Sex Academy

I'm Laurel Carter, and I did not ask to go to this school.


10. Chapter 9

Ok, from now on, it'll be Laurel POV unless otherwise specified, k? Cool. Also, I haven't been on much because I've been kinda sick and kinda busy being fabulous at rowing and coming second in the A Finals at Head of Schoolgirls. So... That's my life. Enjoy the chapter.

The next day

I shuffle downstairs and awkwardly avoid Nath's room. I breathe a sigh of relief when I see that he's not in there.

Then I turn into the kitchen and smack right into him.

"Oh..." I say, turning bright red.

I make to go right and he makes to go left, making us in each other's way again. This goes on for a about a minute until I say, "just go right."

He proceeds to do so and we both go our separate ways.

"Look, about what happened yesterday-" he begins to say, but I cut him off with a simple, "just don't."

"But I'm sorry you walked in on me... Doing stuff," he replies.

"It was bound to happen at some point in time," I say with a weak grin. "Besides, it wasn't your fault; it was mine. I walked in."

He smiles at me and walks away. I'm glad he left it at that.

I grabbed a piece of toast from the plate. The rule is first person up makes breakfast for everyone else. Usually it's me, but I slept in late today as I was up late last night studying for a maths test I have today. My maths teacher is such a bitch.

I adjust my black skinny jeans, my spiked ring getting caught on one of the ripped bits. I frown and take the ring off. I don't need it.

I exit the door and head to the main campus. My first class today is Sex Positions. What a way to start the day, am I right?

I walk into the class, and find that I'm pretty early. The only other person in here is Joe, and he's the worlds biggest fuckboy.

"Hey baby," he says, winking. "Whatcha doing here so early?"

"I thought the bell had gone," I mumble, looking away. I can't deny it - he's attractive as hell. He has piercing blue eyes and dirty blonde hair, which he has left naturally messy and tussled, but it looks good on him. His skin is slightly tanned, and his biceps bulge from under his white T-Shirt. That would look so good wet... I wonder if there's a tap in here... Or some sprinklers.

"I hope we're partners," Joe says, smirking sexily. It's his trademark look. Usually, girls take one look at that and off go their panties, but I'm not one of the usual girls.

I've learnt a lot in the week that I've been here, as you can tell.

"I don't," I scoff. "I'd have to be looking at your boner for me all class."

"I don't get public boners," he challenges me.

"Let's make a deal. If, by the end of this year, I can make you get a public boner, then you have to not have sex for a month," I tell him.

He gapes at me, then smirks. "And if you don't, then you have to fuck me all night long," he replies.

Feeling pretty confident, I reach out my hand and say, "deal."

He shakes my hand just as the other students start to walk in.

Nath comes and sits next to me, noticing my eye contact with Joe and eyeing him suspiciously.

"Everything ok?" Nath asks me, his eyes still on Joe.

"I'll give you two lovebirds some privacy," Joe tells me with a wink, turning around. I don't even need to check to know my cheeks are bright red.

"All good," I reply with a small smile. "How are you?"

Nath gives me a funny look and says, "you saw me this morning...?"

"I know," I reply. "So now if I see you in the morning I can't ask you how you are?"

Nath shakes his head and says, "are we seriously arguing?"

"No," I say, "we're having a heated discussion."

"Which kind of heated?" Nath asks with a wink. I scoff and turn to Jazz, telling her about the new Danisnotonfire video until the teacher walks in.

"Everyone good?" Mr Rockard - sorry, Alex - asks. After seeing a very unenthusiastic response, he says, "great! Who's ready to get into partners?"

A couple of people - including me - groan, but most people just stay silent. He starts arranging people into partners randomly. With my luck, I'll probably end up with Naughty Ned, the schools player. He wouldn't be good to be partnered with. He's worse than Joe.

"And Laurel with Nath," Alex finishes off. I turn to Nath who shrugs, as if to say, 'what are the chances?'

"Alright, help me move all the tables," Alex says, starting to rearrange the classroom.

After about 5 minutes, all of the tables and chairs have been moved to the sides of the classroom and all of us are standing in the centre of the room.

"Ok, get back in your partners," Alex says. "Find a small space in the room. One where you can lie down, sit or stand in."

Nath and I pick a space near to the corner at the back of the room, away from most of the rest of the class. No need to be near the couples who're making out at the front of the classroom.

"Alright, gentlemen/ruthless male players, please lie down," Alex says. "Ladies, please straddle them."

Oh lord - this is going to be the longest lesson of my life.

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