Fish Wife

"FISH WIFE" It tells of two women one from Scotland the other from North Shields.Margaret Rose Garbutt, has a violent abusive husband who beats her up whilst pregnant she runs away from from Sterling and when her baby is born is forced to give her up. years later she ends up working in the kipper factory on North Shields fish quay where she meets Irene Milsip who had such a bad home life that when she was set up on a blind date met Jimmy Johnson who she marries more out of desperation than love. Jimmy is a waster and is having an affair behind Irene's back with an Irish immigrants daughter until Irene's friend finds a letter in the street. Annabelle Crosby is faced with a dilemma- does she tell her friend or let the affair go on. This is the story of hardship and struggle of two women during the 1960's and their rise to success but one thing they will never forget is their roots. FISH WIFE is a tale of love, ambition, family values, and friendship.


44. 44

“That will be fine won’t it Rose“

“Yes thank you.”

When George and Rose left Rose asked why they had to wait another day.

“It’s to prepare Cathy to meet you Rose; this is going to be a bit of shock for her I’m sure.”

Yes, you’re right George; I’m in shock myself.”

“Now tomorrow will just be a visit; they are not going to allow you to bring her home until Cathy is ready.”

“When then George?

“It may take a week maybe even two depending on how Cathy reacts to you.”

“We cannot stay here for two weeks George what about my Job?

“You are no longer a fish wife but someone who is going to be running her own business soon.

George; I cannot let you pay for everything it just isn’t right.

“How much did you earn a week in the kipper factory?

“I was bringing home £6.00 per week if I worked on Saturday.”

“Rose I make £75.00 per week and I have a war pension plus the compensation I got for losing my leg.” That is more than enough for us to get married and to live on whilst you get your business off the ground.”

“I do not want a fancy wedding George just a simple ceremony.”

“Alright then answer me this; do you honestly love me?

“You know I do George; you are the kindest most decent man I have ever met.

“You forgot to say the most handsome.”

“Rose playfully elbowed him in the ribs.

“Tomorrow morning we are going to Gretna Green and we are getting married.”

“What about a ring George?

 “There’s a Jewellers around the corner Rose I noticed it as we came in. if we hurry we can pick you a ring out.”

“George to Rose by the hand and walked to McGowan’s jeweller shop.

“We’d like a wedding ring please for us both, George asked the young girl.”

“When are you getting married?

“Tomorrow hopefully; what time does Gretna Green open?

“Oh how romantic; please wait and I will find out.

When the girl returned she told them ten o’clock; get their earlier because there maybe others waiting.

The girl brought out some wedding ring and there was a matching pair that they both liked. They were 18 carat gold.

“We will take them said George after tying them on and the fit was perfect.

“They were made for us Rose.”

“They are one hundred and fifty pounds sir.

“Have you not got anything cheaper asked Rose?

“Yes but the quality may not be as good.”

“If I never buy you another ring Rose, I want you to have this one.”

“How sweet said the girl as George took out the wad of money and counted it out in front of the girl.


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