it quickly.

"Don't be getting too drunk tonight!" Megan laughs as she pours myself and her another shot. I laugh after I take my shot. I'm already feeling a buzz.

By the time we are both done getting ready it is dark out and time to go to the party. I feel slightly anxious and I'm not sure why, it could just be all the booze I already have in my system. I grab the bottle of wine I packed and head out the door with Megan.

Megans mom the whole drive to the party tells us about the rules. There aren't many, we just have to take a cab home. We have no curfew again.

Megan and I crawl out of the small car and walk up the familiar lawn, to the familiar house and into the familiar smell of booze and marijuana. Megan grabs my hand and leads me through the large crowd of people and into the familiar kitchen. My eyes instantly find Harry who is also watching me closely. I bite my lip and smile at him, earning a smirk. I take a sip from my bottle of wine.

"Caroline! Megan!" Eleanor greets us with a hug. She smells like marijuana. I smile at her politely.

"Have you seen Jessica?" Megan asks her. Eleanor thinks for a minute before replying.

"Ya she is in the living room!" She says and points to a crowded room. Megan quickly walks over to the room Eleanor pointed to. What happened to hating Jessica?

"Have you met Louis?" She says grabbing him by his white t-shirt and pulling him closer to her before kissing him on the lips. "Wait, of course you have, today at lunch!" She laughs.

"Oh,ya! Don't get too drunk tonight!" Louis laugh and walks away from Eleanor and I.

"Do you have a boyfriend?" Eleanor asks me. I shake my head and take a long sip from my bottle of wine.

"Harry! Come here!" She yell over to Harry. No. "Harry is single!" She says and winks. Once Harry is beside me Eleanor walks away from us.

"You're drinking wine?" He scoffs. I toll my eyes and take a sip from the bottle.

"Ya, so?" I aks him. He rolls his eyes at me and huffs.

"That's odd." He chuckles. He is pushed closer to me by some drunk guy,spilling his drink all down the front of me. He covers his mouth trying to hide gis laughter.

I run over to the sink and grab paper towel and try to dry the beer spill. Harry stands behind me and watches me struggle. I turn around at him and bite my lip.

"Why are you so rude?" I ask him harshly. He takes a step back from me a chuckles.

He looks a little defended but the collects himself. He walks a little closer to me and puts his hand on my hip like before. His touch sends shivers up my spine. I lick my lips and stare into his beautiful eyes. He smirks and leans into me pressing his lips onto mine. Air is instantly taken away from my lungs. Harry's tongue invades my mouth as my finger nails claw on his back, earning a moan. He picks me up from under my bum and carries me through out the large crowd of people and up a set of stairs, our lips never loosing contact.

Harry pushes a door open and throws me onto a bed. I frown and the loss of contact. He bites his bottom lip and quickly removes his black t-shirt, revealing more tattoos. They are all beautiful. I reach my hand out and trace the largest one, a butterfly. Harry presses his lips against mine, once again.

"Harry!" I hear a familiar voice calling. Harry quickly jumps and pulls his shirt over his head. What? No!

"Ya!" He replies and leaves me alone in the unfamiliar room. I frown and then leave the room, finding the stairs that lead downstairs to the main floor. Once I am downstairs I find Megan almost instantly.

"Oh my god! Car! I've been looking for you!" She says and takes my hand in hers. "The cops are apparently on their way. We need to leave now!" She shouts and runs outside.

I follow her outside and into a cab. I lean my head against the window once we are in the cab and watch the house pass by.

"What's wrong?" She asks me, breaking the beautiful silence. I shrug my shoulders and smile at her sitting up straight in my seat.

"Nothing." I say. "At least I'm not wasted right?" I laugh,earning a laugh from Megan.

Once we are back at Megans house we quickly go upstairs to her room and crawl into bed. I lay on her pillow thinking about the beautiful tall boy and how rude he is. I want to get to know him. I have absolutely no idea why though.

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