looking for you • A.I.

Jade loves 5sos, but when she is told she was best friends with Ashton Irwin, her favourite, she cant help but look for him, non stop.


1. wishing for you.

Ashtons POV


Jade; how could I describe her? She is just beautiful. Blonde hair, brown eyes that glisten like you would never imagine, Well thats all I remember of her. And I of course want to spend the rest of my life with her. But Jamie, her older brother would never let me even look at her. I remember him being so protective over what Jade does.

We used to be best friends, I would go next door to their house and we would play in the back garden, up in their treehouse. James, Jade and I wouldn't leave each others side. But they moved house and as we all grew older we drifted apart. Jade is 18, im 20, but James, the overprotective older brother is 20 also, and he doesn't let any boy near her, especially someone older that her.


Jade's POV

I feel like I need a change, I think it's time for something different, and I know what I want. My father has a well payed job, and let's just say I'm daddy's little princess, and he spoils me, but I love him. He will buy me any new merch that comes out, and he will give me money when I needed it, which is unnecessary, but I can't say I don't like it. Me and my best friend Kay, are totally opposite, she's punk and I'm, well let's just say I'm slowly progressing to punk. Living with my best friend is incredible. Her parents aren't around anymore, and she needed a place to stay. Her mum died in a car accident and her dad left years ago, it was a tough time for her but music made everything better. Even though I said we were opposite, we love the same music. Except she doesn't obsess over 5SOS as much as I do.

They are all so perfect. I love ash. His hair and his smile just completes me. Whenever im down, ill think of him, he makes me smile. Posters of the boys cover my walls. Just imagine, me with him. Life would be perfect. But thats never going to happen, so i need to get over myself and get on with my life. Anyway, Im Jade, im 18 and I work in Starbucks. Im from Sydney, Australia. I love Ashton Irwin just like every other teen, but I love him like I know him. Its different.

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