Lapis and Peridot - Now that's love

The others might have been unintentional, but this one's kind of obvious. And also, I will be releasing more than one chapter to this one. Since I've really started to like writing about these two.
This is basically chapters full of stuff that they are doing when they're not working. They might be working a bit, but at least they have fun doing it if they're both there ^^ Enjoy!


4. The (sort of) revenge

Chapter 4 - The (sort of) revenge

Peridot was walking around in the ship, and was thinking to herself. She saw Lapis running over to her and Lapis stopped right as she reached Peridot. "Hey Peri! what are you doing?" "Not much, just walking around" "so you're not working or anything?" "Not today it seems" "well, that's great, at least you're not being bor-" "Lapis" "what's up Peri?" Peridot slowly walked closer and smirked. "You know, I've been meaning to do something you..." "Hmm? I wanna know!" "Well if you're that eager" Peridot walked closer once more, so Lapis had to step back a bit. "Y- yea" Peridot put a hand on Lapis shoulder and grinned slightly. "Remember the scene from the beach" "hehe yeah, it was pretty great Peri" Peridot stepped back and shook her head. "Nngh yes.. It was, well I've wanted revenge for that you know" "oh that's right, you did say that you wanted to get me back" "well that's what I'm gonna do today, since I don't have much else to do" "you're what?" Lapis ran a bit away and Peridot had to walk over to her. Peridot held her hands up and Lapis quickly fret, but calmed herself. She posed herself and snickered at Peridot. "Oh, so you don't think I look good now huh?" Peridot, suddenly stopped and blushed slightly, staring at Lapis. "Of course you do, you're just.. Different in water" "what's that supposed to mean?" "N- never mind that" "hehe yay, Peri thinks I'm hot" Lapis spun around and chuckled as she looked at Peridot again, who was just standing there and blushing, she quickly had to shake her head and focus "L- Lapis! I'm going to get you, and you're not stopping me this time" Lapis kept chuckling as she ran away towards the room, which they found to be more like a closet than just a random dark room with a warp pad in it. "If you want me, then your going to have to catch me first" Peridot quickly ran after her and looked surprised when she saw Lapis entering the room "I don't think you're-" "don't blame me for looking good" Lapis chuckled as she stood on the warp pad and teleported to the beach, Peridot had to run up and activate it again "Lapis!" She got through and saw Lapis running along the water. "Lapis get back here!" "Nuh uh, no way" "grr" Peridot ran after her and got close enough that she could touch Lapis' back, Lapis felt a shiver down her spine, which only made her run faster, so Peridot couldn't stop her. "What are you waiting for? If you're so fast then show me" "I never said I was fast" Peridot notices the ribbon sashes flying in the air, and she gets an idea. Lapis quickly stopped as she could tell someone held onto one of the sashes. She blushed, as she slowly turned her head and saw Peridot smirking right behind her. "What is it Lapis? Aren't you going to run?" All Lapis did was sweat and blush darkly, as she kept staring at Peridot. "But of course.. You can't, because your top will fall-" "Perii!" Lapis blushed even more, as she took the sash and pulled it out of Peridot's hold. "-off" Peridot quickly grabbed Lapis' waist, turned her around, and held her up in the air. "D- Don't you ever scare me like that again P- Peri" "Aw don't be so boring Lapis" "hey that's my line!" Peridot lightly placed Lapis on the ground again and grins. "Now that I've finally got you.." Lapis realized and tried to get away, but Peridot easily held her still, Lapis started to flail her arms, but nothing helped. "G- get me out!" "Yeah because I'm definitely just gonna do that" Peridot softly slid a finger across the bare skinned part of her body, just under her top. Lapis squeaked as she instinctively made her waist jerk away, but Peridot held her hand behind Lapis and got her closer again. "P- Peri! N- Not there" "oh? Is that so?" Peridot slowly started scratching deeply but lightly at Lapis' blue and soft skin. Making Lapis laugh swiftly and jerk away from every touch that Peridot made, Lapis was trying to push Peridot away, but every time a finger dug into her skin, she lost her arms in flailing movements that didn't do much to stop Peridot. Peridot stopped slowly and allowed Lapis to breathe normally again, she panted softly, as she leaned over Peridot's shoulder. "Well done, I almost thought you were gonna pass out there Lapis" Peridot snickered, petting and rubbing Lapis' back lightly. "I- I'm alright.. Heh" "you enjoyed that didn't you Lapis?" Lapis blushed distinctively, and softly bit her lip. "Don't sweat it, I know you did" "Nngh Perii!.. Stop embarrassing me like that" Lapis got off Peridot's shoulder and pouted at her. "Aw don't give me that face Lapis, you're way too cute to look at" "no one can be too cute" Lapis smiled and swiftly pecked Peridot's cheek, Peridot blushed as she slowly released Lapis. "Y- you're right" "hehe Peri, you're so cute too, wanna go to the warp pad out in the water" Peridot just stared at Lapis, so Lapis started gently nuzzling Peridot's hair. "Heh it's so much softer than it looks" Peridot blushed and took Lapis' hand off "Y- yeah you're right, let's go to the warp pad" Peridot smiled as she took Lapis' hand, they walked into the water and found the warp pad. It teleported them right away, and once again they ended up in the jungle. "Looks just like it did before" Lapis nodded and they started walking through it, but they suddenly stopped when they both heard a strange sound. It sounded like some sort of whip hit the air, and after that, a small explosion was also seen in the distance, close to where the warp pad they used to get back was. "Peri we need to see what's happening, I don't want the warp pad to get destroyed." "You're right, let's go" Peridot tightly held onto Lapis' hand, and they ran over to the place the explosion was. Peridot quickly notices a gem over there, and she took Lapis, hiding them both behind a palm tree. "What are you doing Peri?" "I saw someone" "who was it?" "I- I don't know, but please lower your voice" "o- okay" Peridot looked out of their hiding place and easily saw that it was Pearl and Amethyst, she dug her head down and looked at Lapis. "It's two of the crystals, I don't know what they're doing here, but let's stay out of their sight" "I'll just sit here, but you should check every few minutes to see if they're gone" Peridot nodded and looked out at them, they were fighting a horde of gem monsters. Having no trouble at all, they walked away, almost as if they didn't see the warp pad. Lapis and Peridot stood up, Peridot looked around to make sure they were gone. "We need to hide the warp pad, because if anyone that shouldn't were to use it, well they could get into the ship and do something that's bad for us" Lapis saw some palm leaves that had fallen from the palm trees shattered around the island "how about we use these?" "Wouldn't it be obvious that there was something hidden under it? I mean it is laying right on sand, in the middle of a beach" "naw let's try it Peri" "we'll try, but if we ever come back here again, I'll find something else to cover it with." Lapis smiled and started picking them up, Peridot looked at her, hiding a faint smile. All she could think of when looking at Lapis was of how happy she was with her, Lapis was the cutest gem she had ever seen, and there's no way she would ever lose her. Lapis picked a great deal up, and offered the half to Peridot "hey lazy gem, take some too and we'll be going" "Lapis, why do you have to be so cute, I feel like I'm not doing even half as much for you than what you are for me" "that's the stupidest thing I have ever heard, you're doing more than enough" Lapis eyes looked slightly down, but quickly shifted up again. Peridot blushed and almost teared up, she hugged Lapis tightly and laid her head on Lapis' shoulder. Lapis blushed slightly, as she accidentally dropped the palm leaves. She took a minute to process, but then she just hugged her back. "Oh Peri, you're too much" Peridot blushed even more, as she hugged tighter. Lapis snickered, and took a hand to Peridot's waist. Lapis softly grabbed a bit of Peridot's waist, squeezing it. Peridot made a squawk and lashed out at Lapis "hey! What was that for?" Lapis giggled and poked around on Peridot's neck, Peridot blushed as she looked away, chuckling. "Eeh s- stop it Lapis!" Lapis slowly stopped and picked up the leaves again. "Why don't we head on over to the warp pad" "o- of course Lapis" Peridot took some of the leaves, and they both made it through the jungle, and out to the beach. They found the warp pad and laid the leaves down on it. "There we go, now why don't we go the other way back" "hehe okay Peri, I hope this will work" They were almost about to enter the jungle again, until they heard someone running. Pearl and Amethyst was there again, and they were coming right for them. "Quick Lapis run!" They started running away, even faster when they found out that the crystals really were chasing them. "Hey, you two need to come back here right now!" They could hear Amethyst yelling behind them, and Pearl was running in front. "Amethyst hurry up, we need to run faster than this if we want to catch them" "I'm trying! It's not that easy with short legs like this" "j- just.. Just a bit more" Pearl was almost close enough to catch them, but what she got was Lapis' sash and she had to stop running. Pearl looked confused as she stood there with the sash in her hand and Lapis just standing there in front of her, blushing. Peridot snickered slightly to herself, as she walks over to them. Amethyst also slowly walked closer, wondering what was happening. "W- would you please release the sash Pearl?" "O- Oh this, of course" Pearl let the ribbon sash fall down and she just stared at her. Lapis quickly ran over to Peridot and they both ran deep into the jungle. They found the warp pad and instantly stood on it, they got teleported to the beach where they could finally stop to take a break. Back in the jungle Amethyst was still a bit confused "why did you just let her go, we had them right here, she even stopped." "I just wonder why, why did she?.. I thought that maybe it was some sort of plan, so I didn't want to do something that might have halted our progress with these diamonds" "fine, lets go back then, but try and not just stand there like that next time." Back at the beach, they had both finally calmed down after running. "Phew that was close Peri" "I know, but I don't think they will be after us for now" "p- probably" Peridot grinned and put her arms over Lapis's shoulders. "Did you see how close that was?" Lapis blushed slightly, as she thought back to when Pearl stopped her. "The ribbon is almost out of its knot" Lapis' cheeks turned dark blue, Peridot snickered, as she turned Lapis around. "I'll help you out here" Peridot nicely tied the knot better together, so the sashes were the same length. "Wow, now that I've looked at it, it was extremely close to untying, think about what would have happened if it did" Peridot turned Lapis around and saw how much the gem, had the darkest blue face. "W- Wanna go back to the s- ship now?" Peridot smiled and nodded, and they both ran over to the warp pad they first came from. They stepped up on it and teleported back, the room was there once again, and dark as always. Peridot could sense that Lapis was standing there, smirking and ready to lash out at her. "No no Lapis, you're not gonna do it again" "aww" Lapis looked away and murmured "buzzkill.." Peridot turned the door handle, so she could easily see Lapis. She turned Lapis' head around, and cupped her cheeks. "What was that?" Lapis blushed slightly in Peridot's hold, and chuckled, as she also held up Peridot's face. "You look so cute Peri" Peridot blushed a bit and quickly released Lapis' head "heh, but your the cutest thing alive." Peridot picked Lapis up by her waist and ran out the room with her. Lapis chuckled and almost seemed to try and want to jump out of Peridot's hold. "Hey Lapis why are you trying to get free" "I- I like walking" Peridot could easily tell that that wasn't why, and she could also feel how little that Lapis was trying. Peridot let Lapis stand on the ground again, but she kept holding onto her. "You're trying to get me to do it aren't you?" Lapis blushed extremely, and she had to look away. "N- Not at all, it's not possible to like it.. right?" "Oh so you're asking me now?" "W- Wait no" Lapis looked back, but not at Peridot's face. Peridot could see that she was pouting and blushing, so she had to do something that would make it even better. "You sure it isn't just a little fun?" Peridot started softly poking Lapis sides, so Lapis made quick squawking sounds, and she once again trying to get out. "Hehe.. What? Absolutely not" Peridot could tell how much she liked it, that stopping now wouldn't be the best. They did have to work now, so in the end, Peridot decided to release her. Lapis looked confused as she stood there, blushing darkly and panting a bit. "W- Why did you stop?" "Oh? So you want me to continue?" "W- wha.. No of course not" Lapis quickly put on a smile and pulled Peridot out of the dark closet, Peridot snickered as she took Lapis' hand. They ran over to the control room of the ship, and once again got missions for the day. They walked out again and looked at each other. "Well, it seems like I will be looking after more planets that they heard, would 'happen' to have a lot of power we could use" Lapis chuckled and nuzzled Peridot's hair. "At least you don't have to endlessly walk around this place" "that is true" Peridot smiled and nuzzled Lapis' hair a bit, until she booted up the computer, ready to search the endless map she had. "Good luck Peri, I'm gonna go" "see ya Lapis, good luck to you too" "hey, you know it's easy" "not if the crystals found the warp pad" "oh no you're right" Lapis quickly ran out, and Peridot was left there thinking. She couldn't wait for more adventures, and chances to be with Lapis. There was nothing more she wanted to do, and she didn't have to search far. Lapis was always around, when Peridot needed her.

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