Lapis and Peridot - Now that's love

The others might have been unintentional, but this one's kind of obvious. And also, I will be releasing more than one chapter to this one. Since I've really started to like writing about these two.
This is basically chapters full of stuff that they are doing when they're not working. They might be working a bit, but at least they have fun doing it if they're both there ^^ Enjoy!


6. The blue flame

Chapter 6 - The blue flame

Lapis ran around on the ship, and stopped as she saw Peridot. Lapis was standing in front of the door to the medieval warp pad, and Peridot walked over to her. "Hey Peri, what are you doing here?" "Oh me? I'm just guarding today, I'm more interested in what you are doing here" "Oh me? I'm just guarding today" "Lapis, there's no use repeating me, tell me what you're actually doing here" Lapis blushed faintly, and murmured "..waiting for you.. To get here" "why are you waiting for me?" Lapis kept murmuring "I wanted.. To go inside again.." "Really? You should have asked before, of course I want to go" "heh yay, that was easier than expected" Peridot blushed slightly and snickered to herself "I have the feeling I know why you wanna go Peri" "nngh, l- let's go" Lapis chuckled and pulled Peridot with her, onto the warp pad. They got teleported back to the town, and it looked just like it did when they left. The first thing Lapis saw, was the dragon standing right in front of them. "You're still here?" Lapis chuckled and grabbed it "yay, I thought you would be gone by now" she turned around herself with the dragon in her hands. Peridot stared at Lapis, she blushed as saw Lapis stop and look back. "Oh yeah, I totally forgot. I'm wearing my armor again, do I look good?" Lapis put the dragon on her head, and slightly posed for Peridot. Peridot blushed vastly and had to look away, to regain her focus. "Aw you don't think so" Lapis snickered and walked over in front of Peridot, and when Peridot opened her eyes, all she could see was from Lapis' collarbone and down. "L- Lapis!" Peridot closed her eyes again, and turned her head up. So when she opened her eyes, she could see Lapis' smirk. "I thought for sure that was why" "o- of course not, let's go to that river over there" Peridot quickly pointed at a large river, flowing in the background. Lapis took the dragon off her head and smiled at Peridot. "Sure thing" Lapis swiftly prodded at Peridot's waist, as she then walked past her, on her way to the river. Peridot jerked away, chuckling and blushed even more, mumbling to herself. "Y- you're impossible Lapis" She ran after her, and they both stopped at the river. "It looks good Peri" "it sure-" "don't even" Peridot pouted and looked down at the water, just the mere thought of getting Lapis in that made her redden. She looked up at Lapis again. "Why don't we get on the other side, and check that cave out Peri" "t- there's a cave?" "yep, and a bridge right in front of us" "sure, why not?" "Alright let's go" Lapis chuckled and pulled Peridot with her, to the other side. They both walked over to an opening in the mountain, that was at first just in the background. They walked inside and saw a light, when they finally got in through a long tunnel, they could see that the light came from four torches. There was a big clearing inside, and all that was there was the torches and a shadow standing in the back. Lapis whispered to Peridot. "Who is that?" "I don't know, but I don't think we should stay" A loud roar was heard, as the shadow turned around. Once again, it was a dragon. "Is there only dragons in this place?" "Other than humans, yes Peri" it was about the size of the dragon from the forest, though that one was red and this one is blue. It walked closer to them and stared at them, some blue glow started to radiate around its mouth. And with no warning, a giant blue flame engulfed the room, and Lapis and Peridot's vision went black. Peridot was the first who opened her eyes, what she saw was the outside of the cave, and the river that they walked over to get here. She looked around some more, until she notices a green gem sitting beside her. "Is that you Lapis? W- wait you look like.. Me" The gem sitting beside her, resembled Peridot completely, but the voice that was heard from the other Peridot was Lapis's' "Peri.. Er... Lapis? But I thought for sure I was Lapis" "why are you calling me Lapis, I'm Peridot" Peridot looked down herself, and looked at how much more blue she was, until she finally realized. "Our bodies have been changed! O- Or our souls have been changed, one of the two" "w- what do you-" Lapis looked down herself, and saw that she was green, and looked exactly like Peridot. "Woah, what's up with that?" Lapis stood up and kept looking at herself. "This is so strange" "w- what do we do now Lapis?" "La- I mean Peri, I don't know" "the mountain is caved in, so we can't go back into the cave" "maybe we should- ..Peri?" Peridot had started to inspect her body some more, also known as Lapis' body. She slowly felt around on her, she even went far enough as to touch her own chest. "Finally, I'll know how it is to be Lapis, it's gre-" "Perii! Get your.. Err.. My hands off.. You... M- my!" Peridot looked up and saw the extremely flushed Lapis. "Heh, what are trying to say? Peridot's weird seeing myself blush.." "S- stop that Peri!" She slowly took her hands off and snickered. "I could almost get used to this, but it's still weird that you're me" "o- of course it's weird, we need to do something" Peridot nodded, and then they walked back into the town. Lapis suddenly stopped, and started to look around on her hand. "How do you start this, computer thing?" "Oh that? It's easy, you just kind of do it" "that doesn't help me Peri" "I can't say more, that's really all there is to it, though I think some reactions will sometimes trigger it" "like what Peri?" "Like this" Peridot swiftly dug a finger into Lapis' waist, as she twitched and squawked lightly. "P- Perii, of course that wouldn't work!" "You never know, but when you think about it. Isn't it weird that we can feel another gems body being touched" "that's true, we really need to change back Peri" "let's ask the people, we met in the shop last time" "okay, let's" They walked back to the item shop, and stood behind the desk. "Do you know how we can get our own bodies back?" "Do you mean it's not Lapis talking?" "Yes, it's me Peridot, and beside me is Lapis" "well that's mighty confusing" "I agree, that's why we really want to get back to ourselves again" "I see, well I've actually heard that the dragon you calmed down before, can alter stuff like that with its fire" "oh okay we'll try asking him, one more thing though. Do you know of a dragon living in the mountains?" "In the mountains? Well yes, I've heard that it's the dragon from the forest' brother, he's supposed to do... Well.. That" the clerk pointed at them. "R- Really? Well does that mean it's some kind of evil brother?" "to be honest, they're both kind of evil. It does seem like the one from the forest turned good because of you, it hasn't been attacking at all like it used to." "That's good to hear, we'll be going then" Peridot waved goodbye to the clerk and walked out of the shop with Lapis. "Alright Peri, so all we have to do is meet the dragon again, and it'll turn us back" "I sure will miss looking like you though" Lapis pouted "hey, I miss my own body you know" "oh, so you don't like mine or something?" "W- what no, I- It's just" "heh, it's alright, who wouldn't want to be you?" Lapis blushed slightly and took Peridot's hand, running over to the forest with her. This time the computer didn't start, and they could walk through the whole forest, without having to deal with the dragons. They finally reached the clearing at the end, and Lapis was happy to see that the dragon was standing right in the middle. They both got in and smiled at the dragon. "We wanted to know if you could turn us back into normal, you see.. I may look like Lapis, but I'm Peridot. The one that looks like Peridot is Lapis, and it seems like it was your brother that did this to us. So we heard that you can use your fire to get us back into what we once were." The dragon silently nodded, it grunted a bit and opened its mouth. "P- Peri, are you sure it's not gonna hurt?" "Not at all" "w- what?" The dragon stretched its head back and threw it forward. launching an ocean of flames at them, and their vision went black once more. Once they could finally regain consciousness, Peridot was again the first one to look around. She saw the mountain again, and the river further away, she did wonder a bit why they were there instead of outside the forest. She quickly had to see if she could find Lapis anywhere, and once she looked at bit more to the left of the river, she saw Lapis laying there. "Lapis! Where back to normal" Peridot ran over and sat beside her, getting her head closer to Lapis. "Lapis? Are you awake?" Peridot looked at her, slightly tempted to slide her finger down Lapis' collarbone, but controlled herself. "L- Lapis? Aren't you going to open your eyes and stuff?" Peridot softly poked Lapis, and Lapis quickly twitched away, making a small squeak. "Huh? She didn't wake up.." Peridot kept prodding, Lapis just laid there and twitched, even starting to chuckle a bit. Peridot stopped and just looked at her. "At least I know she's not dead, but I still wonder why-" "hey Peri, did I miss anything?" "Huh?" "Peri wake up, you're just staring soulless at me, oh and my-" "hey Lapis! I'm happy you're back to your own body, and awake" "oh yeah, and you too Peri" "what do you say we go back?" "You're right, before anymore happens" They both got up, and walked over to the river. Peridot wasn't sure if she should, but they might never come back here, or at least not right away. When they stood right in front of it Peridot stopped, and looked at Lapis, snickering to herself. "W- What is it Peri?" "Wanna go.. For a swim?" "Peri.. You just want to see me soaked, don't you?" "N- No way, how could I" "okay I trust you ...not really though" "L- Lapis" Lapis jumped right into the water, quickly dived under and got up again, looking at Peridot "hey this isn't a river at all, the water is standing completely still" "that d- doesn't matter Lapis" "Peri, stop staring and get down here" "r- right" Peridot jumped right into the water and splashed some water onto Lapis, she then stood completely still and could start to feel how cold it was. "L- Lapis it's pretty c- cold in here" "you sure Peri, I like it" Peridot pouted and splashed some more water onto Lapis. "You always like it" "what was that?" Peridot mumbled to herself "nothing.. Lapis.." "Aw don't give me that Peri" Lapis walked up behind her, and locked her hands onto Peridot's waist. "Huh?" Peridot looked back at Lapis and sweated slightly. "L- Lapis what are you- Gah!" Peridot quickly jolted away from Lapis, and squawked. Lapis had kneaded into Peridot's sides. Peridot quickly turned around and looked at Lapis. "L- Lapis! What was that for?" "Heh, no reason" "w- well no reason for this either then" Peridot got back to Lapis and softly pushed her down into the water. "Ah! Perii" Peridot snickered and sat in the water beside her. "I knew it was a good idea to get in here" " would.." "hm?" "Nothing Peri, but don't you think we should get back" "yeah I've had enough of this place for today" They both got out of the water, and walked to the warp pad. "I still wonder where that dragon went though" "oh that's right Peri, we lost it after we got attacked by that dragon" "let's not worry, I'm sure it will be here the next time" They stepped onto the warp pad, and just before they teleported, Peridot laid her hand on Lapis' chest. Lapis reddened completely, and was just about to yell, but then they got teleported to the ship. Right as they got back, Lapis instantly took Peridot's hand off. "Perii!" "Sorry, I had to say goodbye" "to my armor!..?" "Yep" "Nngh, let's start working, I already know what I'm gonna do" "if you say so" Peridot snickered and followed Lapis, they were scheduled for the same as before. Even though Lapis was embarrassed, she still really wanted to work with Peridot. "D- Do you want to guard together?" "Sure I do" Lapis happily took Peridot's hand, and they started the daily routine.

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