Green Eyes { H.S }


1. Chapter 1

~~It was one of the coldest days of the year by far and I was not dressed properly, I had my short black dress on and a pair of heels. The only thing keeping me warm was my cardigan, of course my mother chose today to be late. I dial her number in my phone and press it against my ear.

"I'm around the corner!" My mother shouts into the phone. I roll my eyes and feel relief fill me as my mother pulls upto the curb to let me in.

As I open the passenger door the warm air hits me. I quickly crawl into her SUV and blare the hot air vents on myself. My mother smiles at me then pulls out back onto the main road.

"How was the interview?" She asks as we stop at a red light. I pick at my finger nail and shrug.

"Uhm... It could have gone better." I shrug again. My mother rolls her eyes and begins to turn onto the next road as the light turns green.

"How do you expect me and your father to pay for a dorm and your schooling if you won't contribute?" She asks me speeding down the road. I shrug my shoulders.

Of course I feel bad that my parents are paying for my schooling and everything but I can never seem to find an appropriate job. My mother turns up the radio and our conversation is done with. She won't want to talk about it for the rest of the day. As we come to another red light she looks into the mirror and puffs her blonde hair up with her perfectly manicured hands.

Once we are at home my brother is outside playing soccer with the newest kids from next door. I smile and wave at them as me and my mother walk inside.

"You know I heard his mother is having an affair." She whispers to me as we walk into the house. My mother strives for perfection and lives for gossip.

"Hey Caroline, how was the big interview?" My dad asks as he kisses my mother on her cheek. I shrug my shoulders and walk past him and into the kitchen.

When I get into the kitchen there are grapes set out and putcher of orange juice. I grab a glass from the cupboard and pour myself a glass of orange juice. I grab the bowl of grapes and walk back past my parents and up stairs.

"Car those are for everyone!" My mother shouts as I walk into my room. I shrug my shoulders and stuff a grape into my mouth.

I walk over to my bedside table and grab my phone off of the stack of magazines. I unlock it and see I have a message from Megan. I smile and read the message.

Hey huge party tonight sneak out PLEASE

I sigh and quickly type my response.

Ok? What time? Please pick me up!!

I respond. I have been sneaking out of this house for years. I'm about to start college and I'm barely aloud to walk doen the street on my own. My mother is too protective but Megan always gets her mother to lie for us so I can go out and live my life.

"Mom I'm goign to Meg's tonight!" I yell, opening my bedroom door and yelling downstairs to her.

I slam my door shut and then begin to pack. I grab my secret booze and stuff it into my bag making sure to cover it with a bunch of clothes. My phone buzzes and I run over to see Megans reply.

My mom and I are on our way!

Megans text reads. I quickly shove more random stuff into my bag and run downstairs. My mother is sitting on the couch reading some lame book. She looks up from her book and glares at me.

"I really don't like that Megan girl. Her mother is so different." My mother huffs putting a book mark in her book and setting it down. "But, you like her so have fun." She says and rolls her eyes.

I give my mother a sarcastic smile and look out the window of the front door. Megans car is just pulling up. I slip my shoes on and run outside to Megans car. My mother watches closely as I crawl into the back seat. Megans mother waves at my mother and pulls out of the drive way and speeds down my street.

"You ready to party!?" Megans mother yells. I laugh and nod.

"This is an invite only party and we got invited!" Megan says turning around in her seat to face me.

"Wow, it's a gouse party right?" I ask her.

"Ya, some popular kid is having it and told Jessica to invite two friends! She invited me and told me to invite you!" She explains clapping her hands together in excitement. I smile and feel the excitement building up in me. "You brought booze right?" She asks me. I smile and open my bag revealing my bottle of vodka.

Once we are at Megans we have an hour to get ready. We run upto her room and get dressed. Megan changes into a tight red dress that is way to short. I on the other hand change into a pair of white jeans and a maroon tank top. I throw my hair up into a messy ponytail making sure that my hair is perfectly straight and messy.

"This is going to be so fun!" Megan exclaims. I smile and nod. "Wanna take a few shots before we go?" She asks me excitedly.

She pours me a shot from a shot glass she had sitting beside her bed. I grab and take the shot. The warm whiskey burning down my throat. We take two more shots and then we are ready to go. I feel a slight buzz already.

Once we are downstairs Megan asks her mom to take some pictures of us. Megans mom laughs and takes a few photos of us and then grabs her keys.

"Are you girls ready?" She asks as she opens the front door and walks to the car.

Megan and her mother discuss our curfews and how we will get home the whole drive to the party. It is determined by the time we get to the house that we will be taking a cab and we have no curfew tonight. Megans mother says her goodbyes as we crawl out of her small buggie and walk across the front lawn up to the large house.

"Let's go!" Megan says as she takes a large sip from her bottle of whiskey and walks in the front door.

Once we are inside the smell of weed and liquor fills my nose. The music is deafening and the house is filled with drunk people everywhere. Megan smiles and grabs my hand leading me through the house and to the kitchen where Jessica is.

"Meg! Car!" Jessica yells as we enter the kitchen. Megan runs over and hugs her tightly, I follow closely behind.

"It's so big!" Megan yells over the loud music. Jessica nods and smiles. She is already hanging off of some blonde guy who seems very drunk.

I smile and turn the cap off of my bottle of vodka and take a large swig. Jessica laughs at me as I pull the bottle from my lips and feel it all rush to my head instantly.

"You have to meet the guy who owns this house he's a total douche! It's hilarious!" Jessica says to Megan and I and points to a tall long haired boy standing across the kitchen. "Harry!" Jessica yell. He turns around and glares at her. He frowns and walks towards us.

"What?" He snaps once he is close enough. Jessica laughs at him, which only seems to make him even more angry.

"Meet my friends!" She says and points to Megan and I. "This is Meg and Car!" She introduces us. He looks at me his eyes pouring into mine. He is very attractive and has tattoos spread randomly across his arms. I wonder if he has anymore tattoos? What an odd thing to wonder.

"Ok? Cool? I have better things to be doing." He says and nods over to a brunette he was previously with. I feel slightly jealous. I sigh and take another large swig from my bottle of vodka.

"Meg, wanna see something?" Jessica yells and grabs Megans hand and leads her out of the kitchen. What a bitch.

I roll my eyes and pull myself up so that I am sitting on the counter. A few girls give me dirty looks but I ignore them, taking swigs from my bottle.

"Hey, you're alone?" Someone asks me. I turn and see the blonde guy Jessica was hanging over.

"Ya?" I reply. I feel drunk now. I feel like I may even fall righy off of this counter. I laugh at my own thoughts and watch the blonde boy look at me quizzically.

"Have you met Harry?" He asks me nodding his head towards the rude boy.

"Yes! He is a total douche!" I giggle. He throws his head back in laughter and nods.

"I'm Niall by the way." He says holding his hand out for me to shake. I jump off of the counter and wrap my arms around him, hugging him without thinking.

"I'm Caroline but you can call me Car!" I say and release him from my embrace. His cheeks redden and he nods.

"Niall! Some bitch is looking for you." The rude boy from earlier says as he interupts us. I huff at him. "Is there a problem?" He turns to me and asks.

"You interupted us!" I giggle. Why am I laughing? He rolls his eyes and then smirks.

"I'm Harry." He says and smirks leaning into me. I back away and laugh.

"What a charmer." I slur. He chuckles and shakes his head.

"You are?" He asks me smoothly. His green eyes staring into my green eyes. My heart is pounding out of my chest. Why?

"Caroline." I say quickly. My mouth is so dry. He smirks and nods. I see Niall shuffle in the background and the dissappear.

"Why have I never seen you before?" He asks me and smirks. I roll my eyes and laugh.

"I don't know!" I giggle. He backs away looking offended, but then collects himself.

"How much have you had to drink?" He asks me. I shrug my shoulders and lift up my half empty bottle of vodka. He chuckles and nods.

Harry then takes a step closer to me. He wraps his hand around my waist and pulls me in closer to him. He licks his lips then smirks at me.

"You're beautiful." He whispers and licks his lips one last time before leaning into me. I lick my lips and hope for the best.

"Get off of her!" Megan shouts and pushes him away from me. I cover my mouth trying to hide the giggle. "You're crazy!" Megan laughs. I nod then look at Harry who is looking around the room.

"Where'd you go?" I ask her. She giggles and takes a sip from her whiskey bottle.

"Jessica wanted to introduce me to this total dork. She thinks he's hot." She says and pretends to puke. I laugh along with her. "Want to go? I don't like it here anymore and I'm drunk." She laughs. I smile and nod. I do want to go home.

Megan and I call a cab, then walk outside to the front lawn and wait for it to arrive.

"What were you thinking? Harry?" She laughs and brings her whiskey bottle to her lips.

"I'm druuuuunk give me a break!" I slur and then take a swig from my drink. We should stay longer. "What time is it?" I ask her.

"It's like two in the morning!" She laughs. I giggle and then realize that we had been at the party for three hours.

"It doesn't feel like it!" I say as the cab pulls up. Megan opens the door and crawls in.

"Because your fucking wasted!" She yells as I crawl into the cab and we pull away from the party house.

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