Fish Wife

"FISH WIFE" It tells of two women one from Scotland the other from North Shields.Margaret Rose Garbutt, has a violent abusive husband who beats her up whilst pregnant she runs away from from Sterling and when her baby is born is forced to give her up. years later she ends up working in the kipper factory on North Shields fish quay where she meets Irene Milsip who had such a bad home life that when she was set up on a blind date met Jimmy Johnson who she marries more out of desperation than love. Jimmy is a waster and is having an affair behind Irene's back with an Irish immigrants daughter until Irene's friend finds a letter in the street. Annabelle Crosby is faced with a dilemma- does she tell her friend or let the affair go on. This is the story of hardship and struggle of two women during the 1960's and their rise to success but one thing they will never forget is their roots. FISH WIFE is a tale of love, ambition, family values, and friendship.


58. 58

The Borough Bingo hall was a hive of chatter as the women discussed Irene Johnson and the fact that she had been away a week now and there was no sign of her’

“Ye don’t think something has happened to her do ye said Mavis Atkinson from Clive Street.”

“Whey no diven’t be daft woman; Irene can look after herself.

“I bet she’s having the time of her life said Ivy Purvis.”

“Did you see the bloke she went off with, and in a silver Rolls Royce anal.”

“It’s alreet for some folk isn’t it gallivantin’ around in a Roller like.”

“Whey that’s hor business you nosey cow, said Betty Stephenson.

People ought to mind their own business instead of noseying into to other people’s affairs.

Irene Johnson is a single woman now and hor husband even thought he’s now dead was havin’ an affair; so leave hor alone an get on with playin’ ya bingo said Agnes.

Have you got your markers ready girl’s? Ten pound a house you know so diven’t slip up. We are all sharin’ if we win owt anyway.”

“The posh sounding John Bainbridge called out the numbers as the girls sipped on a bottle of Double Maxim.

After the first four games none of the women were any where near.

“Hey you! shouted Agnes.”

John Bainbridge turned towards the table that Ivy, Agnes, and Betty were sitting at.

“Shake ya balls up will ya” we aren’t getting’ a look in doon here.”

John gave the women a complete look of distain then carried on with the blue page in the bingo book.

Eyes down your first number for any line.

“Five and nine, fifty nine, three and four, thirty four, all the twos, twenty two.”

Quack, Quack, came from the audience.

Six, and three, sixty three, four, and one forty one.” “Your six number check. John repeated the numbers then proceeded. On its own number three, two, and three twenty three, one, and six sweet sixteen.

Here! Shouted someone at the back.

Come on you’s lot pull your bloody fingers out.

“What aboot ye like Betty, at least I’ve been waiting for one said Ivy sarcastically.

“Shut you gob and just play Ivy; no wonder your man blacks your eye . You cannot keep your trap shut for five minutes.

“Carrying on for your full house said the caller directing it towards the three women.

Nine O’ blind ninety, eight, and six, eighty six all the threes, thirty three. One little duck number two.

Quack, shouted everyone.

Doctors orders number nine

“House shouted Ivy.”

“You know, I thought that was never goin’ to come out.

Three pound each and you can get the crisps and nuts with the pound and while your at it get the beers in.”

But I got the first one’s in Betty.

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