Sex Academy

I'm Laurel Carter, and I did not ask to go to this school.


2. Chapter 2

Nath leads me down the hall, talking to me. I say talking to me because I don't talk back. He smiles and laughs whilst I glare and frown. We are polar opposites.

We arrive at the Principles office and Nath knocks on the door. He opens it without waiting for a reply and calls out, "Mr Rockard?"

I clasp a hand over my mouth to stop myself from gasping. Rockard? That surely can't be a coincidence... It sounds just like Rock Hard... Like a boner!

I groan internally. Way to state the obvious Laurel.

"Ah, this must be Miss Laurel Carter!" Mr... Rockard says.

I enter the room and Nath backs out, leaving me alone with the Principle. I stare at him. He's a gorgeous man. He looks about 25, and he has wavy dark blonde hair and slightly tanned skin. He is definitely not what a Principle should look like.

"H-hi," I stammer, staring blankly at him, my ovaries churning. God he's hot.

"I'm Alex Rockard. I know - terrible last name for being the Principle of a school like this. Just call me Alex. I prefer it. So, what would you like to know?" He asks.

I scramble for the list my mum prepared for me.

"Right, here's the list of questions my mum said to ask: Timetable, dorm room, room mates, teachers, are you single, how old are you, how many hours of school per day, can I get my trunks delivered to my room, how many roommates will I have, will there be people of the opposite gender in my room and when do the semesters end?" I say.

"Well, it seems as if your mother was very prepared. And uninterested," He chuckles.

"Very," I say sarcastically.

"Well, your timetable is pinned up with your school supplies in your locker which is locker 69," he says as he hands me a lock.

I look up at him as if to say, really? 69? He just winks and slides me a spare timetable.

"Your dorm room is number 18 in the M building. It's M18. You have 3 roommates: 2 boys and 1 girl. We make them even. The boys are still coming but the girl is already there. I am single, I'm 28, the school goes for 6 hours each day, excluding lunch and snack break, your trunks have already been delivered to your room, and this term (term 1) ends in 11 weeks. Then you have 2 weeks holiday and then 10 weeks more of school. It's the same as a normal school," he tells me.

I smile, take my stuff and slowly back toward the door. Nath is standing there and he looks at me and tells me, "I'm one of the guys. We were swapped, but He doesn't know it yet."

"Ok... Cool," I say awkwardly.

He starts to lead me to my locker and stops when we reach it. I look around and notice that everyone's lockers are decorated except mine.

"You have to decorate it," Nath says.

I nod and turn back to my locker. Lots of books. I look at my timetable to see the classes I have to take:

Science/ Maths

Kissing/Mouth Contact class

Physical Education/ Health

Italian/ French

Sex positions class

Drama/ Art

Teasing class


Oral Sex class

Flirting class.

I groan internally, not bothering to look at Sunday classes or night classes. What I do notice, is that there's a phone scrawled at the top of the page.

Call me ~ Alex <3

I laugh and put the note into my pocket.

Nath leads me to the dorm and opens it using the spare key which he leaves in the middle of the bush.

"Spare keys?" I ask. "Pray tell, why would you need one of those at a school like this?"

All traces of laughter diminishes from Nath's face.

"Do not mistake this school for some... brothel or whore-fest. We are above that. We are simply part of a normal school, which educates 16's and above of the pleasures of this world," He says, his face dead serious.

I smile weakly. "Great," I whisper.

Apparently this school is much more than I thought. I used to think of Nath as nothing more than a guide, but it seems as though he really cares about his school and everyone in it.

"Now," Nath says, his old smile returning to his face. "Ready to meet your dorm-mates?

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