Lapis and Peridot - Now that's love

The others might have been unintentional, but this one's kind of obvious. And also, I will be releasing more than one chapter to this one. Since I've really started to like writing about these two.
This is basically chapters full of stuff that they are doing when they're not working. They might be working a bit, but at least they have fun doing it if they're both there ^^ Enjoy!


7. The crystals and broken sash

Chapter 7 - The crystals and broken sash

Peridot had found a nice place on the beach, so the crystals couldn't find her, and the wind wasn't too windy. She was sitting there thinking of what to do, because she didn't have any work. That might seem like a good thing, but after just sitting on the beach and staring, it became boring fast. Peridot didn't know where Lapis was either, so what she should do, she had no idea. Until suddenly the water beside her made a big splash and Lapis flew up from it, she got up and landed beside Peridot, covering Peridot in water once again. "Hey Peri! Whatcha doing?" "L- Lapis?... Lapis! What are you doing here? I've been searching for you" "just flying around, what are you doing?" "Well I'm just.. Sitting here" "do I really have to mention how boring that is?" "n- no you don't" "why then? Why are you just sitting here?" "I got off work earlier, but I didn't know what to do. So I just went here" "hehe okay, wanna do something Peri?" "Like what?" "I don't know, something!" Lapis then suddenly jumped onto Peridot, and she ended on top of her. "Oof, Lapis!" "Heh whoops, I fell" "that was definitely not falling" Peridot quickly got up, and lightly pushed Lapis off. "Buzzkill" "hm? Lapis stop fooling around and get up here" "aww but I wanna stay" "j- just.. Get up" Peridot grabbed Lapis' arm, and pulled her up. "Naw, too forceful Peri" "w- wha? What did I do now?" "Nothing" Lapis grinned and held both of Peridot's arms. "Now why don't you let me-" Peridot blushed slightly, quickly putting a hand over Lapis' mouth and trying to push her away. "No no.. No" "heh, why not?" "What do you mean why not?" Peridot blushed a bit more, and pulled her arms out of Lapis' hands. She ran a little away from Lapis, closer to the temple. Lapis slowly walks closer, holding her hands up in front of herself. "Come here Peri.." "Wha, n- no" Peridot didn't see how close she was getting, so she kept walking backwards closer to the temple. "Get back here Peri, you wouldn't want to be seen by the crystals, would you?" "L- Lapis.." Peridot took one step backwards, and stepped onto the staircase that lead to the house. She then suddenly ran all the way up, and rushed inside. Lapis took her arms down, and looked worried at the house. "P- Peri!" She quickly ran up to the door of the house, and also ran in. She saw Peridot standing with her back to Lapis, and looking intently at the warp pad. Lapis stopped walking and slowly sneaked closer to Peridot. It seemed like she hadn't seen anything, so Lapis slowly managed to get up behind her. Lapis swiftly grabbed Peridot's sides, and kneaded into them. "Gotcha!" "Gah! Lapis!" Peridot made a quick writhe and squeak, but Lapis held her still. "Got you now Peri" "L- Lapis let g- go! The crystals could be here any moment!" "I'm not letting you go just because of them" "b- but they might try to catch us" "heh I'll just fly us out, it's gonna be fine Peri" Peridot lightly flailed her arms to try and get away, but she could easily feel how much Lapis didn't want her to go. Lapis grinned and turned Peridot around, Peridot stared directly. "Now why don't you just let me-" "someone! Anyone! Lapis is-" Lapis quickly put her hand over Peridot's mouth. "Peri what are thinking of me, I'm not that evil you would need to call for help" "b- but" "hehe you take things too seriously" Lapis chuckled and softly kneaded a finger into Peridot's side again, making Peridot squeak and swiftly try to get Lapis' arms away, all the while jolting in Lapis' hold. "S- stop that!" "Aw Peri, did you think it was gonna be worse than that? I'm sure you know me well enough, to see that I would never.." Lapis smirked and held one hand up in front of Peridot. "Oh no you don't" Peridot quickly took Lapis' hand, pushing it away from herself. "B- but" "no way am I letting you" Peridot took Lapis' arms and made her release her. "Buzzkill.." "Lapis, I really want to get out before-" the warp pad in the middle of the house started glowing, as a giant beam of blue light shot up from it. "Oh no" "P- Perii" Out from the light, walks the three gems, and they stop right as they see them. "It's them Garnet!" Garnet swiftly ran up to them, and before Peridot could react, she got held down on the floor by Garnet. Lapis didn't know what to do so she froze, she began to feel uneasy as she looked behind herself, Pearl was standing there holding her sash. "Don't let go Pearl!" "O- Okay, this time I'll keep it Amethyst" Lapis blushed slightly, as she looked down at Peridot, who was struggling to get up "I thought you said you could just fly us out, if they got here!" "S- Sorry Peri, I- I wasn't prepared" Garnet pushed Peridot even closer to the floor, making Peridot snarl at her. "Why are you here?.." "I- I wasn't trying to- I just got in here by accident" "accident huh? I'm not sure anyone would believe that" "b- but I really didn't mean to-" "tell me.. The truth" "b- but-" "leave Peri alone Garnet!" Garnet looked over at Lapis, and stared at her. "Pearl, pull the sash.." "huh? N- No! Perii!" Pearl looked a bit confused at them both "Why Garnet?" "Just.. Do it" "no!" Lapis took the sash and tried to pull it out of Pearl's hand. Garnet forgot about Peridot for a bit, and ran up to help Pearl. "N- No! Stop it! P- Peri help" Peridot quickly got up and walked over to help Lapis. Now everyone was pulling in the sash, and Lapis was blushing and sweating immensely. The sash the suddenly got ripped in the middle, and the crystals ended up with the end of the sash. Lapis quickly spread her wings and flew out of the house, while Peridot was following behind on land. Amethyst ran after them as soon as she saw them fly away, and all three of them ran out to the beach. Amethyst was just behind Peridot, and could almost reach her. "Get back here Peridot!" "N- No way!" Amethyst snarled and made her whip appear. "If you're not gonna listen, I'll just have to force you" Peridot looked scared back, and when she saw the whip she ran a lot faster. Lapis was flying in front, and she had to help Peridot, so she flew back and quickly grabbed Peridot. Amethyst was slightly confused, but that didn't stop her, she swung the whip at Peridot and it wrapped around her leg. Peridot got dragged down, and she landed in front of Amethyst in the sand. Lapis fret and saw no other thing to do than fly down and help Peridot. Amethyst wrapped the whip completely around Peridot, and stepped up on her, making Peridot squawk faintly. "Heh, get any closer Lapis, and this whip will constrict her" Lapis stepped back and looked worried at them both. "W- What do you want?" "I want you two to get back to the temple" "w- why?" "Because you're our enemies, duh" "w- what are you going to do to us then?" "Heh, oh.. That's confidential" Lapis snapped at her, and slowly made a hand out of the water. Amethyst held the whip tighter and stared at her. "You know I'm gonna do it Lapis, so why are you trying?" The hand got closer and swiftly cuts the whip over. Amethyst steps back, accidentally releasing Peridot, and Peridot quickly runs away from her. "Let's go!" They both ran together until they reached the warp pad that sends them back. They quickly stepped up on it, and teleported back to the dark closet. They started breathing heavily and trying to calm down. "Whew Peri, that was almost too close" "too close.." "I- I need my sash replaced" "I don't know where we should get one.. Want to try going to the adventure world?" Lapis snickered and opened the door. "I'd be honored to" "l- lapis?" Lapis chuckled and pulled Peridot with her out of the room, and onto warp pad in the back. They teleported to the adventure realm, and stepped off the warp pad. "This place is just where I wanted to be" "oh I bet Peri" Lapis snickered and once again took Peridot's arm, running into the town. "Let's check out the shop again, they almost always seem to have what we need" "yeah let's go Peri" Lapis grinned and walked into the shop with Peridot. The shop clerk was there as usual, and they walked up to the desk. "Do you have a blue sash, and some magic to put two pieces of cloth back together" "that's some rather specific things that you want, but I do believe we have what you need" the clerk went into the back of the shop, and came back with an almost identical sash as the one Lapis has, and also some sort of potion. "Here you two go, I'm not sure how long I will be able to do this, but once again you can take it for free" "thanks so much, we'll put it to good use" Peridot smiled and took the items, she looked beside herself and saw Lapis staring at her. Peridot snickered to herself "heh, Lapis?" "Hmm, w- wha?" Lapis quickly looked up at Peridot and blushed. "Hehe.. Hey Peri" "were you paying attention?" "T- To what?" Peridot kept snickering, and pulled Lapis out of the shop with her. "Why don't we go back, and fix your sash since it isn't on your armor" "heh, right ..soo.. What did you buy?" "You were standing right beside me... but you wasn't really there" "w- what do you mean?" "Heh yeah, never mind that" "then what did you buy?" "I bought a new sash, and some sort of potion that can easily put it together with the ripped one" "sounds cool, let's go back then" Peridot noticed Lapis' eyes shift down and she started blushing again. "Laapis" Lapis quickly looked up at Peridot, and kept blushing. "W- Wha?" Lapis quickly took Peridot's hand and ran with her to the warp pad. "You're too cute Lapis, I just can't get mad at you" "aw Peri, so you wouldn't mind if I-" Lapis got her hand up in front of Peridot's chest, but she quickly took Lapis' hand down again "Nngh, let's go" they let the warp teleport them back to the ship, and they stepped off when they got there. "Whew at least we still have the sash and potion huh Peri?" "yeah, now why don't we get that sash fixed" "yep" Lapis turned her back to Peridot, and Peridot laid the potion on the floor and took Lapis' sash. She held the newly bought one on the sash, and held them together. While still holding onto the them, she gets down and picks the potion up. She gets up and dips a bit of the liquid onto the sashes, it starts glowing, and then it fades away. When the glow is completely gone, the sash is fixed, and for some reason, the potion disappears. "Wow Peri, that was beautiful" Lapis turned around and grinned, looking at Peridot, who still wasn't completely sure what happened. "Y- Yeah, I mean at least your sash is fixed" "hehe true" "now, no more adventures, this took way longer than it should have" "but Peri, it was fun" "the crystals almost ripped your ribbon completely, you could have-" "now that's enough of that, why don't we work some more Peri?" "We still don't have anything to do" "then let's go back to the beach" "if you say so" and so they both teleported back to the beach, found a good spot, and spent the rest of the day there.

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