Lapis and Peridot - Now that's love

The others might have been unintentional, but this one's kind of obvious. And also, I will be releasing more than one chapter to this one. Since I've really started to like writing about these two.
This is basically chapters full of stuff that they are doing when they're not working. They might be working a bit, but at least they have fun doing it if they're both there ^^ Enjoy!


3. The beach

Chapter 3 - The beach

Lapis was walking around in home-world, and today it was just guard duty. She got easily bored with it, so she ended up walking off road to try and find Peridot. She saw Peridot using her computer, that she made from four of her fingers. Peridot was investigating a new place that could help the diamonds. Lapis quickly ran over to her and pounced onto her right away, which made the program glitch and they both fell down. Peridot didn't see who it was, so she pushed Lapis away and stood up, quickly brushing herself off and building the computer again. Peridot looked angrily down at Lapis "hey, what was that for?" Lapis looked up at Peridot, pouting slightly. "I- I'm sorry Peri" "Lapis! I didn't know it was you, but you really shouldn't be pouncing at me like that" "I'm just so bored" "why's that? Did they make you walk around and guard the home-world again?" Lapis could see Peridot's faint grin "hey, at least you get to do cool missions and stuff like that" "if you call, looking after some random planet that's supposed to help us, is cool.. Then yes, it's pretty great" "s- so you're searching after a new planet?" "They only told me where it would be on my digital map, but I can't find anything there" "well that's too bad, let's go" "woah now, we aren't going anywhere, I still need to find it" "but you said it wasn't there" Lapis finally got up from the ground and stared at Peridot "well that's probably just because I haven't searched enough" Lapis pouted and started lightly pulling Peridot's arm "stop being so boring, and have some fun. I know the perfect place" "I'm not boring!.. Look, the others will get mad if I just left" Lapis then stopped pulling and just stood still "yes you're really boring, but only when you're working ...or trying to get off earth..." "What was that?" "Nothing, let's go" Peridot was about to say no until Lapis made her freeze. Lapis had placed her finger on Peridot's collarbone, and was slowly moving it down. Peridot's system started glitching out, and she had to close it. "Peri, if you don't come with me.." "Okay okay, fine" Lapis took her hand back and smiled once again, with that innocent smile. Peridot pouted angrily and looked at Lapis "show me the way.." "Hehe okay" Lapis took Peridot's hand and ran over to the dark room they were in before. "The warp pad should be here right?" "Yes Lapis, but don't you think we need to fix it? You know, because someone might close the door when we're gone" "Not at all" Lapis chuckled as she pulled Peridot with her, into the room. They stepped onto the warp pad and teleported back to the beach, they quickly made sure the crystal gems wouldn't be able to see them. "So.. What did you want to do?" "Heh, make you not boring" "Hey, I said I wasn't" "just come with me Peri" Lapis took her hand and ran into the water, she stopped and let Peridot stand on her own. "L- Lapis, the water is really cold" "whaat, the water is amazing" Lapis jumped around in it, both diving under and jumping up again. The water hit Peridot, and she jolts away from Lapis. "S- Stop spla-" before Peridot could finish her sentence, Lapis made a big splash that covered Peridot in water, and they both stared at each other. "Wow Peri, water fits you" "w- what's that supposed to mean?" "Well I guess I couldn't call it hot since you're in water.. Hmm" "Lapis!" "What, am I embarrassing you?" Peridot blushed slightly and quickly looked away, murmuring to herself. "Of course I'm not" "what was that?" Lapis got up and looked straight at Peridot, who had looked back again. "Now that I'm seeing you better, you do look kind of good" "nngh" Peridot blushed even more, as she looked away again. "Don't be embarrassed Peri, you know it's a good thing" "m- maybe being in the water isn't the best" "what do you mean by that? The water is so fun, you need to at least have sat down in it" "b- but it's so cold" "one dip and I'll let you off easy" Peridot sighed and hesitated, she did touch the water with her hand, but instantly got up again. "I'm definitely not going any lower than what I am now!" "B- But it's one second and you're up again" Lapis got her head closer and pouted "will you please do it for me?" "No way" "not even for the one you love?" "N- no" Lapis lightly licked Peridot's forehead and then kept pouting "n- n- no" "well that's too bad" Lapis chuckled as she pounced onto Peridot and held tightly onto her waist when they fall down. "I could have been letting you off easy" Peridot had her eyes closed right as she fell, she opened them and saw the grinning Lapis stand above her. She blushed and tried to push her off, but Lapis easily held Peridot down and started looking rather entranced at her. "Maybe it wasn't such a bad idea" "in what way?" Peridot slowly wiped the water off her face, and Lapis just stared at her, she even blushed a bit "w- why are you looking at me like that?" Peridot started blushing too, as all that Lapis did was look around at Peridot. "Yes, I can see why I wanted to bring you here" Peridot tried to crawl away, but Lapis quickly grabbed Peridot's waist and pulled her back. "You're finally laying in the water, it'd be 'boring' if-" "grr" "if someone as beautiful as you, were to already leave" Peridot blushed slightly, and just quietly lay there. "Now let me at that body" "w- what?..!" Lapis started scratching all over Peridot, from her sides to her waist, and Peridot made flinching movements that made the water splash over them both. Peridot tried to turn around and swim out of Lapis' hold, since the water made her more slippery. But Lapis was definitely not gonna let Peridot away easily. Peridot started squirming as she laughed slightly, Lapis blushed even more when she did, probably enjoying this too much. "Ah! S- stop it, L- Lapis!" "But you're so cute" Lapis chuckled as she went even faster, digging deeply into Peridot's skin, making her almost tear up from laughing and squeaking. "I- I mean it! Lapis!" "Okay, you're right" Lapis smiled as she slowly let Peridot go, Peridot lay still and panted softly. "L- Lapis.. You're so-" "what is it Peri, tell me, tell me" Lapis chuckled and slowly crawled off Peridot "so.. Done" Peridot grinned as she quickly got up, and pounced on top of Lapis. The water made a big splash, and once again, the one laying below got completely stared at. Lapis softly wiped the water off her face and swiped her bangs to the side, she then looked back and noticed the blushing Peridot. "Oh? Do I look good too?" Peridot quickly shook her head and blushed even more "gah, sorry Lapis" "aww that's disappointing" "w- wait that's not what I meant" "oh, so you were intimidated by me" Peridot blushed and looked away. "S- stop saying that stuff, I'm trying to get revenge here" Lapis chuckled and laid completely down. "Then go ahead" "w- wha? You can't just let me do it like that, it doesn't feel like I'm getting you back" "too bad, seems like I'm gonna win this one" Lapis slipped out from under Peridot and chuckled, as she looked at the confused and blushing gem. "N- no wait" "yees Peri?" "never mind" Peridot sighed, making Lapis sure that she had won this. "I both won and got to see you drenched in water, double win!" "Who am I to blame, you're just too cute to handle" Peridot snickered as she softly poked Lapis' neck, which made Lapis chuckle and swing her hand after Peridot's'. "S- stop that! You know it wasn't because I'm cute" "that face is telling me otherwise" Lapis blushed as she quickly tried to hide it. Lapis pouted, but quickly wiped that face away, and smiled again. Then Lapis got up from the water and slowly pulled Peridot up with her. "Let's go further out, you've already been in the water, so I'm sure it won't hurt" "you're right, let's go" "you suddenly seem really willing Peri" "well that's because I get to hang out with you" Lapis blushed a bit, and smiled happily. "You're the best Peri" "no, that's what you are" Lapis chuckled and lightly poked Peridot in the side, making her jerk away from Lapis, she snickered and got back to standing beside her "oh I'll get you one day" Lapis smiled and Peridot wrapped an arm around Lapis' back. They both kept walking as they felt like they were standing on something other than sand, and for some reason both saw blue and white lights appearing from the ground. "W- what's happening Peri? Are we getting teleported?" "It sure looks like it" They got teleported to some sort of jungle, and both looked confused around. "P- Peri, what is this place?" "I have no idea" they stepped off the warp pad and walked through the jungle for a bit, but nothing happened. "You know, this is getting kind of boring, don't you think we should go back Lapis?" "Then this place is perfect you" "Lapis! Not right now" Lapis snickered and held tightly onto Peridot's hand, she then ran through the jungle with her. "Peri I can see another warp pad, why don't we stand on it?" "Are you sure it's safe?" "Of course it is" They ran up to the warp pad and stood on it, it teleported them right away. The place they teleported to, was completely black, other than a familiar bright outline. "Hey Peri, we're back, and it's the room again" "you're right Lapis, hmm... Hm?" Peridot's cheeks started burning, as she could feel a hand moving around on her chest. "L- Lapis! get that hand off right now" "oh, but I can't find the door handle, maybe I should feel around a bit more. I sure didn't imagine it was this-" "Lapis! Now" Lapis chuckled and took her hand herself, she searched around on the door and pulled the handle. She opened it and looked at Peridot, who was just standing there and blushing immensely. "Heh, sorry to embarrass you like that, I just couldn't help myself" "y- you're a riot Lapis.." "Hehe I know right" Lapis took Peridot's hand and ran out of the room, they both walked to the front of the ship where Jasper was. And they got there job assigned to them again, then they walked out again, Neither of them looked that happy though. "Oh I guess I still need to find that planet huh?" "Peri! I'm stuck with guarding again, how could you complain" "now now Lapis, it's a really important job, we wouldn't want anyone in without permission right?" Peridot snickered and softly petted Lapis' head, Lapis pouted slightly, but couldn't stop herself from chuckling. "Heh alright Peri, I'll see ya later" Peridot smiled and Lapis was already on her way out, they both waved at each other and Lapis went out. They then used the whole day to work, Lapis did visit Peridot a few times, which only made working more fun to do.

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