I dont wanna live anymore..

My dad walked through the door and as soon as he saw me in the kitchen, he hit me and stomped on my side until I was bleeding from head to toe.. "Why are you still alive Angela! You're just a piece of shit and a waste of space! No wonder you have no friends!" I ran out of the house to a tall bridge down the road from my house and stood on the rail. "I don't wanna live anymore.." I was about to jump when I heard someone screaming..


2. Chapter 1.

I was sitting in my room listening to music, that was until I heard a door slam and screaming. It was my dad.. "TARA WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU?" I quickly ran down the stairs until I saw my dad coming up them and I bumped into him. "There you are. You stupid slut." I started crying as he put on his dreaded smirk. "You're going to pay for bumping into me." Next thing I knew, he was tugging me by my hair and throwing me against the wall, he then punched me in the jaw and stomped at my side. I was now in tears and whimpering. I let out a small "Please...s-stop." I stuttered. He then spit at my face and screamed "Shut up!" He walked away after that. After 10 minutes I finally got enough courage to get up. I ran out of the house to the bridge. I was on the top of the rail about to jump, that was until everything went black and I heard someone scream "STOP!" I was out.

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