Sex Academy

I'm Laurel Carter, and I did not ask to go to this school.


9. Chapter 8

Nath POV

I snatch my phone back from Laurel, giving her an amused expression. I scroll through my camera roll and observe the large amount of selfies she's taken.

"Really?" I ask her.

"You can't leave your phone unattended and not expect me to take selfies or mess with it," she replies with a shrug.

I chuckle and start to delete them, saving only the worst so I can use them against her in the near future.

Laurel flips her hair and turns back to face the television. There's some weird show that she finds fascinating playing, and she leans in with interest.

I watch her sparkling eyes widen as a plot twist is revealed. They remind me of Bambi's eyes; so full of curiosity, life, love... Countless other things. She acts to be a punk rocker, but I can see right through her disguise; she's a nerd at heart. She spends her nights scrolling on tumblr, she study time watching YouTube, and her mornings tweeting what she's reading that day.

I smile to myself. She's so beautiful. Had I not known she had a boyfriend, I would have immediately asked her on a date. Unfortunately, I want her to take me seriously, and asking someone out less than a week after their boyfriend dumped them isn't the slightest bit serious.

I hear clicking in front of my face, and realise Laurel is staring at me and clicking her fingers in front of my eyes.

"Everything all g?" She asks. "You zoned out."

"Yeah, yeah," I tell her, smiling lightly. "What's up?"

"Adventure Time just came on! Be excited!" She orders me jokingly.

I laugh half-heartedly and tell her, "I might head up to bed, actually."

She nods and sends me on my way, leaving my to my business.

I climb the stairs to my room, and enter the messy and crowded room. I breathe in the familiar scent of cookies - I always leave some out because then my room smells like them - and stare at the blue walls. I slump onto my bed and feel a slight discomfort near my lower region.

'Shit,' I think to myself. 'I got a boner thinking about Laurel.'

I groan and make to go to the bathroom, prepared to take a cold shower to rid myself of my hard on, when I smirk to myself.

'Why must I shower this away...?' I ask myself with a grin.

Laurel POV

I switch off Adventure Time and start to walk up the stairs. I noticed Nath staring at me a lot today, more than a normal human usually stares at one particular being.

I shrug it off and thud onto my bed, relieved to hear the familiar creaks and feel the squishy bounce that I've begun to become accustomed to.

I sweep my hair into a messy bun and pull on my pyjamas; sweat shorts and an old white shirt. I wipe off my makeup and check my phone to see how much charge it has. 76% - good enough. Just like me.

I hear a small noise coming from outside my door and press my ear against the door so I can try and hear it better. It sounds like... Someone's hurt? No... Something else. Sex? No - only one person. Masturbation? No - too much noise.

I decide it's safe to go and explore. I leave my bedroom and creep silently down the hall. I reach Nath and Xaviers bedrooms, where the noise seems to get louder. I veer left and find the noise gets quieter - it's not coming from Xaviers room.

I push Nath's door open, prepared to tell him to shut up, but I'm not prepared for what I'm confronted by.

"SHIT! LAUREL!" Nath screams and covers his dick.

I shield my eyes with my hand and shriek, "WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?!"



"I DON'T KNOW!" I scream and run out.

Well, I'm scarred for life.

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