Dead as hell

I am just a stupid girl running home from school.....

Fourteen-year-old Emma is hit and killed by a train going home from school When she woke up again, she found herself in a room, of a ship named SS Nile. She met a girl named Taylor, who turns out is dead, like her. She watched her own funeral from the 'Observation Deck', or OD in short, and learned that though she is able to see Earth, she is not allowed to make contact to Earth. The ship arrived at a place called 'Elsewhere', in Elsewhere, everyone ages backwards until they are 7 days old and are sent back to Earth as a baby.


3. the next few hours

Well when we got back I found a piece of paper on my bed with a coin like thing "what is it?"I ask Taylor "duno" she replies so I red it

And this it what it said

Time: 12:07

Place:on deck 4 ,lookout

Instructions : put the elsefas (the coin ) in the slot and look into the binoculars .

From:The SS Niles Captain Jacob.

"Do you know the time?" I ask "yeah it's 12:00 why?" " I need to go" "ok "

And with that I left.

I eventually got to the lookout after asking a few people and did what the piece of paper told me to do.I put my eyes to the eye place and watched...

I heard some static then the picture came to life. I saw my parent and my little sister,I could feel the flow of tears going down my cheeks this picture was so wrong but the most surprising part was a picture of me behind a coffin. What ! I thought no, no no no this can't be I started crying full on then I'm dead I thought. Out of curiosity I kept watching my little sister and parents both said a speech about how wonderful I was then I saw a sight I didn't want to see. It was my best friend Lily she was a state her hair was everywhere and she was crying non-stop I watched in horror. Then the senary changed and I was looking at a freshly dug grave with a headstone in front of it saying my I rest in peace and whatnot I watched as they said all they said and put my body in the grave then the binoculars shut off. I was num as I walked back to my room to find Taylor sitting on her bed waiting for me.

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