Amethyst and Pearl - The party hat

Amethyst once again has her hand on a party hat, which doesn't make Pearl the happiest. But then Amethyst discovers something. ^^ Enjoy!


1. Amethyst and Pearl - The party hat

"Amethyst!" Pearl saw Amethyst running around the house, wearing a party hat over her nose, making fun of Pearl's nose once again. "Remove it right now!" Amethyst stopped running and stared at Pearl with a dark grin "Make me" Pearl ran over to Amethyst and pulled at the hat, trying to get it off. Amethyst who wanted to keep it, had to get her away somehow, and as she tried hard to keep it on she got an idea. Amethyst grabbed some of Pearl's skin on her side and squeezed it. "Ah!" Which made Pearl jump away and cover her side with her hands "Heheh little Pearl is sensitive, good to know" "grr no I'm not, I only jumped from the surprise" "why are you covering your side then?" Pearl looks down and quickly lets her arms fall down "W- well" Amethyst gets down on all four and she crawls over to Pearl, she points the party hat and pokes it at Pearl's stomach, making her squeak once more, as well as covering her body when she jumps a small way away from Amethyst. "Heh I can see you aren't" "y- yeah, wait I just made it completely obvious" "Oh you did huh? So you're saying that you are?" Pearl frets as she thinks of a way to escape this. "J- Just give me that hat already!" Pearl blushed as she took the hat and started pulling it off Amethyst again. Amethyst just shrugged as she once again, threw her head out of Pearl's hands and she jumped up, and instead of the hat, she used her finger to poke Pearl right in the middle of her collarbone, and Pearl accidentally hits Amethyst on the head when she stepped back in surprised. Pearl blushed immensely and Amethyst saw how close she was to an area she probably should refrain from. "Alright that's enough fooling around, g- give me that hat" Amethyst started blushing, and after that she might as well do it. Amethyst nodded and got up standing again, sticking her face close to Pearl's. "Go ahead and take it" Pearl looked at her with a clear face of doubt. "No tricks or anything?" "Nope" "you sure?" Amethyst rips it off and offers it to Pearl "Yes! You deserve it" Pearl smiled and just as she's about to take it, Amethyst quickly wrapped it around Pearl's head so the hat was on her. "Hah double size now" Amethyst chuckled and Pearl just stared at her "what? It's funny" Pearl took the party hat off and looked at Amethyst annoyed. "Aw don't be so boring, or I might.." Amethyst suddenly grabbed Pearl's waist and held tightly onto it, just out of surprise Pearl drops the hat and blushes. She takes Amethyst's arms and tries to pull her off "I- I'm not boring, I just don't want you to make fun of my nose" "yeah genius, that's known as boring" "Nngh" Pearl looked away, until Amethyst began landing her fingers into different parts of Pearls body, some giving a louder reaction than other. Pearl was already squirming out of control, especially when Amethyst throws her onto the couch, and jumps on and keeps going. Pearl was clinging onto the bed, but didn't for long when Amethyst turned her around on her back, so she could easily get to some softer and more sensitive parts of Pearl's body. Amethyst was enjoying it way too much and all Pearl could do was squirm and flail around. Until Amethyst finally lets her go. Amethyst was standing above her on all four, and Pearl was laying under her, blushing darkly and panting. She looked up at Amethyst and blushed even more. "You're not getting away freely *pant* just like nothing" "Oh and what are you gonna do about it?" Amethyst teasingly looked at Pearl, grinning she sees Pearl sit up again, as she lets her. "This!" Pearl yelled as she jumped on Amethyst and held her down. "You know I'm stronger than you by muscle right?" Pearl ignored her warning since she knew Amethyst's strength weren't gonna help unless she had full control, Pearl assured herself she wouldn't. "Don't worry I'll start off slow" Pearl softly strokes Amethyst's neck, making Amethyst blush and bite her lips, not wanting to lose it already. "Oh Amethyst, might you be.. Enjoying it?" Pearl got an unusual face filled with smugness and a bit of grinning. Amethyst blushed even more and looked away from Pearl. "W- who would ever.. Enjoy.. Tha- aht!" And just like that Pearl was already in the middle of making Amethyst beg for her to stop. She was rolling around on the couch, making it a bit hard for Pearl to control her, but she does great effort and ends up making Amethyst really exhausted just like herself. She keeps going, Amethyst trying to crawl out of the couch but to no avail. Until Pearl suddenly stops, still with her hand on Amethyst's side and the other slightly under Amethyst's tunic, holding at her waist. Because she was scared to know that Garnet was standing right in the door opening, looking at them both. Pearl takes her hands to herself and she jumps over to her side of the couch, and Amethyst keeps laying there terrified but also exhausted and blushing extremely, especially after Pearl was touching just a bit more than she should. "H- How long have you been standing there?" Pearl hurries out of the couch and runs up to look at Garnet. "From when Amethyst ran around the room with the party hat on her face.. It was too interesting to just go away" "so are you saying that you've been standing there the whole time!..?" "Pretty much" "Gah!" Pearl stepped back and the thoughts of what she was doing, played in her head. "N- No I'm sure you haven't, w- what did you see? If you can't say that then you have no proof!" Amethyst regained herself a bit more and she walked over to both. "Hey yeah, I might feel dizzy but that doesn't mean I'll let it slide" "heh well I'll tell you what happened, but as you would imagine it's probably gonna embarrass you even more, getting the whole thing rehearsed" Pearl dropped a sweat as she stepped back again. "You're right, I- it's fine" "I thought so" Garnet walks past them and over to her room, letting the door close behind her. "Well, looks like we've been watched" "how nice of you to say that Amethyst" "hey it's wasn't me who.. Oh wait" "yes Amethyst, you were the one starting this whole mess" "don't sweat it" Amethyst walked to the door and opened it to her own room. "Well, see ya Pearly" "huh? Oh yeah see you too Amethyst" after Amethyst went into her room, so did Pearl, smiling slightly as she entered, it wasn't that bad after all.

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