The true story of Cinderella

If you think you know your fairy tales then you should think again.


1. The true story of Cinderella


You've read the books, you've watched the movies, you know the story-the fairy godmother gives Cinderella a dress and shoes then she goes to the ball. Then her shoe comes off and the prince comes and Cinderella puts the shoe on. They live happily ever after. You know, that don't you? Well this is a different version, a better version, the only proper version.


Work, work, work! That's all Cinderella did all day. She worked all day. She had to water the plants, clean and dust. You must know how boring it is to do that all day and it's hard. Something else that you might be thinking is if she got payed or something and sadly the answer to your question is: no.

"This work is so boring!" Said Cinderella in a sad voice when she was in the middle of washing one hundred dirty bowls (with help from the birds of course).

"Oh Cinderella, don't be in that dreadful mood at the ball!"said her stepmother angrily."Oh wait, I forgot that your not going to the ball!"

Yes, a ball. The ball was on that night and sadly Cinderella couldn't go because she had one hundred bowls to wash. Then the stepmother and Cinderella's stepsisters set off to go to the ball.


Just then the most terrifying thing happened! There was a puff of smoke and a fairy godmother was there.

"Oh, dear!" sang the fairy godmother.

"Who are you?" Asked Cinderella.

"I am your fairy godmother and I have come to help you go to the ball!" She sang again.

Of course the fairy godmother was actually Cinderella's stepmother but she didn't notice that until the end of this story. Then there was a puff of smoke and beautiful golden shoes appeared.

"These are your shoes to go to the ball," sang the fairy godmother.

There was a puff of smoke and a beautiful blue dress appeared.

"Thank you!" Sang Cinderella.

And she rushed off to the ball.

"Wait! Stop! There's one more thing I need to tell you!" This time instead of singing it, the fairy godmother screamed at the top of her voice. "Foolish girl!" Laughed the fairy godmother as she was taking her wig off to revile her true identity-the evil stepmother.


You might be thinking that the shoes are enchanted and that if Cinderella dances then she will slip over and never be seen again. If so then you were half right because the shoes were enchanted so at midnight one of them would fall off. And also at midnight her dress would turn into her rags with mouldy spots on them.


Well at first the ball was alright because Cinderella was dancing nicely with random people that she had never met before. Later after that she ended up dancing with the prince. At this point the time was 11:30, which was half an hour until she had to go. But she know that she had to go because she was so foolish that she didn't listen to her stepmother and just ran off into the ball. 


She was dancing for 29 more minutes so it was one more minute until she had to go. Then when the clock struck twelve she noticed that her dress wasn't her beautiful blue dress but it was a rag with mouldy spots on it! 

"Nooo!" Screamed Cinderella as she ran home but as she did her shoe came off.

"Men!" Shouted the prince."We have to search every house here and ask the people to try on the shoes,"


So, they went to every house in the village and they found no luck. Soon they went to Cinderella's house and Cinderella was ready to put the shoe on. The shoe didn't fit her though.

"What!" shouted Cinderella.

Later they found out that the shoe fit both of the stepsisters and they were married to the prince. So it was not a happily ever after for Cinderella, but for the ugly stepsisters.





                            THE END!














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