I dont wanna live anymore..

My dad walked through the door and as soon as he saw me in the kitchen, he hit me and stomped on my side until I was bleeding from head to toe.. "Why are you still alive Angela! You're just a piece of shit and a waste of space! No wonder you have no friends!" I ran out of the house to a tall bridge down the road from my house and stood on the rail. "I don't wanna live anymore.." I was about to jump when I heard someone screaming..


3. Chapter 2.

I woke up in a white room. I was in a hospital. "It didn't work.." I whispered to myself. "No it didn't but it would've if I hadn't of stopped you." I look up and see a tall man with blonde hair, blue eyes and a lip ring. "Y-you're Luke.." He chuckles. "Yeah I am" I sit there in shock wondering why someone as famous as him would try to stop a worthless piece of shit like me. "What's your name beautiful?" Another guy with black hair with a blonde streak and brown eyes said. "Calum she needs sleep. She just woke up." Okay now I know I'm in a dream. "Tara.." I whispered. They both looked at me. "Tara. That's a pretty name for such a pretty girl." A guy with black hair said. "Thank you M-Michael.." I stuttered. "Hey Mikey, where's Ashton?" Luke said. "Oh he's getting food for Tara." He says as a doctor walked in. "Hi Tara, how are you feeling?" He says with a smile on his face while writing on a clipboard. "I'm okay" I smile. "Alright well you've been here for two days so I'm happy to say you can go home." I get worried. I can't go home. Not to my abusive dad. "She's going home with us Doctor Sir" Ashton says as he walks in the room. "Okay well I'll get her stuff and she can go."

An hour later I am now dressed and ready to go. "You ready Tara?" Mikey says. I nod and smile. "Alright let's go" Ashton says taking my hand. Time to go to my new home.

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