Garnet and Lapis - Intruder

Once again getting more intimate than it should :3 but sometimes what happens, happens. For some reason it happens a lot with lapis though.
Garnet is using her time to find out more about home-world, but she's stopped, which she honestly doesn't mind. ^^ Enjoy!


1. Garnet and Lapis - Intruder

Garnet had successfully infiltrated the home world undetected, and she was searching for some kind of core in this place. After a long search through the place she finds Lapis walking around as some kind of guard, Garnet quickly hid from her. And as she saw Lapis walk by she got out of her hiding spot, and ended up in a rebuild version of the place she fought Jasper before. She looked around to make sure Lapis was out of sight and that she wasn't being followed, she couldn't see anyone which made her believe she could walk around some more. She walked into the middle of the room and kept looking back and to the side, until she suddenly heard someone talking in the distance, and she had to run and hide again. She could see Lapis walking into the room again, walking together with Peridot. Garnet couldn't completely make out what they were saying, but she could clearly see them both flustered, Garnet wasn't completely sure what all that was about, but she ignored it and hid there until they were finally gone. This must be the place they walk by a lot, so Garnet had to be careful when she would get to the other side of the room. She slowly got out of her hiding spot and sneaked over to the other side, she hoped that she was at least getting close to where she thought something would be, but all she got was another big room. She had to hide once more after she heard someone talking again, she hid in the hall between the two rooms and tried to hear what they were saying. Once again it was Lapis and Peridot, who clearly wasn't doing they're job, they were mostly just walking around the place. This time Garnet was close enough to hear just a bit of what they were saying. "Lapis, you know we can't be seen walking around like this, if Yd found out we weren't working, we'd by fired or something, and the same would probably happen if Jasper saw" "Peridot you worry too much, I'd almost let myself get fired anyway" "w- why? You wouldn't have anywhere to go" "I just don't think this whole Kindergarten thing is good for me" "huh? Listen Lapis" "y- yes?" "I don't want you to go, you're the only one I can actually talk normally to, I'd be broken if you just left us" Garnet looked out of her hiding spot and she sees Peridot taking Lapis' hand and they both stand there blushing slightly. "You know what Peridot?" "What?" "I'm staying, but only for you" "Heh you didn't have to" "I know you'll just be crying for the rest of your life if I left" Lapis chuckled as she picked up Peridot's hand and they walked out "hey I would never do that!" Garnet thought to herself, that maybe these gems wouldn't hurt her as much if those two were the ones controlling. Without much thought after, she ran out towards the next hall that seemed to lead to a bigger, seemingly more important room. But right as she was getting close, she suddenly stopped when she heard footsteps walking towards her. "Stand still intruder!" Garnet turned around to see Lapis stand in the other room "oh so it's you! What are you doing here?" Garnet stood still, not sure how to act. "I came here to... Look at the place" "we both know that isn't true" "well it's not like I'm gonna tell you" "don't make me report you to the others" "oh but I have something to tell them too" "what?" "What were you and Peridot doing before, that's right, slacking off" Lapis stepped back and felt a shiver down her spine. "N- no, did you eavesdrop or something?" "You could say that, and I'm sure you wouldn't want to get fired, you know how 'broken' Peridot would get, and she'd probably get fired and not know what to do either" "I- I'm sorry, b- but it's my job to stop you" "and you're gonna lose that, and Peridot if you stop me" "no.. No!" "If you'll excuse me" Garnet walked over to the big room, but stopped as she felt someone grabbing onto her and throwing her back into the previous room, she lands on the floor in the middle and looks up, to see Lapis stand above her. "I'm not gonna let you do this" "but you know what will happen if you tell" "then I'll just stop you myself!" "Aren't you weak without water?" "W- wha? Oh that's right... Argh" "Hmm" "W- what are you doing here? Tell me!" "Oh I'm afraid that's confidential" "that's why I hate you crystals, you're always so..!" Lapis quickly fell down and landed on top of Garnet, scratching Garnet's sides as her hands slip between it and her arms. "Oof" Garnet made a silent chuckle, and Lapis' head softly landed on Garnet's chest. Lapis blushed, as she quickly got her head up again. She looked down at Garnet after she heard Garnet chuckling. "Hey what's so funny about that?" "I- It's not funny.. Y- you.. I- I, never mind I have things to do!" "No, no.. No, I'm not letting you get away before you tell me" "I- It's nothing Lapis" Lapis quickly held onto Garnet's arms tightly, making sure she won't run "Tell me" "f- fine.. You just kind of.. Touched an area" "w- wha, it's not your chest right?..!" "Heh, no, but that would have been funny too" "s- so, what did I do?" "This" Garnet quickly grabs Lapis' arm and holds it onto the floor with one hand, she easily loosens the other one and swiftly pokes Lapis in the side, digging two fingers deeply at her blue skin. Lapis squawked as she jumped off Garnet and landed beside her, blushing, she looks over at Garnet. "I- I didn't do that!" "Maybe not as much, but still" Garnet chuckled again, as she lightly petted Lapis. She angrily pouted, but accepted the quick defeat. "B- but I'm still not gonna let you just wander around freely" "oh that won't be a problem, I'm staying right here" "you, what?" But instead of answering Garnet crawled over and jumped onto Lapis who gave out a light squeak as she does. "Garnet! What are you doing?" "Just wasting my time.. With you" Lapis flinched as she felt a soft hand under her diamond crested top, she blushed and chuckled lightly as she saw Garnet's hand rubbing her stomach "heh y- you're right" Lapis chuckled a bit louder as Garnet started going faster, her arm thumped softly at the floor. "Wait no, this is wrong.. I- I need to get back to work" "wouldn't work be stopping me?" "Garnet you're being too scary" "aw you really think I'm scary, that's disappointing.. And I was actually starting to like you" "I- I didn't mean it like that" "I know you have to be going" Garnet slowly takes her hand out and looks at it and Lapis. "I'll go, and not cause you any trouble with the diamonds, you really don't deserve it" "t- thanks Garnet" Lapis blushed more as a faint smile appeared on her face. "Just let me one more time though" Garnet swiftly places her hands at Lapis' sides "w- wha?..!" Garnet grinned as she started to softly dig her fingers one at a time into Lapis' skin, making her squirm and flinch at every touch, she starts laughing right away, telling Garnet that she's easy to handle. Suddenly they both looked out at the hall beside them, Peridot was standing there, paralyzed. All she had seen was Garnet's right hand, once again under her diamond shaped top, and the other at Lapis' side. Lapis was squirming around and laughing more than Peridot had ever heard. Garnet slowly stopped and Lapis laid there panting softly and blushing so much she had to hide it. Garnet quickly takes her hand out and sits up, staring right back at Peridot. "H- hey Peridot, I see you made it back from the cockpit" "yes Lapis, I- I did" Garnet slowly stood up and petted Peridot's head, as she walked out to the home world warp and went back to the crystal gems, the last thing she said before leaving was "It was fun, Lapis.. I can't wait to go back here" the two diamonds just stood and sat there, Lapis slowly got up too and looked at Peridot. "I'm sorry if it looked.. Wrong in a way.. B- but don't worry, she's just a friend now" "I do care about what you do, but as long as it's not reckless or anything stupid, I'm not gonna stop you from having a good time Lapis.. That's what it was right?" "Hehe yeah, it was" Lapis suddenly hugged Peridot and put her head on Peridot's shoulder, Peridot softly held Lapis close. After the hug, the two of them walked out together talking about what happened. "She did what? Ha I never would have guessed, you even said chest first, you're just great" Lapis blushed and looked away, slightly embarrassed. Peridot turning her head back and lightly cupped her cheeks. "But you're my adorable water bird" "w- water bird?" "You did squawk" Peridot chuckled as the started walking again, Lapis pouting slightly. Back at the crystal gems' temple, Garnet was also explaining what happened. "Haha that's the greatest story ever Garnet" "I know Amethyst... it was" "but was it necessary to get your hand under her top like that" Garnet blushed a bit as she tapped her cheek "w- well.." "Why wouldn't it be Pearl?" "Amethyst, I wasn't asking you" "I- I just wanted to know.. How she felt" "hah you're one mysterious gem alright" "Amethyst" "It's alright Pearl, now let me sit down" Garnet pushed them away and walked over to sit in the couch "wait Garnet, did you get what you were searching for over there?" Garnet thought to herself and blushed slightly "Hmm.. Yeah you could say that"

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