Dead as hell

I am just a stupid girl running home from school.....

Fourteen-year-old Emma is hit and killed by a train going home from school When she woke up again, she found herself in a room, of a ship named SS Nile. She met a girl named Taylor, who turns out is dead, like her. She watched her own funeral from the 'Observation Deck', or OD in short, and learned that though she is able to see Earth, she is not allowed to make contact to Earth. The ship arrived at a place called 'Elsewhere', in Elsewhere, everyone ages backwards until they are 7 days old and are sent back to Earth as a baby.


1. 1

I'm on my way home from school when it happens

I'm in the train station waiting for my train I start looking at some magazines then the lady's voice comes on the speaker overhead saying that we can bord our train I start walking to the train when someone steps in front of me" hi Emma!"she says *sigh*"hallo Amber " I say she starts blabbing on about something I'm not paying attention then I hear the lady's voice again saying that my train was leaving " shoot" I say and race around Amber I start running to the train but it starts to move and I can't stop! Then I fall down between the wall and the train I let out a scream the pain is so much I can't bear it then I see black.

I wake up and find my self in a bed there is a window next to me and I see the sea what?,I think.I sit up and relies that I'm in a bunk-bed there is someone in the bottom bed . I climb down the ladder and try to be quite but end up waking her . She has light brown hair and blue eyes her hair is in a bob that looks nice on her,she looks at me in surprise "we're am I?"she says " don't know" I replie "my names Taylor" she says"I'm Emma" I say

T: how old are you?

E:14 you?

T:15 .hay should we see what's out side the door?

E: yeah come on


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