Pearl and Lapis - Waiting for Steven

I might have made these two a bit too close, but really, I just wrote what came to my head. Which was apparently this.
Lapis wants to talk with Steven, but ends up spending the day with other things. ^^ Enjoy!


1. Pearl and Lapis - Waiting for Steven

Lapis came flying down from the skies using her beautiful water wings, she lands right in front of the door to the crystal gems' house. She opened the door and rushed inside, and called out. "Steven where are you?" But all she saw was the door in the back opening, and there were waterfalls in the background. Suddenly Pearl jumps out from the door and points her spear at Lapis. "What are you! ..doing here?" Pearl pointed the spear away from Lapis, and she looked at her a bit confused. "W- What are you doing here Lapis?" "I'm sorry for intruding, but do you happen to know where Steven is?" "Yes, he's inside Rose's room, but he doesn't want to get out" Lapis frowned and picked up Pearl's hand. "Just, tell me when is done" "u- uh how, you are staying at home-world, I won't be able to reach you" "don't worry, you can just call me through this" Lapis turns Pearl's hand around and puts a mirror in it "Oh I see, how do I use it" "just say Lapis while you're holding it in front of yourself, and I should be able to hear it, and I'll get there right away. I expect to hear from you soon" Lapis walks out the door and is seen flying off into the distance. Pearl looks at the mirror and decides she might as well call her again, she has no reason other than that she misses her company already. Pearl yelled 'Lapis' into the mirror and she instantly appears at the door, slams it open and walks in. "I knew it! Where is he?" Pearl stepped back and blushed slightly. "S- Sorry, he's not here.. I didn't mean to disturb you" Lapis snickered and picked up both of Pearl's hands "don't worry Pearl, I missed you too. And don't think I don't like you just because I sound angry, my life is just always at the edge you see" "I see, thanks for not getting angry, I seriously thought you were gonna yell at me or something" Lapis chuckled as she twirled her fingers with Pearl's, Pearl blushed darkly. "You know, it's gonna be awhile before Steven gets back.. And I don't think the gems will be here soon" Lapis widened her eyes as some cobalt blue appeared on her face. "W- what are you implying?" "Oh I don't know, I've always wanted to know more about you" Lapis looked down, not really happy about her backstory and everything. "Not like that Lapis" Pearl smiled and cupped Lapis' cheeks as she held her face up to hers, she softly stroked them, as Lapis blushed even more, smiling back at Pearl. "Then what way, Pearl?" "Just something I've had on my mind" Pearl snickered as she strokes with one finger over Lapis' collarbone, making Lapis blush even more and giggle lightly "heh Pearl, why'd you do that?" Pearl chuckled and smiled warmly, softly stroking Lapis' side, down to her waist. "Because you're so incredibly cute" "eeh! T- thanks..!" Pearl enjoyed listening to Lapis laughing lightly, so she kept stroking and rubbing Lapis' sides and just below her chest, almost tempting Pearl to go higher. But she was afraid Lapis might get angry, so she refrained and just kept going. "Hehe s- stop it Pearl, you're embarrassing me" "aw what do you mean, I'm the only one here" "b- but eeh! ..its you I'm talking about" Pearl smiled as she slowly releases Lapis. "Don't worry, I won't embarrass you anymore" Lapis panted softly as she held a hand to her chest "you really know how to get with people huh?" "Oh I don't do this often, but I can't say I didn't enjoy it" Lapis flushed up in dark blue, as she began to softly knead at Pearl's body with her hand, feeling every one of Pearl's reactions, ranging from a blue face, to chuckling and somewhat jumpy reactions "Lapis you know that isn't Eeh! Fair" "aww but I didn't want you to have all the fun" Lapis said as her rubbing under Pearl's arms started going excessively faster, making Pearl sway her arms around, and light laughter could be heard, from the already flustered and giggling gem. Lapis slowed down a bit until she finally stopped and hugged Pearl, Pearl who was still chuckling hugged back and nuzzled Lapis' hair. "These things don't always have to end up in a fight, I'm happy to have had this moment Pearl" "no problem Lapis" they both stopped hugging and looked at each other "Steven might be here soon, should I call you again later or do you want to stay" "sure, I'll stay" they both smiled and sat in the couch, waiting for Steven who for some reason didn't, so they just spend the whole night waiting, not that anyone regret anything.

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