Lapis and Peridot - Now that's love

The others might have been unintentional, but this one's kind of obvious. And also, I will be releasing more than one chapter to this one. Since I've really started to like writing about these two.
This is basically chapters full of stuff that they are doing when they're not working. They might be working a bit, but at least they have fun doing it if they're both there ^^ Enjoy!


1. Together, better than ever

Chapter 1 - Together, better than ever

Peridot was stranded once again on earth and was attempting to reach YD, so she could get back to home-world. When she looked up into the sky and saw Lapis flying around, she wished that she could just fly wherever she wanted, getting to home-world would be so much easier. Lapis flew down and landed beside Peridot and the rough rocky ground, that is Kindergarten. "Hey Peridot, whatcha up too?" "What's with that happy talk, I'm stuck here" "oh I'm sorry, ms. sensitive" "oh come on, what's with that attitude?" "Oh that, I was just trying out another way to talk" "well I wouldn't mind if you stopped that" "hehe aw you're so boring Peridot" "I- I just want to go home" "you sure your gem isn't broken, we could fix it and give you tech wings or something" "okay that's enough joking Lapis, I really need to get back" "but Peridot.." "Huh?" Lapis slowly walked closer to Peridot and put her hands on her shoulders, making Peridot blush slightly, and just stare at Lapis. "At least now we have an excuse, to be alone together" "Lapis you're getting a bit scary, and you don't have an excuse" "oh well you see, I'm actually off duty for some time, they'll just call me when they need help" "o- oh Lapis I- I.. I just need to get back to home-world, we can do this later" "It'd be more obvious we weren't doing our job, or at least that you wouldn't" Peridot blushed more as she slowly stepped back, but all Lapis did was get closer again. "Hehe now why don't you relax" Lapis lightly let a finger slide down Peridot's side, making her blush even more and softly bite her lips, some sweat dropping from her. "L- Lapis, stop that" "but look at that cute face, how could I possibly.. Do that" Lapis softly made her finger run up Peridot's side, and just beside her chest, up to her collarbone. Peridot was immobilized and all she could do was stand there and stare at Lapis, who was clearly taking her sweet time running that finger around on Peridot, who was sweating and blushing immensely. "Hm I never knew you'd be this..." "Lapis! I- I have to get to home-world" Lapis frowned as she slowly let Peridot go and stepped back "I didn't mean to-" "no, I'll go" Lapis spread her wings and got off the ground, she then flew back to home-world and told the others that Peridot was stranded on earth again and that she needed help. It didn't take them long to send the ship to go and pick her up, they quickly flew back so no one would interfere. Lapis was standing inside the ship, waiting for Peridot to leave the cockpit and start guarding the ship from anyone that shouldn't be there. Lapis saw her walk out the door and into the room Lapis was standing in, she could see Peridot starting to tear up when she saw Lapis. "I'm so sorry! I wasted our chance" Peridot yelled as she ran over to Lapis and hugged her tightly. "I'm sorry too" "you shouldn't, I was the one who shut you down" "Oh Peridot, be quiet I'm trying to forget" "I- I" Lapis got out of the hug and looked at Peridot, and then she softly lay a finger on Peridot's lips. "It's not like something as stupid as that, is gonna tear us apart" Peridot wouldn't want to ruin the moment, so she kept still, and blushed darkly. "Now don't be so boring, and tell me how you really feel about me" Lapis slowly took her finger off and stared at Peridot, hopeful. "I.. Like you, of course" Lapis slightly teared up, as she slowly looked away "y- you j- just like me?" Peridot looked at her worried, and picked her chin up, making Lapis look at her "I- Is something wrong Lapis?" "I just... Love you, b- but.." "Is that it.. I- I'm sorry my answer seemed cold, but I'm not used to saying ..l- love.. It almost seems extreme" "face it and tell me" "huh?" "If you really love me, then say it" "I- I.. L- love... You, Lapis" Lapis slowly tried to retract the tears, but she couldn't, Peridot lightly wiped the tears off Lapis' face and whispered. "I'll always love you" they both blushed as they stood there and looked at each other, none of them knew what to say now, until Peridot finally broke the silence when she felt Lapis' right arm wrapped around her, and Lapis softly stroked Peridot's side with the other hand. Peridot tried to keep a straight and loving face for Lapis, but she had to bite her lips to stop herself from laughing, so there was only faint chuckling heard. "L- Lapis... Eeh" "hehe I just couldn't let my chance slip by" they both blushed even more, as Lapis continued to torment Peridot with her endless rubbing and poking. "L- Lapis.. heh ..s- stop that, I- it.. tickles" Lapis lightly giggles as she starts poking around on Peridot's waist, and right below her chest. Peridot had a hard time trying not to break, she didn't want to embarrass herself in front of Lapis, so she bit her lips as much as she could. "Hehe you're so cute Peri, I could do this all day" "s- stop it Lapis.. Y- you're embarrassing me" "aw I'm just having a bit of fun" suddenly Peridot flinched out of Lapis' hold when she felt a finger a bit too high up than it should, she blushed immensely and quickly tried to hide it from Lapis. "Hehe I felt something a bit squishy" "Lapis what are you saying? I'm pretty sure you know where you placed that finger" Lapis just chuckled and put both of her hands on Peridot's waist, making her blush even more. "You really like me don't you?" "I do love you, but don't tease me with it Lapis" "but it's so much fun" "heh you're right, saying that we love each other does give the other more options" "oh? And what would that be Peridot?" "I- I.. T- that I.. Won't get mad at you.. For 'accidentally' touching my.. You know" Lapis blushed darkly as she tried to hide her embarrassment "heh.. I love you too.. Peri" "I know you do" Peridot grinned and held onto Lapis sides, she chuckled and turned herself around with Lapis. Peridot slowly stopped and looked deeply at Lapis, lightly grinning. "Now it's my turn" and before Lapis could react, Peridot stood extremely close and was already poking and digging at Lapis' sensitive body, making her squawk and giggle, even more at specific spots, she was twisting and turning trying to avoid Peridot's green tech fingers "Peridot! S- stop i- it!" "You started this, so I'm not gonna back down" Peridot grinned as she dug them even deeper and made them go faster, which made Lapis squirm and laugh, as tears from laughter starts forming. "N- no stop it Peridot! I- I can't!" "Are you gonna say you can't breathe, I'm sure you would have passed out if that was true" Peridot said teasingly as she went on for a little bit more, she slowly stopped and then softly dug her fingers into Lapis' neck, making her flinch and blush even more, still giggling after the whole thing. "I have never been more satisfied with my catch" "w- what do you *pant* mean Peridot?" Lapis tried to calm down and she hung with her arms over Peridot's shoulders, both embarrassed and exhausted. "I'm just so happy to have you" Peridot smiled as she lightly took Lapis off her shoulder and looked at her. "I- I'm happy to have you too, but please be less rough next time, maybe I would have passed out if you continued" Peridot chuckled and softly petted Lapis' head "don't worry, I know cpr" Peridot snickered and Lapis blushed, as she turned her head away. "I- I'll be fine" she looked back "heh okay, I'm just saying" "o- of course" "we should be getting back to the others" "you're right" Peridot grinned and held onto Lapis' waist "one more thing, which I trust you won't get mad at me for" "w- what is Peri?" Peridot smiled and went ahead to softly place a finger right in the middle of Lapis' chest. Lapis' cheeks starts burning as she stared at Peridot. "I- I" Peridot slowly took her finger back and smiled innocently at Lapis. Lapis just blushed brightly and stared at Peridot "home-world to Lapis, are you awake?" "W- wha?.. Peridot!" "Heh oh I see you're not quite there, let me help you" Peridot walked behind Lapis and held onto one of her ribbon sashes. "D- Don't you dare" "oh I do" Lapis started sweating and blushing more, as she could see just a little bit of that dark grin Peridot had. "But don't worry" Peridot released the sash and went back to stand in front of Lapis "I won't do it... Yet" Lapis was almost relieved until she heard the 'yet' and then she got immobilized again. Peridot grabbed her hand and pulled Lapis with her, "let's go" they then ran back to Jasper and told her that they were ready for whatever mission they had to take, and from then on Lapis had more fun than ever, doing missions with Peridot. She did always have the scared sense of Peridot being right behind her, standing with the sash in her hand, ready to pull. But she had to shrug it off since its been awhile since she did last time, which was perfectly fine with her.

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