The video game M.C/L.P

Meet Abigail. Brown haired, blued eyed gamer.

But what happens when she please a random game she found?

What happens when she "lives" the game?

What happens when she meets two of the most famous people in the world?

What happens when she has to fight for her life?

Find out in 'the video game'


3. ch. 3

I look around. It was kinda weird here. 

The grass with really green, there was apple trees, the ceiling was a light blue. 

Suddenly the voice spoke

Voice: chose your weapon.

Suddenly a black box appeared. It opened and showed 4 weapons

A shovel, a wood plank, a sword and a chain. 

I grab the sword. Liam grabs the shovel. Michael grabs the wood plank and Mariana grabs the chain. 

We look at each other but don't talk. 

Voice: explore the land. After 2 days y'all will have monsters and each other to fight. 

We nod and start walking. 

By the time it had reached night we were all tired. We weren't hungry since there was apple trees everywhere. 

Mariana: look!!

We look at Mariana and see her pointing to a light. We all run to it and see a fire.

We all put our weapons to a side and sit around the fire. 

Liam: there's a reason we're all here. 

Me: well, I was just a teen age gamer. There's nothing wrong with that

Michael: same thing. 

Mariana nods. 

Liam: well kinda not because me and Michael are singers. 

Me: singers? Are y'all famous?

Michael: yeah. Have you heard of ' 5 seconds of summer ' ? 

Liam: yeah. Or ' one direction ' ? 

Me and Mariana shake our heads 'no' 

Liam: do y'all even listen to music? 

He asked with a smile

Me and Mariana gesture our hands to say ' kinda ' 

We all smile at each other. 

Liam: so, do any of y'all have a special someone? 

Everyone shakes their head even Liam. 

Me: I'm the gamer girl at school so I'm kinda a nerd so my crush would never like me? 

Michael: who's your crush? 

Me: no one important to y'all. 

Liam: oh come on

Me: no

Mariana: come on Abby. Just tell us. 

Me: Fine. It's a guy that I bumped into on the first day of school. He had beautiful blonde hair and amazing icy blue eyes. 

Michael: what was his name? 

Me: it was something with an 'L' but I'm not sure about his name. 

Michael and Liam made faces at each other as if I was talking about someone they knew.

Liam: was his name Luke Hemmings? 

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