Dead as hell

I am just a stupid girl running home from school.....

Fourteen-year-old Emma is hit and killed by a train going home from school When she woke up again, she found herself in a room, of a ship named SS Nile. She met a girl named Taylor, who turns out is dead, like her. She watched her own funeral from the 'Observation Deck', or OD in short, and learned that though she is able to see Earth, she is not allowed to make contact to Earth. The ship arrived at a place called 'Elsewhere', in Elsewhere, everyone ages backwards until they are 7 days old and are sent back to Earth as a baby.


2. 2

We go through the door and find lots of other doors like a hotel we walk down the corridor and to our left is a big foot we go through it and find our selfs in a dinning room were lots of people were eating."come in" I say we go to a table and sit down then a boy comes over to us and says" what would you like to order?" "What is there"i say "everything"

E:um...can I have some French toast?

Boy:yes and you

He looks at Taylor

T:um could I have some beacon and eggs?


Then he leaves "where do you think we are?" Says Taylor "mmm" I say " next time he comes we came ask , he looks like he knows we're he is"says Taylor "yeah"I replie.

Hay guys sorry the chapters r really shitty and short

But please like and comment and tell me what ya think


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