The New Boy ( l.h. fan fiction)

Hi I'm Freyja. I'm 17 years old. At school I'm the 'weird' girl. That's what they call me at school. I'm the girl who likes Nirvana, you know 'different' music. I'm the girl who wears black skinny jeans and band tees. I'm the girl who has a lip piercing. I'm the different girl.


6. Chapter 2

Your POV

"I guess so." I said and looked at the window.

Mr. John was still talking about.. Uhm, something?.. I wasn't listening. Actually nobody was listening to him.. Everyone just pretended to be listening to him.

Luke was staring at me. He has been staring for about 5 minutes.

I gave him the 'Why you staring?' look.

"Maybe you haven't noticed but.. You're very beautiful." Luke said.

I couldn't help but blush. Omg, I probably look like a total loser right now. I looked at him and said ,,What did you just say? You've known me for like 15 minutes and you flirt with me? What the f*** dude!"

,,Sorry. But, I didn't really 'flirt'. I just said you were beautiful." Luke said.

,,Ugh, whatever." I mumbled.

I tried to look really pissed off, but inside I was actually dying from happiness because a boy has NEVER said anything like that to me.

The school bell rang.

,,Well, see ya." Luke said and left the classroom with the others.

I sat still and just thinked. About nothing and everything.

•Skip to lunch (Y/N and Y/B/N got into a fight and are clearly not besties anymore)•

I looked around and checked for an empty table because I can't sit with my "friends" anymore. This sucks. I have no friends. Everybody hates me now. Before, my bestie was the only person that didn't hate me. Now literally everyone hates me.

Expect one person. Luke. He sits alone on a big table and eats his food. I sat in front of him and said hi.

He looked up from his food and looked at me.

,,Oh, I didn't notice you coming! But, hey!" Luke said.

,,That's because I'm invisable." I mumbled.

,,Did you say something?" Luke said.

,,No. Nothing." I said and put up a fake smile.

A tear streamed down my cheek. I sniffled.

,,Hey, are you ok?" Luke said.


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