Flaws. °*° Ashton Irwin °*°

•°•°• FETUS ASHTON •°•°•

"Why are you just taking a picture of me? You can have one with me if you want." He grins at her.

She shakes her head, typing into her phone.

"I just take photos of things I find beautiful. And, well, your beautiful." She shows him the message in her notes.

He flushes, blinking up at her. "Then why won't you take a photo with me?"

"Like I said. I only take photos of things I find beautiful."


She was just a deaf girl who took pictures of things she found beautiful.

He was just a guy who's band was quickly getting more and more popular.

Ashton just wanted to play cool with his three best friends, and make his fans happy. But he wasn't ready for a deaf girl named Adeline to silently possess his mind, and heart.

• B O O K O N E O F T H E F A M E S E R I E S •


3. Why You Should Listen To Luke.



It had been a few weeks, and the guys had invited Savannah and Adeline over a bunch of times.

They were all slowly becoming more comfortable around each other.

All except Adeline.

She was still talking through her phone, and it made Ashton very frustrated.

Why didn't she trust him?

It was a rainy day, it was pouring like cats and dogs, which was strange for normal Sydney weather.

Ashton was on a coffee run, his hood pulled up, as he brings the cup holder with four coffees out.

And that's when he saw her.

He squinted through the hard rain, and sure enough, it was Adeline.

Adeline was walking down a street, an Umbrella held tightly in her hand, her back facing him.

He always seemed to meet her in the most random of times.

"Adeline!" He tries to shout, but she continues walking, ignoring him.

He shook his head about to walk away, when he saw it.

A trolley.

And it was headed straight for Adeline.

It was blaring its horn loudly, trying to move her out of the way, but she continued walking like it was nothing.

"Adeline!" He shouts in horror. "ADELINE! MOVE!"

But she ignores him.

The tray slips from his fingers, dropping to the ground with a splash, coffee mixing with rain water as he sprints towards her as fast as his legs would take him, his hood falling off making his hair stick to his forehead.

He pushed himself further, grabbing her by the waist, and twisting both of them to the other side right when the Trolley Bus swerved by them.

He holds her tightly in a hug, fear inside of him of what could've happened if he didn't make it in time.

She had dropped her umbrella, looking at where the bus once was in shock.

Suddenly Ashton felt anger well up inside him. What the hell was this girls problem?!

He grabs her tightly by the forearms, his glare dead set on her.

She blinks up at him in confusion, and slight pain, but all Ashton could see was red.

He was down right furious.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" He asks seriously, his jaw clenching slightly. "Do you have any idea what would've fucking happened if I hadn't made it on time?!" He yells at her frighteningly.

She blinks back tears as she pulls out her phone, making Ashton go wild.

He grabs her phone, throwing it all the way down the street in rage.

Her eyes widen in fear, and she slowly backs away from him, noticing how lethal he looked right now.

He grabs her by the forearms once more, but a lot more rougher, and more painfully as he pulls her towards him.

"I want you to talk to me! I thought, okay, maybe she's just a little shy, but it's been weeks! Talk to me! Why don't you trust me!?" He screams through the rain.

She was full on sobbing now, trying to push Ashton away from her.

"Just fucking talk to me!"

"She can't."

Ashton looks past Adeline, to Savannah, who had suddenly appeared, completely drenched.

"Savannah?" He says softly, letting go of Adeline.

Adeline yanks herself away from him, but not before planting a hard slap across Ashton's cheek, leaving him stunned.

Savannah pulls Adeline away, giving her a hard look.

But the poor girl continues to cry, and that sight is what made all that anger disperse from Ashton's body, and be replaced with guilt.

He rubs his now red turning cheek, looking at her regretfully.

"She can't talk to you, and she can't hear you either."

Ashton stares at Savannah in shock.

"You mean.." Ashton feels his heart breaking for the sobbing girl in front of him.

"Yeah." Savannah swallowed thickly.

"She's deaf."

Ashton felt realization hit him like a ton of bricks.

That's.. That's why she always talked in text.

"But.. How does she understand me?" Ashton whispers, blinking back his own tears that were threatening to spill.

Savannah laughed harshly. "God made her deaf. Not stupid. She knows sign language, but she usually prefers to talk by reading people's lips, and using texts as a reply. It.. It makes her feel less of a.. Of a freak." Savannah spits the word like poison on her tongue.

Ashton flinches as she says the word as well.

"Why.. Why didn't you tell us?" Ashton asks, a little bit annoyed.

"How the hell was I suppose to bring something like that up, huh? And I didn't see any of you guys asking why she was talking like this." Savannah glares.

She might've been his fan, but this was a lot more deeper and darker for her to even consider going lightly on him.

"I'm.. I'm sorry." Ashton runs a shaky hand through his soaked hair.

Adeline had stopped crying, and was just staring at him blankly now.

She pulled Savannah, grabbed her umbrella, and started walking away stiffly.

"Wait." Ashton pleaded, but the two of them disappeared around the corner.

Ashton let out a string of profanities, kicking a near by trash can over while he clenches his fists in his hair.


He continued to wreck things around him, shouting in anger at himself as the rain poured down on him, the little blackberry a few feet away, the screen completely cracked, and the phone in bits and pieces.


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