The video game M.C/L.P

Meet Abigail. Brown haired, blued eyed gamer.

But what happens when she please a random game she found?

What happens when she "lives" the game?

What happens when she meets two of the most famous people in the world?

What happens when she has to fight for her life?

Find out in 'the video game'


5. ch. 5

I take some time to think really quick

Me: was. How'd you know?

Michael: because he's in my band.

Liam: and our best friend

Me: oh. Who else is in your bands

Michael: Luke Hemmings, Calum hood and Ashton Irwin.

Liam: Louis Tomlinson, Harry styles, Niall Horan and Zayn malik but he left.

I just simply nod my head in response. 

Mariana: so, who else has something they want to share

Nobody speaks. 

The only thing we heard was the pops of the fire and the leaves in the trees blowing gently.

Mariana: I take that as a 'no'

everybody stays quiet just the pops and the leaves. 

Suddenly it turns light and the fire burns out.

I get up and grab my weapon

Me: come on, we have to keep moving.

Everyone nods and gets their weapons.

We start walking. 

We stay walking for like 45 minutes when we come to a lake. 

Mariana: let's a break. 

Everyone nods and lays their weapons on the ground and goes to the edge of the river.

As hours went by we learned more and more about each other. 

Poor Liam having to take about 30 shots a day as a kid to stay a alive

Michael didn't really talk. He just sat their talking about someone else and when someone brang up him he would quickly change the subject. 

Mariana was like me. Just a nerd at school. 

We talked all about our hopes and dreams. 

By the time it reached night everyone basically knew everything about everyone except Michael.

We all slept together. Our clothes on, even though I kinda hoped Mikey or Liam would take off their shirt.

When we woke up it was beautiful. 

The sky was really blue and the trees were really green. 

It was like all of this was all a fairy tail.

Suddenly that voice spoke

Voice: congratulations, y'all have made it past the 2 day grace period. Now it is time for a real challenge. May the game begin!!

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