Fish Wife

"FISH WIFE" It tells of two women one from Scotland the other from North Shields.Margaret Rose Garbutt, has a violent abusive husband who beats her up whilst pregnant she runs away from from Sterling and when her baby is born is forced to give her up. years later she ends up working in the kipper factory on North Shields fish quay where she meets Irene Milsip who had such a bad home life that when she was set up on a blind date met Jimmy Johnson who she marries more out of desperation than love. Jimmy is a waster and is having an affair behind Irene's back with an Irish immigrants daughter until Irene's friend finds a letter in the street. Annabelle Crosby is faced with a dilemma- does she tell her friend or let the affair go on. This is the story of hardship and struggle of two women during the 1960's and their rise to success but one thing they will never forget is their roots. FISH WIFE is a tale of love, ambition, family values, and friendship.


73. 73


Carol Sarin took the call from Bobby as he asked how Mollie was doing. She’s out feeding the animals Bobby do you want me to get her and ask her to ring you?

“No; let her be Carol but would you ask Colin to drop her off around two this afternoon as Irene has to get back to sort out a few things.”

“Okay Bobby, I will pass on the message when they get back.”

“Thanks’Carol I will see you soon.”


Carol put down the receiver then went out to the yard to tell Colin what Bobby had said.

“Colin was showing Mollie how to operate the milking machine; she fixed the hollow tubing to the cows udders after washing them first then when all the cows were fitted up she turned on the machine and the milking process began. The cows had to be milked three times a day which was a laborious job. Once they had done that then they would check the hens and feed them. The eggs were carefully collected in a basket then sent to the kitchen for breakfast for the guests but Colin always kept a half dozen of both hen and duck eggs for either his breakfast or his dinner. Any cracked ones were used by his wife to make cakes with.

Colin was about to get on the buggy to go and feed the sheep when Carol called him over.”

Mollie could see Colin nodding then he returned.

“Is everything alright Colin?

“Yes Mollie love; It was Bobby, he wants’ me to bring you over to the hall later this afternoon to meet his parents.”

“What about the cows they will need milking again, will they not?

 “Yes but it is important that you meet Mr and Mrs Wilkinson, they will be expecting you so you have to look your prettiest for them.

“I don’t care what I look like, farmers are supposed to get dirty its part of the job.”

It wouldn’t look good if you trot on all of Mrs Wilkinson’s floors with cows muck on your shoes would it.”

“Mollie giggled and then shook her head.”

“Okay then we will go feed these sheep then get back and get you spruced up.”

“Carol will fix your hair for you after you have had a bath and a fried egg sandwich with tomato sauce; how does that sound?

“It sounds great.”

“Good, hop on then and let us get to feed these sheep.”

Mollie liked being out in the fresh air and in the hills she took in everything from the rabbits running around to the barn owls and kestrels that hovered above her; even the crows that gathered in the field in the morning.

She had learned a lot from Colin in only a week; she had logged everything in her diary. She even noted the field mice and the hedgehogs that she had seen. The good thing was the landscape changed every day. She felt like an artist painting a fresh canvas. The colours and shapes of the hillside changed with the weather and there was always something to see. She liked how the grass took on a bluish tone when the sun shined and the mist on the hills when dawn was just breaking and the sounds of all the animals as they woke up. This is life Mollie wanted more than anything in the world.

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