The New Boy ( l.h. fan fiction)

Hi I'm Freyja. I'm 17 years old. At school I'm the 'weird' girl. That's what they call me at school. I'm the girl who likes Nirvana, you know 'different' music. I'm the girl who wears black skinny jeans and band tees. I'm the girl who has a lip piercing. I'm the different girl.


4. Chapter 1

Freyja's POV

You woke up a bit late but that's okay because there are no boys at school to impress.

You brushed your teeth and your hair. You wore black skinny jeans and a red flannel over a blink-182 t-shirt. You putted your fav beanie on your head and you were ready. (After breakfast, of course.) Oh, wait. You almost forgot your all-black vans. Now you're ready.

~Skip to first class~

Your first class was history. You sat down in your usual spot. In the back. Mr. John (the teacher) started talking about this school year. You weren't actually listening to him. Actually nobody did. Everyone just pretended to listen or just looked at the ceiling.

After about 10 minutes a boy stormed in the class room. "I'm sorry I'm late Mr. John." The boy said. "It's okay because it's the first day of school, but it won't happen again." Mr. John answered. "I promise it won't. I'm Luke btw. Luke Hemmings." "Ahh, you must be the new student. Welcome Mr. Hemmings." Mr. John and Luke shaked hands. "Take a seat, Mr. Hemmings. There's a empty spot next to Freyja." Mr. John pointed at you. Wait what?! Oh god. The empty spot was next to you. Luke started walking to the seat. While he walked, you admired in your mind his blue eyes and his blonde quiff hair. Oh god. You had been staring. Now he's staring back and smirking lika an idiot. He sat next to you.

Mr. John started talking again. Luke laughed at random things Mr. John said. "This year we'll be doing a lot of partner projects. Before you ask who your partner is, gonna tell you that your partner is who you sit next to." Mr. John said. Luke looked at you and smirked while he said "I guess we are partners."

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