Amethyst and Lapis - Playing with water

These two may not meet much, but for some reason Amethyst finds a blue thing flying in the air. She of course wants to find out :3 Enjoy!


1. Amethyst and Lapis - Playing with water

Amethyst saw Lapis over head, flying around in the air, just enjoying her ability to fly. Amethyst wasn't sure what it was other than it was blue, so she used her whip and caught Lapis' leg. Lapis struggled to stay in the air, and in the end she had to let Amethyst drag her down. She landed right in front of her feet, Amethyst destroyed her whip to let Lapis go. "Hey what are you doing here?" "I'm sorry, I just got here to fly a bit on my wings, that's all" "you sure there isn't some darker reason for you being here" "I'm not evil and you know that Amethyst" Lapis slowly got up from the ground, and ended up standing so she could look down at Amethyst. "Of course I know that" Amethyst grinned as she sneaked behind Lapis "you know I can see you right?" "What, you can?" Amethyst said jokingly as she pounces onto Lapis' back, making her fall into the gems' house, she lands on the floor inside, with Amethyst on top of her. "Oof" Pearl and Garnet was sitting in the couch, and right as Lapis falls inside, she stands up and looks at them both surprised. "Amethyst! what are you doing?" "I just saw this beauty and decided to bring her home" "you really are just a cat" Lapis blushed a bit as she brushed Amethyst off, and stands up. "I- I didn't mean to be here, I'll go now" Garnet turned her head to Lapis and stared at her "stay" Lapis stepped back, as she for some reason felt nervous. "No no it's quite fine" Garnet stood up and picked up Pearl "what are you doing?" "Let's go eat" Garnet walks out the door, holding onto Pearl on the way. "What was that all about?" "You know how they are, always doing stuff like that" Lapis said goodbye and put her hand on the door handle, but right as she was about to leave she could feel two hands holding onto her waist, she looked down and saw the purple hands who were slowly but surely pulling her back, Lapis was trying to get out of her strong grab. "Aw are you going already? Didn't you hear what Garnet said?" Lapis stopped resisting and she turned around to Amethyst, but before she had the chance to say anything, Amethyst was staring right at her, both of their noses touching, and she could see Amethyst's dark grin, and 'I'm going to do something to you' written all over her face. "U- Uhm do you mind?" "What, personal space? Hah what's that supposed to mean, all I want is... This!" Amethyst then dug her finger deep into Lapis' blue skin, making Lapis squeak and giggle, as she desperately tries to writhe her way out of Amethyst's hands, but all she could do was laugh more when Amethyst dug even deeper into more sensitive nerves, and Lapis couldn't take it. She completely lost it until Amethyst slowly let her land on the floor, exhausted and blushing, she panted but lay still, as Amethyst sat down beside her. "Heh that was fun, you're allowed to go now" Lapis blushed more as she slowly got up so she could sit face to face with Amethyst. "Oh so you think I'm just gonna let you do that" Lapis' voice became louder, as she stood up above Amethyst and look down at her "no way, are you getting out of this" Lapis suddenly grabbed Amethyst and flew out to the beach with her, she let Amethyst fall onto the sand and they both stand there "woah easy there water girl" "heh yeah yeah" A hand made of water appeared from the ocean and quickly got a hold of Amethyst, bringing her onto the air. "I'd like to see how you're gonna escape this" "Hey release me now!" Amethyst writhed around in the large water hand, but she couldn't get anywhere. Lapis flew up to her and looked at the helpless gem. "I might be tired but at least I'm still able to do this" the hand opened so Lapis could easily stand on it "and now it's time for revenge" Just on the hill that held the gems' house up, sat Garnet and Pearl and they could see everything that was going on, but not hear anything they were saying. "Garnet I wish I knew what was happening, I hope nobody gets hurt" "you're worrying too much" Lapis paid no mercy as she began digging all around Amethyst's body thoroughly, hitting so many weak points, making Amethyst squeal and laugh, as she writhed even more than before. Lapis chuckled a bit to herself, enjoying it a lot, she just couldn't help herself from continuing. Amethyst got slightly exhausted and all she could do was move a bit left and right, and swinging her arms didn't help. Lapis could see how tired Amethyst had gotten and she let the blushing and truly exhausted Amethyst go. Amethyst just lay there, panting and blushing eminently, Lapis almost felt bad for her, that she sat down beside Amethyst to see if she was okay. Amethyst had closed her eyes, making Pearl stand up and just as she was about to act, Garnet hushed her and made her sit down again. "She's fine" "b- but" "she's fine". Amethyst suddenly opened her eyes and promptly poking Lapis in the stomach, as she squealed and jumped away, almost about to fall off the hand, she got up again. "Haha got you" "hmph" Lapis blushed as she crawled closer. "You cared about me didn't you?" "W- what?" "Don't act stupid I know you did" Amethyst jumps onto Lapis and hugged her, making them both fall down onto the sand. "Heh I guess you're right" Amethyst smiled as she let Lapis go. "See ya then" of course Amethyst, see you" Lapis opened her wings and she left off for the skies. Amethyst ran up to the house and notices the others sitting there "hey you haven't been watching or anything right?" "N- N" Garnet put a hand around Pearl's mouth and exclaimed "we only saw the part of your fight when it was out here" "well that's worse than if you saw the whole thing!" Pearl takes Garnet's hand off "yes it sure is" Garnet face palmed, as she slowly walks inside the house. "I- I mean sorry" "heh yeah, but I'll tell ya, I was pretty good inside the house" "I'm sure you were" and in the end they both walked back into the house together.

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