Sex Academy

I'm Laurel Carter, and I did not ask to go to this school.


5. Chapter 5

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I slump back in my chair. Nath sits on my left and Xavier sits to my right. The board had written on it instructions that the teacher had left us. They had asked us to sit in boy-girl formation, unless you were preferential to the same gender, in which case you had an area in which you could sit next to other people who were preferential to the same gender also. Jazz is sitting next to Xavier and grimacing. She hates kissing. We talked about this.

"So," Nath says with a smirk. "Guess you'll have to kiss me."

"Only because the teacher is making me," I retort. "I would never kiss you voluntarily!"

Nath fake shudders. "Brrrrr. Is it me, or did the temperature in here just drop to below zero?"

I give him a cold glare and turn to Xavier.

"How was Maths?" I ask him, feebly attempting to make conversation.

"Good. I'm really bad at maths though, so I'll need to get a tutor," he tells me.

I practically jump out of my seat. I got the Maths senior award when I was a freshman! I could tutor him!

"That would be great! Thanks!" Xavier says.

I curse. "I said that I could tutor you aloud, didn't I?" I ask.

"And also the fact that you got a Maths award. Good job, by the way!" Xavier tells me, giving me a warm smile that seems to melt my insides.

I laugh and we start chatting about meet up times, when the teacher asks for our attention.

It's Mr Rockard.

"Good morning, class!" He announces, stepping toward the centre of the classroom. "I'm sure you all know who I am. But, I may not know all of yours! So, the first thing we are going to do if a little getting-to-know-each-other exercise! As our desks are already arranged in a circular formation, each person will have a turn at stepping to the centre of the room and saying a bit about yourself! I'll start."

He smiles brightly at us and clears his throat.

"I am Mr Rockard, I am the principle here, I am 28, I am single, and my favourite thing to do is read!" He says.

Then he points to me.

"Now you, Ms Carter!" He says.

Trembling, I get up and walk to the centre of the room. What am I afraid of? These are just my peers... Who can judge me... And make fun of me... Oh God - The stage incident....

I quickly shake that out of my head and start talking.

"I'm Laurel Carter, I'm a student here, I'm 16, I'm single, and my favourite thing to do is watch YouTube!" I say brightly and run back to my seat.

Mr Rockard clears his throat again. "You need to pick someone to go next.

I smirk, and announce, "Nathaniel!"

Nath glares at me but steps up to the centre.

"Hi, I'm Nathaniel Grigori," he says.


Everyone has now had a turn, and we are all seated back our desks. I've started drawing a picture on my arm. I do that when I'm bored.

"Now, everyone please turn to the person on your left," Mr Rockard says. We all do so and await further instructions. "Now please kiss each other. Just a peck first."

I look at Nath.

"Let's just get this over with," I groan.

We peck each other on the lips, and I feel a tingle run through my spine. Did I... Like that?

I quickly turn back to Mr Rockard, who tells us all, "Now, move on to a 3 second kiss."

I turn back to Nath who smirks. He presses his lips to mine, and again I fell tingles. I can't like Nath... If I liked anyone, it would be Xavier!

Nath pulls back and we turn back to Mr Rockard. I can feel myself blushing heavily.

"Now, make out," he says.

I turn back to Nath and say, "don't kill my teeth, and no tongues."

He nods and presses his lips to mine. Immediately, my spine flares up with tingles, and my ovaries squirm. Am I... Aroused by this?

Our mouths move against each other, fitting together perfectly. I count to 10, then pull back.

I look around and see that everyone is still kissing.

Nath looks at me and cocks an eyebrow. "Should we continue kissing?" He asks.

"No," I say firmly. If I kiss him again, I'll feel the tingles I've been feeling the past times we've kissed.

"Ok," Mr Rockard says. "Pull apart."

Everyone does so, and I look at Jazz. She's blushing too.

Mr Rockard lists off some facts about kissing and hormones and other things until the bell for next period goes.

"What do we have now?" I ask Xavier, unwilling to face Nath.

"Oral Sex class," he replies casually.

Oh Fuck. I hope I'm not Nath's partner.

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