Lapis and Peridot - Now that's love

The others might have been unintentional, but this one's kind of obvious. And also, I will be releasing more than one chapter to this one. Since I've really started to like writing about these two.
This is basically chapters full of stuff that they are doing when they're not working. They might be working a bit, but at least they have fun doing it if they're both there ^^ Enjoy!


2. The book

Chapter 2 - The book

Peridot was sitting on the beach, far enough away that the crystal gems couldn't find her. She was sitting there with a small book that had blank pages, other than those she had drawn on and was drawing on. She was recreating the scene where Garnet and Pearl were showing Steven how dance, she thought the idea was amazing, since she didn't know they had already done it before. And instead of it being them, Garnet was Peridot and Pearl was Lapis, but they were going a little bit more at it. In the background, Lapis was flying around just above the water. She seemed to have fun until she notices Peridot sit there, she smiled and flew over to her. Lapis landed right beside her and stuck her head closer to Peridot. "What are you doing on earth Peri?" "W- we regained a shortcut to here, so I could have some peace from gems like you" "naw that's mean" "I'm kidding Lapis, but I really did just need time for myself" "but you wouldn't just leave me would you?" Lapis got her head closer and pouted, Peridot chuckled silently and put a hand on Lapis' cheek "something just seems more private when you can do it alone, everybody needs it" Lapis put her hand on Peridot's hand that was covering for the book "what were you doing Peri?" Peridot blushed as she quickly took her hand off Lapis' cheek and onto the hand that was on the book "w- wha? Oh this.. It's nothing special, just a ..or some.. drawings" "ooh I wanna see, I wanna see!" "No no.. No... No..." "What.. that's no fair, give me" Lapis lashed out at the book, but instead touched something fairly different. Peridot blushed and dropped the book in surprise, but quickly picked it up and looked strictly at Lapis. "Lapis! Get your hand off" Lapis blushed as she quickly pulled her hand to herself "s- sorry Peri!" "I- It's fine" they stared at each other for a bit, until Lapis broke the silence "now give me that book" Lapis ran on the other side of Peridot to try and take it from her, but Peridot held it in front of herself and was holding tightly onto it. "Lapis you're not going to see it" Lapis crawled over and in front of Peridot, where she stuck her head closer. "Why not? What's drawn on it?" Peridot blushed even more as she held the book as tightly as she could. "N- nothing interesting for you" "of course it is, when its drawn by my awesome Peri" Peridot smiled slightly and looked away "so.. I wanna see" Lapis put her hands on the book and started trying to get it from Peridot. She suddenly released the book, and Peridot looked surprised. "C- can I keep it now?" "Nope" Lapis softly slid a finger down Peridot's side, Peridot froze and blushed, as she bit her lip, looking away. "Aww Peri I thought it would work" Peridot looked back at Lapis, and to make sure Lapis didn't go any further, she asked again. "I won, now can I keep it?" "I see you don't want me to continue, but I'm getting that book" Lapis started poking and rubbing Peridot's left side, which made Peridot let out a squeak and flail her left arm at Lapis, as she lightly jolts away, still with the book held tight between her right arm and right side. "Lapis s- stop that!" Lapis chuckled and pulled at Peridot's left arm "what's so embarrassing that you can't show me?" "I told you.. It's nothing" Peridot got that angry pouting face, which made Lapis want to find out even more. Lapis quickly jumped over and got a hold of Peridot's right arm. Peridot tried to shake her off, she even let a finger slide from Lapis' neck to just below the collarbone, making Lapis blush and jerk away. Lapis chuckled but pouted slightly, as she crawled up to Peridot and started digging all her fingers into Peridot's waist. The surprise caused Peridot to fall on her back, blushing and chuckling, she drops the book and looked terrified at it, as Lapis easily took it. "There we go, I knew it was gonna work" "Lapis, give it back" "nu uh, I won, so I'm allowed to read it" Peridot sighed in defeat, and crawled over to Lapis, and looked at her. "Alright let me see, hey it's us!" "I- It sure is" "was this what you kept secret from me? But it's completely harmless" "I- I.. You've seen it, so now I can ge-" "hey look, it's us again! And we moved a little..?" Lapis started flipping some of the pages "it's kind of like a comic isn't it Peri?" "M- maybe" Peridot blushed as Lapis got to the pages where they were dancing. "Oh how.. Nice Peri, I mean we do look cute" "y- yeah, pretty cute" Lapis' cheeks turned dark blue and Peridot's' dark green, as Lapis flipped the page over to where Lapis stood with her back against the wall, with Peridot standing close. "O- Oh.. cute Peri" Peridot blushed more and looked away. Lapis kept looking through the drawings, blushing a lot. Until she reaches the last one, that isn't done yet. Which was Peridot with her hand slowly moving up, under Lapis' top. Lapis looked at Peridot, who was blushing a lot and staring the other way. Lapis picked her chin up and turned Peridot's head around to look back at Lapis. "D- do you now see why I didn't want to show you?" "....Nope!" Lapis chuckled at the confused Peridot "w- wha?" "What? Did you expect me to get angry or something? You need to look at things differently" "h- huh?" "Oh Peridot, I loved it.. Heh and you" "y- you loved it? B- but" "what's not to love about it? Maybe it was a bit.. You know, but what matters is that it was made by you" "y- you're being way too nice Lapis" "what can I say, that's who I am" Peridot blushed a bit more and smiled, Lapis lay the book aside and pounces onto Peridot, making them both fall down in the sand. They both lay there chuckling and hugging each other, until Lapis stopped hugging and rolled off of Peridot, so they laid beside each other. Peridot softly dug two fingers into Lapis' neck, and Lapis giggled lightly, blushing darkly. "Aw why are you so cute Lapis?" "Heh I'm just born with it" Lapis giggled a bit louder, as Peridot kept rubbing her neck lightly, and starting to slide her fingers under Lapis' blue top, and rubbing softly there too. Lapis blushed immensely but tried to cover it with her hands, Peridot slowly took her hand out of the top and stopped the other at her neck. Peridot turned Lapis' head around and cupped her cheeks "you're the best Lapis" Lapis chuckled and licked Peridot's forehead "you too" Peridot released Lapis' cheeks and they just looked at each other. Lapis then picked up the book, and used the other hand to pull Peridot up with her. "How about we get to home-world Peri?" "Hey now, it'd like to be the one carrying that book" "whoops too late" Lapis spread her wings and got off the ground, looking down at Peridot with a grin. "You're coming down here right now!" "Fine" Lapis flew down again and gave the book back, Peridot took it and ran towards a hidden warp pad. Lapis followed her, they reached it and stood up on it, then they got teleported to a dark room. All they could see was a bright line, that seemed to be outlining a door, that would get them outside the room. Lapis could feel her cheeks burning up, as she felt five fingers running up and down from her chest to her stomach. "Lapis I can't find the door handle, do you know how we could get out. Lapis blushed even more as she stepped back, confusing Peridot slightly "w- where did that soft door go" "oh so I'm a door now huh?" W- what do you mean Lapis?" "I'm sure doors don't feel like skin, I'm afraid you need to up your senses" "s- so what I was touching... Was you?" "What do you think?" Peridot also felt her cheeks becoming warmer. "S- so that's why I felt something odd" Lapis chuckled and tried to get Peridot's hand, she finally got it and put it where the light was shining from. "Try this Peri" Peridot moved her hand to the right slightly, and got a hold of the door handle. She opened the door up, and saw home-world like she knew it. Still blushing, they looked at each other, they smiled and took each others hands. They ran over to the others, and was ready once more to work again.

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