Fish Wife

"FISH WIFE" It tells of two women one from Scotland the other from North Shields.Margaret Rose Garbutt, has a violent abusive husband who beats her up whilst pregnant she runs away from from Sterling and when her baby is born is forced to give her up. years later she ends up working in the kipper factory on North Shields fish quay where she meets Irene Milsip who had such a bad home life that when she was set up on a blind date met Jimmy Johnson who she marries more out of desperation than love. Jimmy is a waster and is having an affair behind Irene's back with an Irish immigrants daughter until Irene's friend finds a letter in the street. Annabelle Crosby is faced with a dilemma- does she tell her friend or let the affair go on. This is the story of hardship and struggle of two women during the 1960's and their rise to success but one thing they will never forget is their roots. FISH WIFE is a tale of love, ambition, family values, and friendship.


43. 43

After spending the night together in the Glenmoore Guest house George asked if Rose could use the phone to ring the welfare office to make an appointment.

She got one at eleven fifteen that morning.

They took a taxi to the welfare office where she was met by the manager Amy Fox and they were taken to a private room where she filled Amy in on the details.

Then Amy went out of the room and spoke to her boss then they both brought back a file.

“Hello Ms Garbutt I’m Kevin Ford; can I ask you why you have waited this long before contacting us regarding your daughter?

I have been working all over the country because of the nature of my work.

What do you do Ms Garbutt?

“I work in a kipper factory.”

“What makes you think that you will stay where you are now? It wouldn’t be practical to be moving your daughter around from place to place.”

“Have you been divorced long Ms Garbutt?

“Just over four years now.”

“May I say something?

“I’m sorry sir but you may not unless you are a family member.

“I can advise Ms Garbutt though sir.”

“Yes you may do that.”

“George asked if they could step out of the room for a moment.”

“Yes of course.”

George escorted Rose out of the room and led her further down the corridor so they could talk.

“Rose I want you to tell these people that you are going to set up your own business and that you have been with me for some time now and that we plan to marry later this year.

“That is telling lies;

“No it isn’t Rose. If you will have me I will marry you and not because of Cathy but because I love you.”

“Well that has got to be the first proposal of marriage in a welfare office I bet.”

She walked back to the interview room and introduced her future husband and that she planned to start her own fashion outlet. Rose also told them that she had a permanent residence.

Congratulations to you both and I wish you every success with your new business venture.

“Can you excuse us for a moment said Amy Fox as they both stepped out of the room?

Amy Fox made a phone call then came back into the room alone.

“Can you be at a place where you both saw each other last so that it won’t feel strange to Cathy?

“Yes; how about the park at St Ninians?

“Perfect; I will bring her along tomorrow afternoon at say four o’clock as she is at school now.”

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