Lapis and Peridot - Now that's love

The others might have been unintentional, but this one's kind of obvious. And also, I will be releasing more than one chapter to this one. Since I've really started to like writing about these two.
This is basically chapters full of stuff that they are doing when they're not working. They might be working a bit, but at least they have fun doing it if they're both there ^^ Enjoy!


5. The RPG adventure

Chapter 5 - The RPG adventure

Lapis was running around in the ship, searching for Peridot. She found her and ran right over to her, staring right into Peridot's face. "Peri!" She looked right back "what is it Lapis?" "I found a new warp pad!" "You did what? Where is it?" Lapis took Peridot's hand and they both ran, Lapis leading the way to some room hidden in the back of the ship "I've never been here, What is this place Lapis?" "I don't know, I just randomly stumbled upon it" "well, that's weird, but let's see where this warp pad takes us" "yay, let's go" Lapis and Peridot walk onto the warp pad, and letted it teleport them. When they check to see where they are, they see that they are in some sort of medieval town. "Peri, what is this place?" "Did we go back in time or something?" "P- Peri look at yourself" Peridot quickly looked down and saw that she was wearing some sort of armor, it only covered her as a top and skirt, but even more revealing than the top Lapis normally wore. Peridot vastly blushed and turned her back to Lapis, clearly embarrassed. "Aw but it looks good on you, it doesn't seem like I-" Lapis looked down and saw that she had the same armor, but hers was blue instead of green. Lapis blushed just as much and was happy Peridot still hadn't looked back. "W- why did you interrupt yoursel-" Peridot turned around and stared at Lapis intently, blushing even more. "You look.. Amazing" "Ah! Stop staring at me like that Peri!" Lapis blushed immensely, and crossed her arms around her chest. "I never knew I would get to see you in this Lapis" Peridot slowly walked closer, making Lapis blush even more. "Perii, I- I" Peridot held her hands up and got closer, so Lapis had to step back. Lapis didn't want her to get closer so she had to do something to stop her, Lapis stared at Peridot for a bit, not her face though. "Eeh.. Peri!" Lapis brushed a finger up Peridot's stomach, and ended it right in the middle of her terribly revealed chest. Peridot blushed immensely and immediately jolted away from her. "Lapis!" "Sorry there Peri, you should have just stopped" Lapis snickered and patted Peridot's shoulder. "You'll get the chance, sometime" Peridot blushed and pouted, looking away from Lapis. "Wanna go explore the town Peri?" "S- Sure" "yay let's go!" Lapis chuckled and ran further into the town, and Peridot had to follow her. There was alot of shops, and Lapis seemed to enjoy just walking down the street. "Isn't it fun Peri? This town is really nice" "it 'is' pretty nice" Peridot smiled at Lapis, but still couldn't help her herself from shifting her eyes lower down, which made Lapis blush slightly. "Eyes up here Peri" "oh r- right, heh" Peridot blushed and looked around at the town. "T- There seems to be a weird thing over there Lapis" Peridot pointed to the outskirts of the town, where a small dragon like creature was sitting "hmm, what kind of reptile is that?" "One with wings and horns apparently" "it looks funny, let's go talk to it Peri" Lapis pulled her arm, but Peridot didn't budge. "L- let's not, it might attack" "but what are we supposed to do with these swords then?" Lapis smiled at Peridot, and gave her one of the swords she was carrying. Peridot hesitantly took it, and looked confused at Lapis. "W- When did you get these?" "I had them the whole time" "how did I not see that?" "Oh Peri, you were clearly more interested in my thorax" "you're, what now?" "My chest silly" Peridot blushed a lot and quickly started walking towards the baby dragon. "Let's go Lapis" "heh, if you say so" Peridot stopped right in front of it, and pointed the sword at the dragon. "S- stop doing, what ever it is that you're doing!" The dragon looked up and made a cute by confused face. Lapis came running as she saw the dragon look up. "Aww it's so cute!" She sat down on her knees in front of it and smiled happily. "W- Watch out Lapis" "don't worry Peri, it's gonna be fine" Lapis put her hand on the dragons snout, it made a grunting noise and nuzzled its head into Lapis' hand. She softly scratched it under it's chin and chuckled. "Peri sit down here" Peridot sweat slightly as she sat down beside Lapis. "Try petting it Peri" "you sure it's fine with it?" "It let me" Peridot hesitated, but placed her hand on its head, lightly petting it. The dragon purred a bit and suddenly ran up Peridot's arm. "Lapis, w- what is it doing?" "Hey, I think it likes you" Peridot blushed as the dragon jumps down on her lap, it curled around in itself and laid down, closing its eyes. "How did you make it do that Peri? I want it too" "I- I don't know, but it is pretty cute" The dragon opened its eyes and stood up, it jumped off Peridot and just looked up at them both. "Can we keep it Peri?" "Sure, but only while we're in here" "yay, thanks Peri" the dragon jumped up and down happily, almost as if it knew what they said. "Let's continue, I can't wait to see what'll happen" they both got up and smiled at each other "yeah you're right" Peridot slowly looked down again, not noticing Lapis' stare. "Perii, where are you looking?" Peridot quickly looked up at Lapis again, and blushed darkly. "Er.. At your.. Beautiful face Lapis" "oh is that so? But I don't believe my face is down there" Peridot blushed even more, she held tightly onto the sword and started walking over to a forest. "Alright Lapis, let's go" Lapis chuckled as she picked up the dragon and followed Peridot "heh, I'd be happy to" then they both walked over to the entrance of the forest. "Lapis, this place doesn't look good, why don't we get back to home-world" "not at all, that'd be the boring option, let's go inside!" Lapis walked right past Peridot and into the forest, still carrying the dragon in her arms. Peridot had to run after her to keep up "I still don't think it's a good idea though" "it'll be fine.. huh? Peridot what's happening?" "I don't know, my computer is starting to act up" four of Peridot's fingers automatically formed a program, it showed three stages, and the third one had a purple color, other than the others that had a yellow color. "Okay this is weird" Peridot looked up and saw that Lapis was gone. "Lapis! Where are you?" Peridot could hear a faint voice yelling back. "I'm over here" Lapis was seen, pushing away bushes, as she got back to Peridot. "There's an angry looking dragon in there, he's the same size as ours, but it doesn't seem friendly" "ah perfect reason for us to go back" "Peri, why don't we just fight it? We do have swords" "I don't know, they don't look very sturdy" "we could probably handle a small guy like that" Lapis held the dragon under one arm, and pulled Peridot with her, using the other. They both walked deeper into the forest and saw the dragon, that Lapis was talking about. When they entered the small forest clearing, a different menu appeared on Peridot's screen. Now showing them both and the dragon, and some way you could interact. "Lapis, what's going on? Check it out" Lapis looked at the screen and tapped her chin. "Try clicking on me" "I- If you say so" Peridot clicked on the small image of Lapis, and Lapis suddenly had a big blue glow around her. She quickly stepped back in surprise, and noticed that the glow was still on her no matter where she walked. "Peri what's this?" "I'm not sure, but the screen is showing something different I can click on. "Try clicking on it then" "Lapis there is two things, and they all sound like cool attacks" but instead of asking or anything, Lapis clicked on one without looking. The glow got even brighter, and Lapis started to automatically run over to the monster, she laid their dragon down and slammed the other monster on the head with her sword. "Lapis! What was that all about?" Lapis picked the dragon up again and walked back to Peridot. "I have no idea, but it was awesome" "the dragon doesn't seem that happy, maybe I should try attacking too" Peridot clicked on herself and just quickly clicked something else. The system went down, and she held her sword up. Peridot ran towards the dragon, jumped up, and rammed the sword down into the dragons head. She took the sword back out, and ran back to Lapis. "Wow that was just as awesome Peri" Peridot panted softly and stared at the dragon, it made a small explosion and turned into dust. "D- Does that mean we did it?" "Heh I think so, let's continue" Lapis took Peridot's hand and ran through some forest that was covered with bushes and such, until Peridot suddenly stopped. "Hey I just noticed, the screen is showing two swords crossed, above the first 'stage'" "that's gotta be a good thing, right Peri?" "Right" They kept walking, and ended up in another clearing. Peridot's program started showing two small dragons, identical to the first one they fought. And shortly after, two dragons like on the screen, appeared before them. "Wanna do it again?" Peridot nodded and clicked on Lapis, making her use the same move as before. Lapis laid their dragon down, and charged at one of the other dragons, once again slamming the sword on its head. She quickly ran back, and smiled at Peridot. "Your turn" "should I hit the one you did, or the other one" "try the other one" Peridot nodded and clicked on herself, and the attack she used before. Peridot ran over to the dragon, jumped up and struck the sword down into the dragons head. She picked the sword up and ran back to Lapis. "Good job Peri, but they're not gone, which I'm afraid means that it's their turn" "d- don't say that, I'm sure we get another turn" Peridot looked at the screen and saw the text written on it, which said 'Enemy's turn' "whelp, guess I was right" Peridot fret and looked around to see if she could run away, but suddenly her screen started to glitch out. It then said with big letters 'Ally detected'. "What's that supposed to mean Lapis?" "I don't know, why don't you ask our dragon" Peridot looked behind Lapis and stared at the dragon, who was slowly getting bigger. It stopped growing when it was about the same size as Lapis. "Uhm Lapis, what's happening to the dragon?" "What do you me-" Lapis turned around and saw the dragon, staring right back at her. It was seemingly smiling. Peridot looked at the screen, and it was showing the same menu as before. This time it wasn't just Peridot and Lapis though, now she could also make the dragon attack. "Click it! Click it!" "Easy now Lapis" Peridot clicked on the dragon and choose the move who said something about fire, which Peridot thought must be a good move. The dragon slowly walked towards the other dragons, and stopped right in front of them. It opened it's mouth and ball of flames hit the ground between them, knocking the dragons back, as they turn into dust. The dragon proudly walked back to Peridot and Lapis, as it turned small again. "Aw good job" Lapis smiled and went down to scratch its cheeks. Peridot just stood there, and stared at them. "Thanks for the help" Lapis picked it up and looked at Peridot. "Wasn't she awesome?" "Y- Yeah, she did well, now why don't we end this. Peridot looked down and saw the two crossed swords, also above the second stage. She smiled at Lapis and walked further into the forest, with Lapis following behind. "This is so fun, don't you agree.. Uhm dragon? I really need to give you a name" Lapis ran up beside Peridot. "Hey Peri, what should I call the dragon?" "Well, we're done soon, so maybe it won't be necessary" "b- but it's so-" "look!" Peridot pointed to a clearing, and there was fire all around it, other than where they should go in. "Are you sure it isn't for the best if we stopped now?" "What are you saying, we've got so far, there's no way I'm stopping now" Lapis ran out into the clearing, and stopped right as she saw a giant shadow, just a little in behind the bushes in the back. Peridot ran after her and stopped as well. "W- What is that Peri?" "It looks like-" the shadow began to move, and out of the bushes comes a dragon, bigger than all of them. It was snarling, and smoke kept flying around it. "Peri, I- Is this supposed to be the boss? I'm not sure I want to fight it" "just like I said, now how about we get out" "y- yeah" They both ran back, but hit an invisible barrier, and fell down. They quickly got up, but fret, and searched after something they could do to escape. "Peri! The dragon is getting closer" The giant dragon lashed out at them, but instead of hitting them, it hit a wing from their companion dragon. It had grown again, and was fighting back to protect them. They both stood there immobilized, and was staring at the two dragons fight. Unfortunately their dragon was way smaller, and got knocked to the ground beside them. It landed there and became small again. "D- Dragon, y- you're alright.. Right?" "Lapis it's alright, I'm sure it will be fine after the fight" "we have to do something, o- or we'll lose it" "but what?" "M- maybe I should try talking to it" "are you crazy, that thing is-" Lapis was already walking close to it, talking quietly to it. And to Peridot's surprise, the dragon just looked at her and listened. "It's okay, our dragon was just trying to protect us, we mean no harm. We just wanted to see what lies at the end, and we see now that that was a bad idea. All we want, is for you to remove the invisible wall and let us out. The dragon took its head down, at the same height as Lapis'. It lightly nudged its head against Lapis, and stepped to the side. Lapis could see that behind, where the dragon was standing before. Was a giant golden chest, Lapis and Peridot stared intently at it. "Are we allowed to see what's inside?" The dragon nodded and pushed them both closer. Peridot was the first to walk over and open it, she put her hand inside and she could feel something. She grabbed onto it and out of the chest comes a sword, it had a green handle crested with some decorations and a big blue blade. Lapis smiled at Peridot "look at that, I guess you got a sword.. I mean it's awesome, at least it's probably stronger than the other one." Peridot swung it around. "You know, I could get used to fighting with this" "cool Peri, let me see" Lapis reached into the chest, and proudly took a bow out of it. The bow was ocean blue, and decorated with six purple gems. "It looks.. Amazing!" Lapis happily swung it around. "This is perfect, it's so much easier to swing at monsters than those swords" "I'm pretty sure you're supposed to shoot arrows with it" "arrows? What's that?" Peridot face palmed, and then patted Lapis' back "don't worry, maybe we'll find some in the town, or else I'm sure you won't need it much either" Lapis chuckled and ran over to the dragon "can you help us get out of here?" The dragon nodded and turned its back to Lapis, landing its tail right at her feet. "I think it wants you to climb up on it" "really? Riding a dragon would be so awesome" "true" Peridot went over and picked the smaller dragon up, she then walked over to Lapis. "Let's take it with us, maybe there's a place in the town that we can heal it at. Lapis nodded and got up on the tail, so did Peridot. And they both climbed onto its back, crawling over on its long neck. "Dear dragon, would you like to take us back to the town?" It instantly spread its wings, and flew up into the sky. It started flapping its wings and soared through the sky, on its way to the town. After awhile it finally landed on the outskirts of the town, and it let them walk off. "Thanks so much for the help" Lapis waved goodbye, and the dragon flew back to the forest. "He was way nicer than I thought Peri" "you're right, this adventure was better than I expected, a couple things were" Peridot looked down and grinned faintly, Lapis blushed and took the dragon from Peridot and held it in front of herself. "You talk to people by looking at their eyes Peri" "oh? Then I must have gotten it all wrong" Lapis pouted and walked past Peridot, into the town. "How about we get the dragon healed huh?" "Of course Lapis" they both walked through the streets, searching for a place to treat wounded. Since they couldn't find any place like that, they decided to ask some people in an item shop. "We actually have some reviving stones in here, want to buy them?" Peridot nodded and they held out a blue stone. "Take it, we'll make it free, just because you stopped the dragon" "but it wasn't doing anything" "Well you see, it's at this time it would come and destroy our town, but it seemed to have calmed down once you went there." "I see, thanks for it" Peridot smiled to the shop clerks, took Lapis' arm and walked outside with her. "So how do we use this thing Peri?" Lapis laid the dragon on the ground and looked at it worried. "I'm not sure, maybe we make it eat the stone" Peridot carefully placed the stone in the dragons mouth, and right as she does, the dragon slams its jaws on the stone. The stone shattered and the dragon began to glow, it flew into the air for a bit, before standing on the ground. It stood on four legs and slowly opened its eyes, it immediately looked at them. It started jumping up and down, Lapis picked it up and smiled at it. "Yay, I'm so happy you're back" she put it down again, and looked at Peridot. "It's time we left Lapis" "you're right" They stood up again "goodbye, I'll miss you so much" "I- I'll miss you too" they both waved to the dragon, and walked over to the warp pad. They stepped up on it, and the last thing they saw before leaving, was the dragon waving back. They got back to the ship, and looked happily around. "Maybe it was fun, but I'm still happy to be back" "heh Peri, I bet you're disappointed that the armor is gone" "w- what? N- no of course not" "ah I see" Lapis snickered, and held the bow up in front of her. "At least these are still here" "yeah, maybe we should stash them away in the closet, where the warp pad to the beach is." "Good idea" they took the weapons to the room, and placed them neatly behind the warp pad. "There we go" they went back to Jasper and once again got there work handed to them. And then the day ended with more work, but this time they were allowed to do it together, which made the day just that much better.

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