Flaws. °*° Ashton Irwin °*°

•°•°• FETUS ASHTON •°•°•

"Why are you just taking a picture of me? You can have one with me if you want." He grins at her.

She shakes her head, typing into her phone.

"I just take photos of things I find beautiful. And, well, your beautiful." She shows him the message in her notes.

He flushes, blinking up at her. "Then why won't you take a photo with me?"

"Like I said. I only take photos of things I find beautiful."


She was just a deaf girl who took pictures of things she found beautiful.

He was just a guy who's band was quickly getting more and more popular.

Ashton just wanted to play cool with his three best friends, and make his fans happy. But he wasn't ready for a deaf girl named Adeline to silently possess his mind, and heart.

• B O O K O N E O F T H E F A M E S E R I E S •


2. Michael Teaches Ashton How To Pick Up Girls.



"And, damn. She was so pretty!" Ashton sighs dreamily, leaning back on their couch.

"Shut up Ashton. You sound like a fucking girl." Michael snickers at him.

Don't swear, Michael." Ashton warns him with narrowed eyes.

Calum jumps on top of him, knocking the air out of Ashton.

"Calum! Get the fuck off of me!" Ashton cries out, trying to push him off.

"I know you love it!" Calum sasses.

"I hate this band." Luke grumbles, fixing his hair.

"Shut up Luke!" They all glare at him slightly.

Ashton finally pushes him off, causing Calum to hit the floor painfully.


"Here, Ash. Let Mikey give you a lesson on how to pick up girls." Michael slings an arm around Ashton, letting the other one stretch out in front of him.

Luke sits up, looking amused, and ready to hear Michael's "lesson".

"Step one. Introducing. How did you two interact?" Michael raises an eyebrow at his friend.

Ash stares at the wall in front of him.

"It was a little weird. She was taking a picture of me from afar." He states.

"Afar?" Calum mumbles.

"Right? Like, she didn't even ask me to smile or anything. She was just taking a picture. So I thought she was to shy and called her over." He begins.

"Okay.. What'd you two talk to each other about?" Luke asks.

"That was also really weird. She was talking to me through her phone. Like, in text." Ash frowns in confusion.

"The fuck?" Michael looks at him weirdly.

"Maybe she's de-" Luke begins, but is cut of by Calum.

"This girl's shy as hell! What did you guys talk about though?"

"Private." Ash blushes at remembrance of what was said to him.

"Come on, you pussy." Michael groans.

"She.. I asked her why she was taking a picture of me, I offered to give her a picture with me. And.. She said she only takes photos of things she finds beautiful. And then she called me really beautiful. And that's when I said that she should take one with me, then. And she said she only takes pics of things she finds beautiful." Ash heated up. "But.. That was also really weird. Whenever I was talking she was dead straight looking at my lips like her life depended on it."

"Like I was trying to say, maybe she's de-" Luke starts but again is cut off.

"Shut up, Luke. You don't know shit." Michael gives him a dirty look.

Luke scutches over, grumbling to himself quietly.

"Well. Step two. Getting her number. Did you?" Mikey narrows his eyes at his friend.

"Well, no.." Ashton trails off.

"Seriously!?" They stare at him shocked.

"A girl you finally like, and you didn't even get her number. God, your the worst man." Michael shakes his head, starting to walk away.

"Wait, what about my lesson!?" Ashton whines, standing up as well.

"No lesson in the world could save your flirting skills, Ash." Calum follows Mikey into the kitchen.

Luke finally walks towards Ash.

"Don't you think that she might maybe be dea-" Luke tries once more, but is cutoff once again.


Luke storms off to his room, muttering about how much he hates this band.

Ashton groans, falling back into the couch.




It was when they were in a meet and greet, in which Ashton saw the girl again a few weeks after.

She was in line, nodding to a very excited girl, but her eyes looked bored and confused, almost as if she didn't want to be here.

When they walked to him, and Ash looks up, seeing those icy blue eyes, his mouth drops open and his pen slips from his fingers as he fumbles around.

She looked shocked to see him here as well.

"Hi, Ashton! Can I have a hug?" Her friend smiles shyly.

He grins, and hugs her tightly, signing her CD, as she starts to talk to Luke.

Ashton turns back to the blue eyed girl.

"H-Hey." Ashton runs a hand through his hair, trying to appear as cool and collective as possible.

She pulls out her phone, typing, making Ashton frown.

What are you doing here? It read.

Ashton was confused, he opened his mouth to speak, her eyes staring at his lips once more.

"I'm in the band? You didn't know?" He asks softly.

She looks up at him, quite surprised, and shakes her head no.

Ashton bites his lip to control the grin that wanted to appear on his face.

"Okay, girls. Enough talking we got to move the line." A guard motions Ashton's new crush and her friend to move further down.

Ashton glares at the guard, and motions for another one to come closer to him.

"Take these two girls and walk them to my dressing room." He tells the guard.

He just nods stiffly, and motions the girls to follow him. The blue eyed girl looks a bit scared, almost as if she had done something wrong.

"It's okay! They're just going to take you somewhere if your willing to wait? I really want to talk to you!" Ashton tells her when she looks at him frightened.

Her gaze turns into one of relief as she nods, following the guards out of the meet and greet, her friend behind her.

The meet and greet drags on for what felt like hours, Ashton tapping his foot impatiently as they got the last of the fans.

As soon as they were done, Ashton jumps out of his seat and jogs down to his dressing room.

He opens the door quietly. Looking inside to see if they really did stay.

He saw her sleeping peacefully on the couch, and felt a bit guilty. Who knows how long they've been here.

Her friend was snoring softly, curled up in his chair.

He walks up to the girl on the couch, almost unconsciously letting his hand run across her cheek, pushing her hair out of her face gently.

Her eyes suddenly snapped open, blinking up at him.

He pulled his hand away as if he had been burned, stumbling a few steps back, his face on fire.

The embarrassment of being caught was eating him alive.

She sat up rubbing her eyes slightly while she yawns.

"I-I'm so sorry! I didn't mean-" he began, but she just smiles at him softly, as if saying it's okay that he was hovering over her and touching her face like a creep.

The boys open the door and start talking loudly, waking up the girl in the chair.

"Someone gave me chocolate, Ash!" Mikey cries out.

They all froze when they saw the two girls who were inside the room.

"Who are these people, Ash?" Calum raises an eyebrow at him tauntingly.

"This is that girl I met when I was locked out of the garage. Remember? And this is her friend." He glares at them, warning them not to embarrass him.

"Oh, right." Mikey winks at him.

"So, what's your name?" He asked the two girls who were now sitting together on the couch.

"I'm Savannah, and this is Adeline." The friend introduces us.


Ashton smiles at the name. It was really pretty.

"Your both fans?" Calum asks, while Luke just stares at Adeline with a look of wonder.

"Well, I am. Adeline doesn't have any clue who you guys are." Savannah laughs.

Adeline flushes in slight embarrassment, while the rest of the guys laugh.

Ashton taps Adeline's knee, and she looks at his lips.

"Is it alright if we could get both of your numbers? You guys seem pretty cool." Ashton bites his lips.

"Sure!" Savannah grins, while Adeline looks uncertain.

She gives Ashton both numbers, before running her eyes tiredly.

She looks at Adeline.

"We should get going now." She tells her friend.

Adeline smiles and nods.

"I'll see you later?" Ashton asks her hopefully.

She looks up from his lips to his eyes and grins, nodding.

And then, the two of them were gone.

"Aww, shit! Ashton's got a new girlfriend." Mikey teases.

"Fuck off, Michael."


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