Aquamarine meets the crystal gems

This is a short story about my oc (which I won't be using that much) who meets the four crystals. If anyone wants to see Aqua, just tell me. (This was actually made for a comic a wanted to draw, but I got so into writing it, I decided to release it on here) ^^ Enjoy


1. Aquamarine meets the crystal gems

Aquamarine finds herself laying on top of the temple that the crystal gems live in, she gets down and bangs on the front door, waiting for someone to come, first she sees pearl standing at the door, calling for someone, when Garnet also appears at the door, she opens it and goes out to inspect Aqua and asks what she's doing here, Aqua says that she doesn't know much other than landing on top of the temple. Aqua also says that she really wants to get help since her gem is broken, Garnet who's still not sure if she's good, looks closer, as Aqua is asked to tell where she came from. It starts as her living in a crater also known as the rooms or homes of the gems from kindergarten. Amethyst was also there, Aqua had seen her a few times but they never talked and one day there was a big explosion near Aqua that sent her all the way to land on the temple, with her gem cracked from the fall. She does think that Amethyst might have crawled back to her cave-opening at the kindergarten. After the explanation, Aqua starts to form giant weapon like hands, and a longer nose, making Amethyst comment on it looking like pearls, which she of course doesn't like. After a bit of staring at her wrong transformations she even takes out a whip from her broken gem, the whip also looking a bit broken. Then suddenly Steven walks out and stares at her. Garnet pushes him closer to Aqua and asks him to heal her gem, he looks at her a bit confused, then Aqua holds her bangs out of the way so the gem got revealed and he looks at it, interested. Then he spit at his hand and say that it might feel a little weird. He puts his hand on her gem as it heals up, the nose goes in again and her arms turn normal, the whip also disappearing. Her colors turn darker and less matt. Aqua smiles and shakes Steven's hand, telling him how grateful she is. Garnet suddenly gets a hold of Aqua as she turns her around, revealing a star on the back. Pearl looks at it surprised and says that that's great and that we won't have to worry now. Garnet turns her around again and stares right into Aqua's eyes, telling her that she still needs to prove to them that she's good. Which makes Aqua get agitated and she starts saying how hard her life has been until now and that showing she's good wouldn't help, they should already know she's good by now, also since she has that star on her back. Garnet simply replies with a hush, making Aqua stare angrily. Then Garnet smiles and says that she can prove it by living with them for a week and if she succeeds, she might as well live there for as long as she wants. Aqua blushes and just stands there in silence, then apologizes for yelling and that she would happily do that. Amethyst then gets closer and smirks, saying that Aqua should guess their names. Aqua looks at her confused then smiles and agrees. And says that she knows Pearls name, which she doesn't understand but Aqua just says it's not that hard to see, and she pokes Pearl's gem. She chuckles and says that Aqua must be right. Aqua then looks at Garnet and sweats a little, standing there in silence. Garnet quietly says her name. And turns Aqua over to look at Amethyst, and says she should remember this one. Aqua looks up at Garnet then back down at Amethyst. And simply says Amethyst. They stare at each other for a while until Aqua suddenly runs over and hugs Amethyst. Exclaiming how much she once wish she would see her again even though they never talked, the feeling of getting separated hurt Aqua more than it should. Amethyst blushes a bit and hugs back, the other three just stand there looking at them. Until Garnet orders everybody inside. All four walk in and Steven goes up to lay in his bed, while Aqua looks around the house, she smiles and looks at Pearl. And asks what she should do now, instead of Pearl, Garnet walks over to Aqua and smiles lightly, pushing her closer to the door that leads to the gems' rooms. Aqua looks at Garnet confused and asks what she's supposed to do, and all that Garnet does is sway Aqua's bangs to the side, which makes her gem glow and the star on the door gets bigger, as it gives space for another gem that has the same color as Aqua's. Aqua quickly steps back in surprise, as the other gems run up behind them, Pearl looks even more surprised, considering another secret had been kept from her. She loudly says that it can't be, and that the star shouldn't just do that, if it's Aqua's it should have been here that whole time, why would it just make space for a new one. Garnet turns around and picks up Pearl, making Pearl sweat and chuckle nervously. Garnet smiles and grins lightly, running a finger over Pearl's gem, before putting her down again, Pearl blushes and looks away, slightly embarrassed. Aqua gets closer to the door still with her glowing gem, as the door slowly opens. Revealing a giant ocean with a few sea creatures jumping up and down in the distance. Aqua steps back in surprise again, and accidentally bumps into Garnet, Aqua looks back and moves slowly away from her, apologizing. Garnet answers with an it's okay, and that she should check out her room. Aqua nods and slowly makes her way into the water. She then stands there in the middle of the big ocean and looks at them, yelling to them that the water is nice. Garnet looks over at Pearl and picks her up again, making her chuckle nervously once more. Garnet looks at Aqua then throws Pearl out to her, letting Pearl land a meter from her. Aqua looks surprised at the drenched gem, and Pearl just sits there with an angry look on her face. Amethyst lights up and chuckles as she runs fast over to Aqua, and when she reaches her, Amethyst jumps onto Aqua making them both fall down in the water. Then they both lay there giggling. Pearl just stares at them, as well as Garnet. Garnet then runs over to everyone, with Steven following her, as she asks how the water is. Pearl stares at her, but Aqua says that it's really nice and so does Amethyst. Steven jumps around in the water happily, and Garnet sits down beside Pearl, saying that she'll just relax here for a bit, which gives Pearl an idea. She quickly crawls behind Garnet, but she takes Pearl's arm and pulls her back. Quietly stating that she shouldn't even try, making Pearl disappointed. Garnet notices the audience of all the other gems watching them, clearly seeing how much they want something to happen, Garnet goes through her future vision to make sure she didn't do anything stupid. And she decides to go with a route she'd be strong at, then she can do some of the other things once they get out of the water. Pearl looks up at Garnet in hope of some sort of statement. The simple answer was "Gems, fight, without weapons.." They all stare at her, not thinking that was gonna be her answer. Pearl looked at her confused and said that they wouldn't want to fight each other, and that you can't fight without weapons, and once again she gets a blatant answer "oh it's easy, and you're not gonna hurt anyone... Let me show you" Pearl got a nervous look as she slowly backed away, closer to the Aqua and Amethyst, whispering quietly to them, that they should probably run away. But before she could finish her sentence some sweat started falling, as she could feel Garnet right behind her. Garnet slowly runs a finger down Pearls side, as she squeaks softly and jolt away from Garnet. Pearl stared at the tall black and red gem that was quietly grinning and staring back at her. Pearl nervously asked why she did that, but Garnet doesn't reply, she just sits there waiting for Pearl to let her guard down. Pearl gets more nervous as silence floods the room and all they do is look at each other, the others watching and excitedly waiting for more to happen. Since Garnet would hate to let them down, she starts slowly crawling over to Pearl. Pearl quickly crawls over and hides behind Aqua and Amethyst. Amethyst rolls off Aqua and looks at Pearl, stating how small her chances of getting away was. Pearl just stared at her, then looked over and saw Garnet still crawling slowly over to them, all the while grinning and snickering quietly. Pearl crawl over and close to Aqua, trying to hide as well as she can, even though she knows it's not gonna help. Aqua chuckles and looks at Pearl, saying that she didn't know it would be so fun to be a part of the crystal gems, and that she couldn't wait to be here more. Pearl smiled and patted her back, saying that it's nice Aqua would be here too, then she remembers what position she was in, as she quickly says that it isn't usually like this though, as she quickly hides again. Garnet was beside Amethyst now, and as she saw Pearl, she got ready to lash out at her. Pearl then suddenly crawled over to Garnet and says that she gives up, as long as Garnet doesn't do anything. But then she realized that giving up was basically letting her. Garnet snickers and picks up Pearls arm, and asks if she's really giving up. Pearl fret and looks around at everyone, thinking of how embarrassing it would be to just give, so she thought she might need to fight back some way, considering she's already made a few points clear. Garnet lightly shakes Pearl in her hold, wanting an answer soon. She hesitates for awhile but states that she's is definitely not giving up, and then she immediately pulls her arm out of Garnets grip as she lands a few meters from her, splashing water onto Aqua and Amethyst. Garnet looks surprised at Pearl and asks what she would do now, Pearl looked around for an opportunity to do something, anything, to win this. Garnet smirks and slowly walks closer, Pearl almost starts panicking. Then Amethyst looks at Pearl and tells her to apologize for splashing them both with water and Aqua agrees. Pearl doesn't know what to do and says they'll have to wait for an apology. Pearl takes out a spear from her gem and points it at Garnet, saying that she shouldn't get closer. Garnet picks up the spear and breaks it, saying that this was a fight without weapons, just like she had before. Pearl remembers and thinks there no other way to avoid this than get out of the room, so she quickly took Aqua's hand and pulled her up, whispering that they should get out, Aqua not sure of what to do, just nods, and Pearl gets ready. She runs past Garnet on her way to the door, but just before she got there, two black and red hands held onto her sides and turned her around, throwing her right back to Steven and Amethyst. Aqua runs after Pearl and sits beside the now even more drenched gem. And she exclaims how close she was, Aqua pats her shoulder and smiles at her, telling Pearl not to worry, and that Garnet isn't evil maybe she just wanted to have some fun. From the door Pearl could see Garnet smiling more than usual, she could tell Garnet was enjoying this. Pearl chuckles quietly to herself, and looks at Aqua. Garnet runs over to them and grabs Pearl, then holds her close, Pearl blushes as she hugs her back. Aqua smiles and looks over at Amethyst, who's sadly not enjoying it as much as she was before when Garnet was chasing Pearl, but maybe it wasn't over yet. Amethyst seemed to light up, when she sees Garnet with the grin she had before, Garnet held Pearl a bit away from herself, and they both looked deeply at each other. Pearl started blushing even more until Garnet said that she had got her right where she wanted, then Pearl realized what they where actually doing before. And without warning, Garnet sits them both down in the water and starts digging her fingers into Pearls sides, hitting some extremely sensitive nerves, and knowing just where to place them for better results, making Pearl squeak softly and gripping onto Garnets arms, trying to pull them away. Garnet keeps going for a bit, also hitting her waistline, Pearl chuckles louder as it turns into laughter, she squirms around and flails her arms wherever she could, considering that she had no chance of escaping she gave up trying. Garnet slowly lets her go, still grinning darkly, and Pearl lands in the water, panting and struggling to get up. Amethyst was heard laughing in the background, as she rolls around in the water. Aqua crawls over to Pearl and helps her up on her knees. Pearl still exhausted, thanks Aqua as she then looks straight at Garnet. Saying that's she'll get her back for that. Then Garnet walks over and picks Pearl up, Pearl looks at her a bit confused, but trusts that she won't do anything. They all walk towards the door, Amethyst still laughing, not noticing they all went. She suddenly sees them almost out and she runs after them, then they walk out together. When they get into the living room again, Garnet lays Pearl down on the couch and sits beside her. Amethyst walks over to the couch and sits on the other side of the couch where Pearl's head was, Pearl could hear her chuckling as she blushes, thinking back to being in the room. Pearl says that she's sorry for the whole splashing thing, and Amethyst looks at her, surprised that had even remembered that. Garnet then suddenly runs her hand down Pearls leg, making her blush even more, Pearl giggles slightly and looks at Garnet, seemingly embarrassed, Garnet just smirks back at her. Aqua walks over to Amethyst and asks her where and what she should do while they wait for a mission or something. Amethyst smiles and grabs Aqua's arm, pulling her on top of herself and then she happily hugs her. Aqua smiles and lays her head on Amethysts shoulder. Amethyst says that there's nothing much they can do, but she does offer Aqua the chance to try and pretend sleep with her. Aqua nods and they both agree that it should be in Amethyst's room, and they walk inside, once they do Amethyst runs in and starts building a bed out of the soft random stuff she has laying around. She forms it into something that could look like beds and she jumps onto it, Aqua walks over to her and slowly lays down on the other one. They both lay there looking at each other for a while until Amethyst snickers and turns around, closing her eyes. And Aqua is left thinking, she thinks about how awesome it was to meet the crystal gems and that she can't wait for more adventures and such with them, and with that Aqua closes her eyes too, silently dozing off into sleep.

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