Sex Academy

I'm Laurel Carter, and I did not ask to go to this school.


3. Chapter 3

Sorry last chapter was short: I've just been vvvvvvvv busy with exams and stuff. I had 2 today: MATHS AND SCIENCE (I'm a nerd)! Anyways, I think I might make this chapter a little shorter as I need to work on my assignment that I had 1 month to do that I haven't started that is due tomorrow.... WISH ME LUCK!

Angel <3

Nath calls out, "Jazz? JASMINE?!"

I hear light steps against the floor, and a girl pirouettes into the room. She flashes me a blindingly white smile and says, "Sup, bitch?"

I grin. I like her style.

"You do ballet?" I ask.

"Yeah. You too?" She asks in reply.

"Fuck yeah. I was on pointe when I was 7," I tell her.

She laughs. "Maybe you could give me some tips? I got onto pointe at 10."

We laugh together until Nath clears his throat and says, "I'm right here ladies."

Jazz looks over and glares at him. "So I see you've met 'fuck boy' over here," she says playfully.

"He's my guide - save me!" I say with a giggle.

We all talk for about half an hour until there's a knock on the door.

"That must be Xavier!" Nath shouts excitedly as he runs to the door.

When Nath opens the door, a gorgeous boy steps in. He has dark brown hair, similar to Nath's milk chocolate coloured hair. Unlike Nath, he has honey coloured skin - Nath has sort of slightly tanned skin. He has deep blue eyes, framed by long, dark eyelashes, and I can tell through his shirt that he's buff.

Both boys are quite different to Jazz and I. In fact, Jazz and I are quite similar in looks. We both have ombre hair, just mines a different colour to hers. We're both around about 5"9/10, and he both have pale grey-blue eyes. Photo of the girls and guys down belooooow.

He's just so... "Hot," I whisper, and immediately blush. 

"BOY, is it HOT in HERE!" I say, fanning myself exaggeratedly. 

"Very," Jazz says, eyeing me suspiciously.

I laugh nervously and hold my hand out for Xavier to shake. He does and I blush immediately.

Oh god what has come over me?


So Nath and Jazz never really showed me to my room, so now that Xavier has to be shown to his, Jazz is showing me to mine.

We walk up the stairs, and I enter a room. Currently, it's quite plain, but once I Laurelify it up, I'm sure it'll look juuuuuust fine. Laurelifying is basically making something totally... me! Very punk, Tumblr, and it has to have a lot of YouTube references and movie/book quotes. I'm a huge nerd, and I gladly admit it.

"Here y'are!" Jazz says, flashing her pearly whites.

I grin back and jump onto my bed, noticing my trunks are already placed in the corner of the room.

"Thanks," I tell her, laying back.

"No problem," she says as she backs out of the room. 

I really like her. She knows when I need space and exactly what to say. I hope she considers me a friend.

I may act like a tough bitch, but really I'm a huge fucking mess. I've gone through heaps of shit, countless break ups and multiple... well I just won't go into that. Sometimes it's good to just have a friend.

Mehhhhhh :/. Sorry for the cliche ending to the short chapter, but it had to be done! 










Sorry they were the closest I could find...... :-) ILYSM!!! 

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