I fell hard, grasing myself every single time. Do I learn? Do I learn not to fall in love? No; this time it will be different. I will not fall for someone else that will break me!

Follow Dylan as she brakes after she falls for someone who fixed her but then breaks again as her heart is torn. Follow her journey as she tries to fix her own heart; without the help of her true love. The one who has been there since the beginning


2. Past Catches


"Dylan... Dylan... Dylan..." It repeated as It tried to find me. The rain became heavier and the fog became more dense and soon she found herself trying to get through the fog. It was like a penetrable blanket or sheet around the area she was in. "Dylan..." The voice became louder; almost as it was closer than she thought. The fog not only clouded her vision but her other senses. All she could see was the fog and only hear the mysterious voice calling for her. Each time it spoke it became even more creepier than the last. This only caused her blood pressure to increase. Her scream silenced the voice as she fell; his laughter then filled in the background. Her body shook with fright, Goosebumps broke the surface of her skin. Her vision finally cleared as she saw moss growing on the rocks beneath her. Then she felt safe - something made her role over as the rain turned into a thunder storm. The one she was running and trying to escape from lifted her up. Lightening flashed across the sky and lit up the person's facial details. Her blood ran cold. "Hello Dylan -"


"Dylan wake up!" She was shaken from her nightmare back into reality. A confused look left her face as she wondered why she was abruptly woken and why her throat felt dry.

"... Water ..." She chocked, out holding her neck trying to sooth the ache. 

'Dylan... Dylan... Dylan-' "Dylan!" She was once again shaken back to reality. A clear glass, half filled with liquid made its way to her cracked pinkish lips. The icy liquid ran down her throat quenching her thrust and soothing her ache. This left her wanting more. The light became brighter as the person who woke her up turned the light on full.

"Bryan?" She whispered as her eyes started to water. 'Stop playing tricks on me, mind.' she thought to herself.

"In the flesh..." He drifted off seeing Dylan's facial expression. What happened next surprised them the most, was the fact that she slapped him across the face then embraced him.


"So Bryan, what made you come home?" Mother spoke to break the silence that hung around the dinner table as we were having a family breakfast- which we haven't had since he left. It was silent as both my dad and I met the dumbfounded looks of Bryan.

"Basically to see you all again since last time I left at the last second leaving you a quick and unexpected goodbyes. Also I heard a lot of rumours about a special someone hey Dylan... Who's the guy who swiped up my little sister? Was is a guy named, oh what was it again, Jimmy, Josh- WAIT Justin Hmm?" He finished which left my parents gawking. Mum was trying to get him to shut up about it but he ignored all the signals. Just someone mentioning his name put me off eating; I couldn't cope. All you could here from the awkward tension that could be cut through by a knife was my plate being pushed away and my chair scraping across the amber looking timber floor boards. I felt both mentally and physically weak and decided to retreat back to my room with speed.

"Justin cheated..." I heard the whispered shout from downstairs.

"That son of a ***** I'm going to kill that mother ****** if it's the last thing I do!" He shouted. It was quiet for a while until I sensed a presence in the room... Bryan.

"So long, why so long?" She whimpered, nudging her face in the crook of his neck wanting nothing more than to feel love and most importantly, warmth; yet there was still nothing. A spark lingered in the hole filled with darkness caused by yours truly; Justin. "You missed out on everything! All the good times - Dad's promotion, my sweet 16th, my graduation, Ma- Did you know that Marcy got a boyfriend but then cheated on him with a-a an arsehole. Hell, I got another boyfriend but it slowly went down hill when Marcy was put in his classes and were partnered up with each other. Even in the last few days-" Tears started slipping down my cheeks as I looked him in the eye as the spark grew"- I went to see him, but instead found his mother warning me not to go up to his room. There I saw his laptop open filled with web browsers of porn and even found a dating website open as well. He even had something else planned at the park. I followed his instructions and saw him cheating on me with another girl! Why? Why? Why did he cheat? Why weren't you there? Why weren't you there with me?" My rant came to an end as I buried my head once more in the crook of his neck. Nothing; why isn't he responding? 

'He is just like the rest of 'em...'



"I'm here now... and always will be..."  


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