Sex Academy

I'm Laurel Carter, and I did not ask to go to this school.


1. Chapter 1

I walk down the school halls, silently muttering swear word after swear word under my breath. I can't believe my own mother would send me to a school like this! Wait... Yes I can. She's a hooker.

It started when I came home from school with my boyfriend, and we went upstairs to have some fun. My mum happened to 'accidentally' burst in and told me that, 'I was doing it all wrong.'

So that's why I'm here at a school for sex. Because apparently I can't give my boyfriend a blow job properly. I don't think he was complaining anyway - he was getting a blow job!

Suddenly, I collide with a boy, which sends my books crashing to the ground.

I bend down to pick them up, when I hear a wolf whistle from above me.

"This ass belongs to someone already, so hands off," I say as soon as I realise that the boy who I crashed into is whistling at my ass.

"Got it. Haven't seen you fine ass 'round these halls before. You must be the new girl," the mysterious boy says.

"That would be me."

"Well then, welcome to the academy. Miss...?" He says, leaving a pause as an invitation for me to state my name.

"Carter. Laurel Carter."

"Nice to meet you Carter Laurel Carter," the boy says as he sticks out a hand for me to shake. "I'm Nathaniel Grigori, but my friends call me Nath."

"Nice to meet you, 'Nath'," I say, firmly shaking his hand once.

"Need a tour?" He asks.

"Actually, yes. But first, I would love it if you could take me to the HeadMaster. Or Principle. Whichever term you use here."

"Lina Barrows is the 'headmaster', but I wouldn't take you to that bitch. We have a Principle I could take you to, though," Nath tells me with a wink. He laughs when I blush furiously.

"Right," he says as he links arms with me. He smiles cheerfully. "Let's go."


Hope you guys enjoyed that prologue!!! This is one of the most interesting stories I've ever written, and I'm super happy with it. I've written the first 2 chapters already, so I would very much like your love and support

<3 Angel Girl

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