Garnet and Amethyst - The cat

These two don't seem to talk much, but if I'm doing this with all the crystals (and some of the diamonds) they are getting one too.
Amethyst just wants to have some fun, so she tries being a cat for Garnet, and it ends up like you would expect. ^^ Enjoy!


1. Garnet and Amethyst - The cat

Garnet was seemingly brushing off the house from dust, as Amethyst steps out from her room and into the living room were she sees Garnet working to make the house nicer. Amethyst thought she might do a prank or something since they were the only ones here. But what would work and not give backlash, Amethyst wasn't sure but she had an idea even though she knows that Garnet can see what'll happen, at least it's worth a try. Amethyst silently sneaked up behind Garnet, and she could see Garnet's expression change from normal to a smirk, and Amethyst could easily tell that she knew. And suddenly Amethyst feels something brushing her stomach, making her step back in surprise. Amethyst looks strictly at Garnet, not sure if it was her. "I know what you're trying to do, and it's not happening" Amethyst looks at Garnet and then at the brush she is holding. "H- How do you know?" Amethyst said as she slowly backed away "don't be stupid, I have future vision" Garnet slowly turns around to look at her "but is there a chance you're future vision is saying that I might be able to" "Heh it can't see that far ahead" Amethyst gets closer and stares up at Garnet "are you saying it'll happen, but maybe first something like tomorrow" Garnet is seen thinking, as she gets a scared expression, making Amethyst interested "so..?" "Y- yeah maybe some.. Other day" Amethyst doesn't feel like Garnet is telling the whole truth, so she decides to check her out. Amethyst shape shifts into a small purple cat with a long fluffy tail, and she jumps up on Garnet's shoulder, making Garnet blush slightly as she can also feel Amethyst's tail brushing under her right arm. "Meow, are you sure there isn't something you aren't telling me?" Amethyst chuckled as she kept swaying her tail at Garnet. Garnet started chuckling too, as she picked the purple cat up. Amethyst hung there, happily awaiting an answer. Garnet faintly smiled back and softly squeezed the little Amethyst "Of course not" Amethyst blushed and started meowing when she did, but still doubted that that was true. Amethyst made swimming motions towards Garnet and managed to get close enough, so she softly licked Garnet's face, making her blush a bit more. "Now now kitty no time for playing around, I need to get this place cleaned up" Amethyst pouted and licked her cheek, clearly not wanting to just let her go. "We can do all of this later, okay?" Amethyst turned back to herself and fell down in front of Garnet, and she looks up at her. "Woah..." Amethyst unexpectedly started blushing. And Garnet looked down at her, slightly confused "huh?" "W- wha, did I say something?" Garnet quietly chuckles to herself. "No of course not, but you do look kind of... Entranced" "what, huh? Oh that's nothing" "very well then" Garnet looks through her vision to see if Amethyst is gonna do something, and her best option seemed to be just waiting. Amethyst thought that she might have a chance now, and the first thing she does is poke Garnet's legs, but she didn't seem to give much of a reaction "oh you thought you could bring me down with that, too bad.. Well I'll let you try" Garnet gives Amethyst the brush and Amethyst looks confused at it, but realizes what Garnet was letting her. "Heh if you say so" Amethyst willingly started brushing Garnet's waist, and to her surprise Garnet had already taken the brush back and held it tightly in her hands. Amethyst saw the worried look on Garnet's face, telling her that she had already hit a sensitive nerve that Garnet didn't want exposed. "N- Now I think that's enough, heh, right Amethyst?" "I'm not quite sure of that, tell me, why did you take the brush" Garnet blushed immensely when she thought of what to answer, that wouldn't reveal anything, even though she could tell that Amethyst already knew. "Oh you know.." Amethyst smugly looked at Garnet and slowly slides the brush out of her hands "a sensitive spot isn't it?" Amethyst grins as she starts brushing Garnet's waist, and Garnet lets out a squeak which makes her blush, flinching, she jolts away from Amethyst. "N- No I just.. Don't like brushes" "don't think you can get away with that" Amethyst shape shifts into a cat again, this time it's much bigger, just like the tail got shorter but fluffier. Amethyst pounces onto Garnet and makes her fall down, so that the purple cat lay on top of Garnet smirking and grinning, she uses her paws to softly rub Garnet's sides, and her tail accidentally brushes over Garnet's chest, so that she not only started chuckling and squirming lightly, her face also turned darker. "S- stop it Amethyst! A- at least get control over your tail" "sorry, no can do Garnet" Amethyst grins, but she feels her tail touching something slightly squishy as she immediately directs it for Garnet's other side. Amethyst blushed as she looked back and kept rubbing, but the shakiness of Garnet and all the squirming around, finally made Amethyst fall off, as she lands on the floor beside Garnet. Garnet lays there panting slightly as she turns around to see Amethyst on the ground with her. "Looks like you were too sensitive to keep still huh?" that comment made Garnet fire up with a need for revenge, and out of nowhere Garnet rolls on top of Amethyst, pressing her down on the floor. "H- Hey what are you doing?" Garnet gets up on four legs as she looks down at Amethyst with a smirk. She quickly reaches for Amethyst's arms and holds them down on the floor. And Amethyst gets the answer she was waiting for "revenge" which was all Garnet said until she dug her fingers extremely deep into the now transformed back Amethyst's sides and armpits. And Amethyst bursts into laughter as she turns to the side, so Garnet has a harder time getting her on one side, but that doesn't stop her from almost taking the breath out of Amethyst who was laughing at every finger that dug deeper or just strokes a specific part of her, could make her flinch. Garnet could see how exhausted Amethyst had gotten, and she lets her go, rolling off and landing beside Amethyst. Amethyst blushed immensely as she was still chuckling lightly, and panting form the massive outburst. "D- Don't you ever.. *pant* do that again" all Garnet did was chuckle as she put a hand on Amethyst's stomach, which made her do a swift jerk away from Garnet. "W- what did I just say?" Amethyst nicely took Garnet's hand and placed it on the floor. "How can you stop something, that's this fun?" Garnet sat up and looked out the door, where she could see Pearl making her way up the stairs. "Quick! Get into the couch and just sit there, I'm not letting her see me or you like this, and I know you wouldn't either" "Why? What and who do you mean?" "Pearl is on her way here, and look at how we're laying" "Pearl! She would tease me for days" "I know" They both hurry standing up and run over to the couch, and they sit down right away, and they try to hide they're blushing, which sadly isn't easy. Pearl opens the door and walks in "Hey gems, what are you up to?" Amethyst looked away and started mumbling "none of your business" then Garnet covered for her "what she meant to say was that we're kind of bored" "Oh I see, can I join you then?" "S- Sure" Pearl walked over to them and sat in between them. Some minutes pass with silence until Pearl breaks it "so.. You really haven't done anything, you just seem to be covered in darker colors than usual.. On your faces" Both instantly look away, making Pearl even more confused. "Huh?" Amethyst she might as well tell, but only the part were she was winning. So Amethyst started talking about how she was totally beating Garnet, which made Garnet look back at them and blush even more. "No! I was the one, not her, she's getting the whole thing messed up" Pearl instantly looks at her, even more confused, as they both started arguing. "Please, just tell me the truth" "they're both the truth.. Almost" "what do you mean almost?" "Well no one was beating anyone, it was mostly just.. Fun" Pearl chuckled and hugged them both "don't worry, I won't tell" Garnet still sat and murmured to herself, but did blush a little when she was being hugged, but Pearl had to end it off right, even though it was paining to hear. "At least you were being honest"

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